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This search facility allows you to search Change sheets and Supplements for approved Flight Manuals. Search on any combination of Aircraft Type and Flight Manual Reference. Part names are acceptable, and the search is not case-sensitive e.g. "be" will find "Beagle".

The Change and Supplements on this site are all available in a portable document format (pdf). If a document exists but is not available via this search facility please contact


Data Qualification Notes

The CAA used to issue Change sheets and Supplements for approved Flight Manuals. When EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) became operational the responsibility for the approval of most flight manuals and their content was transferred to EASA. As a result of this the CAA no longer issue Change Sheets and Supplements. However, many of the Supplements and Change Sheets issued by the CAA before the start of EASA may still be required by individual aircraft. The Flight Manuals web page gives further information about this.