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Registration Details

Mark:G-SASC Current Reg. Date:30/12/2005
Previous ID:N6178D De-Reg. Date:
Status:Registered To:
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Aircraft Details

Type:BEECH B200C
Serial No.:BL-150
ICAO 24 bit aircraft address:Binary: 0100_00_000_000_11_0111000010
Hex: 400DC2
Octal: 20006702

ICAO Aircraft Type Designator:BE20
EASA Category:CS-23A: Normal Category Aeroplane
Engines (Propellers):2:   2 x PRATT & WHITNEY CANADA PT6A-42  ( HARTZELL HC-D4N-3A/D9383K )

MTOW:5670kg Total Hours:10415 at 05/01/2018
Year Built:2005
Approved Maint. Programme:MP/BEECH 200/1007/GB1068
CofA / Permit:EASA Certificate of Airworthiness EASA ARC Expiry:12/01/2019
Validity Reference:G-SASC/UK.MG.0080/06012017

Registered Owner Details

Ownership Status:Owned
Registered Owners:GAMA AVIATION (UK) LTD
GU14 6XA

Aircraft operated by AOC Holder:GAMA AVIATION (UK) LTD

Mortgage Information

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Third Party Insurance Information

Insurance Evidence
Verified Date:
03/01/2018 Date of "No Flight"
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Noise Certification Information

Noise Certificate Date:17/09/2008 Certificated to
ICAO Annex 16:
Chapter 06
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