CAP 452: Aeronautical Radio Station Operator’s Guide

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Reference:CAP 452
Title:Aeronautical Radio Station Operator’s Guide
Description:CAP 452 provides guidance to persons who operate or wish to operate aeronautical radio stations.
CAP 452, together with CAP 413 (Radiotelephony Manual) are the main reference documents for radio station operators who have either obtained an aeronautical Radio Operator's Certificate of Competence (ROCC) or are studying for the written and practical examinations in order to obtain one.

Supplementary Amendments (SAs) to CAP452 are periodically issued ahead of amendments to introduce an entirely new subject, a radical change to existing guidance or to re-emphasise existing guidance. CAP 452 should be read in conjunction with these Supplementary Amendments: List of CAP 452 Supplementary Amendments

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Date:30 September 2016
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