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Search for an aircraft's details by entering your search criteria into any number of the fields displayed below.Data Extracted: 18/01/2018 at 19:45

New G-INFO Search

A new version of the G-INFO search has been launched.

Released as part of a programme of work to improve our web based applications, the new G-INFO search retains the existing functionality plus it has the following additional benefits:

  • it is mobile friendly so it will work on any device,
  • all of the content has been incorporated onto one page, removing the need to open multiple pages or tabs in your browser,
  • a new search on military serial numbers has been introduced.

Both the current and new G-INFO searches will be running in parallel for a few weeks, before the current version of the G-INFO search is decommissioned early in the new year.


Explanatory Notes

You can search on any combination of these fields. If you enter information into the "Registration", "Serial Number", "Aircraft Type/Name" fields or "ICAO Aircraft Type Designator" fields, you must enter at least two characters. If you enter information into the "Registered Owner", "AOC Holder" or "ICAO 24 bit aircraft address" fields, you must enter at least three characters.

Please note that the "Registration" search will return both registered and de-registered aircraft. The other search fields will only return currently registered aircraft unless the "View de-registered aircraft" box is checked in which case only the de-registered aircraft will be returned. The "Registration" search will retrieve all records that begin with the phrase entered whereas the "Serial Number", "Aircraft Type/Name", "Registered Owner" and "ICAO 24 bit aircraft address (hex)" will return all records containing that phrase. For instance, searching "Registered Owner" with smith might return Paul Smith, Smith and Co and Peter Smithson.

You can also use * as a wildcard. For instance, searching "Aircraft Type/Name" with BEECH 200 will only return BEECH 200, however searching on BEECH*200 will return BEECH 200 and BEECH B200. Data can also be entered in any combination of the search fields to further refine your search.

The "Aircraft type/name" search field simultaneously searches on the manufacturer, full type name, popular name and generic name of the aircraft. If you are unsure of the designation of an aircraft put in the simplest description of the aircraft (generic name), e.g. PA34 for a Piper PA-34-200T, a single line listing of all examples will appear. From the information displayed you will be able to refine your search to reduce the number of records retrieved.

Alternatively enter the popular name for the aircraft, e.g. Citation for a Cessna 500, a single line listing of all examples will appear. From the information displayed you will be able to refine your search to reduce the number of records retrieved.

The "ICAO Aircraft Type Designator" field searches on the two, three or four letter designator code published by ICAO under "DOC 8643 - Aircraft Type Designators" at . The search phrase entered should be an exact match of the ICAO Aircraft Type Designator, e.g. a search for designator A31 will only return A31 and will not return A310, A318 and A319.

The "AOC Holder" field searches on aircraft that are currently being operated by the holder on an Air Operator Certificate, further information on AOC holders can be found in our Aircraft Operations section. No history of former AOC holders is shown and only details of currently registered aircraft are returned.

The "ICAO 24 bit aircraft address (hex)" searches on the hexadecimal version of the ICAO 24 bit aircraft address. This address is used for various purposes including Mode S transponders and emergency locator transmitter equipment.

For further information on what appears in each field, please read the Data Definitions.