List of Airspace Policy Statements

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Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
DAP Policy Significant Point Name Codes (5LNC) and ATS Route Designators Current 22 May 2020
DAP Policy Lighting of Onshore Wind Turbine Generators in the United Kingdom with a maximum blade tip height at or in excess of 150m Above Ground Level Current 1 June 2017
DAP Policy Provisions and Support of Frequency 243.00 MHz Current 5 June 2013
DAP Policy Provisions and Support of Frequency 121.500 MHz Current 5 June 2013
DAP Policy Operation of Tethered Balloons and Kites at or above 150 m Current 6 March 2013
DAP Policy Policy for the Removal of NAV Aids Current 29 March 2012
DAP Policy PBN Policy Current 21 October 2011
DAP Policy Basic Area Navigation Below FL95 Current 23 March 2011
DAP Policy Harmonisation of Transition Altitude in Controlled Airspace Current 4 June 2010
DAP Policy Lighting of En-Route Obstacles and Onshore Wind Turbines Current 1 April 2010
DAP Policy Validation of Instrument Flight Procedures Current 24 June 2009
DAP Policy Route Network Policy With Neighbouring States Current 30 December 2008
DAP Policy Use and Allocation of RNAV Waypoints Current 30 October 2008
SARG Policy Policy for Approval of Aerodrome Remote Towers Current 27 August 2021
SARG Policy Restarting a paused Airspace Change Proposal Current 30 October 2020
SARG Policy Policy for Permanently Established Danger Areas and Temporary Danger Areas Current 21 July 2020
SARG Policy Policy for ATS Provision Within Controlled Airspace by Units not Notified as the Controlling Authority Current 19 June 2020
SARG Policy Reduction In Notified Hours Or Disestablishment Of Airspace Restrictions Current 20 December 2019
SARG Policy Establishment And Dimensions Of Aerodrome Traffic Zones (ATZ) Current 19 December 2019
SARG Policy Policy for the Establishment of Visual Reference Points (VRPs) Current 16 July 2019
SARG Policy Standard Instrument Arrival Route (STAR) Truncation Policy Current 3 June 2019
SARG Policy Standard Instrument Departure Truncation Policy
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Current 14 June 2018
SARG Policy The Designation of Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs) and Standard Approach Procedures (STARs) in the UK Flight Information Regions Current 1 June 2018
SARG Policy Policy Statement for Instrument Flight Procedures Current 23 March 2018
SARG Policy Policy for the replication of conventional SIDS, STARS and Holds using PBN Current 23 March 2018
SARG Policy Policy for RNAV Holding Attached to Arrival Procedures in UK Airspace Current 16 February 2016
SARG Policy Policy For ‘Point Merge’ and ‘Trombone’ Transition Procedures Current 25 August 2015
SARG Policy Policy For Radio Mandatory Zones and Transponder Mandatory Zones Current 14 August 2015
SARG Policy The Application of ICAO Airspace Classifications in UK FIRs Current 13 November 2014
SARG Policy Non-Standard and Enhanced Non-Standard Flights in the UK Flight Information Regions Current 6 November 2014
SARG Policy Special Use Airspace - Safety Buffer Policy for Airspace Design Purposes Current 22 August 2014
SARG Policy Controlled Airspace Containment Policy Current 17 January 2014

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