CAP 658: Model Aircraft: A Guide to Safe Flying

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Reference:CAP 658
Title:Model Aircraft: A Guide to Safe Flying
Description:This is the fourth edition of CAP 658 - Model Aircraft: A Guide To Safe Flying. This CAP offers guidance for model aircraft used for sporting and recreational purposes. The copies of application forms have been removed from the Annexes, instead links to the official forms (SRG 1307 - Exemption for models over 20 kg and SRG 1308 Exemption for models in displays/competitions) have been provided. Also editorial amendments have been made, including the updating of references to the Air Navigation Order 2009 and the inclusion of a glossary. This amendment updates a contact address in Chapter 14.

Please note: Changes to the Air Navigation Order 2016, effective from 30 July 2018 will require the renumbering of all articles quoted in CAP658, as well as expanding the specific content of some regulations . Details of the amendment to ANO 2016 can be found in CAP 1763. Until CAP658 is amended, please refer to the text within CAP1763 for details of the up to date regulations.

CAP 658 will be superseded in due course by a new volume of CAP722. Until then, CAP658 should continue to be used, with the changes described above.

Status:Withdrawn on 7 January 2021
Review Comment:None
Version:4th Edition Ammendment 1
Date:1 June 2013
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