IN-2016/015: Publication of CAP 764: CAA Policy and Guidelines on Wind Turbines Issue 6

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Title:Publication of CAP 764: CAA Policy and Guidelines on Wind Turbines Issue 6
Description:The purpose of this Information Notice is to promulgate the publication of Issue 6 to CAP 764: CAA Policy and Guidelines on Wind Turbines. Issue 6 is publicised following a lengthy consultation with both external and CAA stakeholders. It simplifies radar effects paragraphs and returns the more complicated radar detail to CAP 670. Potential Mitigation Measures were also taken directly from CAP 670 therefore detailed explanations are removed from CAP 764 with only a summary retained. Issue 6 also incorporates CAA Policy Statements on the 'Lighting of Wind Turbine Generators in United Kingdom Territorial Waters (22 November 2012)' and the 'Failure of Aviation Warning Lights on Offshore Wind Turbines (27 April 2012)'. CAA Policy Statement 'Lighting of En-Route Obstacles and Onshore Wind Turbines (1 April 2010)' remains extant. Appendices concerning radar assessment methodology and references are removed, the latter being comprehensively covered by hyperlinks and footnotes within the document. Issue 6 has been comprehensively reviewed and updated where necessary to reflect current information and practices. It replaces Issue 5 completely.
Status:Cancelled on 5 July 2016
Review Comment:None
Date:28 January 2016
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