SRG1718: Application for Same Day and Special Delivery Services

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Title:Application for Same Day and Special Delivery Services
Description:Use this form to request same day and special delivery services for renewal of Certificates of Airworthiness and other related airworthiness documentation.

Priority service, special delivery and customised services

The CAA has developed the priority service, special delivery and other customised services to include additional products and areas. These services are optional and do not affect our standard Code of Practice timescales.

These services are primarily designed to support operators with accelerated turnaround timescales in situations of urgent operational need due to unforeseen circumstances ( for example AOG).

While best efforts will be made to support these priority service applications, they are not guaranteed to be accepted and will be subject to workload capacity and prioritisation as determined by the CAA.

All applications should be supported with documentary evidence of urgent operational need and should be clearly identified as 'priority service' in the submitted application header.

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Date:March 2022
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