Check an ATOL - Database Search

This search facility allows you to locate information on businesses which hold ATOLs or are members of an ATOL Accredited Body.Data Extracted: 17/07/2019 at 13:00

Please be advised that a new Check an ATOL search has been launched.

Released as part of a programme of work to improve our web-based applications, the new Check an ATOL search retains the existing functionality plus it has the following additional benefits:

  • it is mobile friendly, so it will work on any device,
  • the navigation and user experience has been improved by consolidating company information into one page.

To provide you with the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the new version of Check an ATOL both the current version and the new version will be running in parallel for a few weeks, before the current version of the Check an ATOL is decommissioned.

Go to the new Check an ATOL Search.

How to Search

This search facility allows you to search for businesses which may sell air travel either by holding an ATOL or being a member of an ATOL Accredited Body. Search either on the ATOL number you wish to check or by the Company Name or Trading Name. Part names are acceptable, and the search is not case-sensitive e.g. "TR" will find "Tropical".

The information contained in this database is intended to be accurate and provide comprehensive information. However the CAA does not accept any responsibility for the consequences of errors or omissions for the use of this information.