CAP1390: Information for ADR entities approved by the CAA

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Title:Information for ADR entities approved by the CAA
Description:This document includes guidance on regulatory and additional information requirements for ADR entities approved by the CAA, setting out the data ADR entities will need to hold about complaints and what needs to be reported to the CAA.

In Version 2: Airport reports have been added, as well as new summary reports; and data has been included on any determination awards which the ADR entity is aware of have not been complied with. Numbers of outstanding complaints and any complaints which are taking longer than the statutory requirements have been included; as well as two additional categories of complaint type as regards EC Regulation 1107/2006 (omitted in the previous version due to an error). Reporting requirements have been reduced for refused and discontinued complaints with the need to report by airline removed.

Review Comment:This guidance has been amended to ensure that the CAA received appropriate information for its role of regulatory oversight of the ADR entities which it has approved. Further details above.
Date:31 July 2017
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