Certificate of Airworthiness Fee Calculator for EASA Aircraft

Welcome to the CAA Certificate of Airworthiness Fee Calculator for EASA Aircraft.

Easy and quick to use, calculations are made using the latest charges, with the amount due clearly displayed.

Please note that the Self Launching Motor Gliders and Airships are treated as fixed wing aircraft for charging purposes.

Detailed instructions on how to use this fee calculator:

  1. Choose Application, and Aircraft Category you are applying for.
  2. Type the exact maximum take-off weight of your aircraft in kilograms in the Aircraft Weight box (to convert from pounds to kilograms, please divide the weight by 2.20462).
  3. Click "Next" and follow on screen prompts until the results of the fee calculation are shown.
  • Click the "Reset Weight" button to start again.
Calculator for EASA Aircraft Application :