List of Engineer Licensing Forms

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Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
On-line form Application for Initial Issue, Amendment or Renewal of an Engineer Licence Current January 2015
SRG1005 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's Licence Grant or Extension Application (AD300) Current October 2008
SRG1006 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's Licence Application for BCAR Section L Written Examination(s) (AD300A) Current October 2008
SRG1007 Type Rating Record of Experience (AD301) Current October 2008
SRG1011 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's BCAR Licence Renewal - Application Current November 2010
SRG1012 Approval of Type Training for a BCAR Section L Type Rating - Application Current 23 December 2005
SRG1013 Application for Direct Course Approval to Conduct Theoretical knowledge or Practical Training inAccordance with the Requirements of Part-66 Appendix III 1.(b)(i) Current 8 January 2021
SRG1014 Application for Initial/Amendment/Renewal of Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML) Current March 2021
SRG1015 Application for Initial approval, Change or Renewal of a Part ML, Subpart I, ML.A.901(b)(4) Current March 2022
SRG1019 Application for Initial Approval, Change to Approval or Remote Site Approval Under EC Regulation 1321/2014 Annex IV Part-147 Current May 2020
SRG1020 Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence Support Document - Application Current October 2008
SRG1027 UK Application for the Grant of an FAA A&P Support Letter for a Ground Engineer UK Licence Holders Only Current 12 May 2010
SRG1028 Accreditation of a Technical Qualification Current January 2011
SRG1117 Application for copy or replacement documents - licences and/or certificates Current 24 August 2021
SRG1160 Application for Verification of a Licence or Exam Issued by the UK CAA Current June 2020
SRG1840 Application for an Alternative Means of Compliance (AltMOC) Current October 2018
SRG1845 TS10 Authorisation Report Current March 2022

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