List of General Aviation Forms

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Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
CA1094 Airprox Report Form Current April 2021
CA60 CAP 1220 Appendix B, Part A: E Conditions Declaration Current July 2019
CAA5000 Integrated Course Completion Certificate Current 15 November 2018
CAA5003 Evidence of UK Examination and Test for Grant of Flight RadioTelephony Operator’s Licence Current June 2021
CAA5004 Theoretical Knowledge (TK) Course Completion Certificate Current 30 April 2021
CAA5005 Multi-Crew Pilot’s Licence (MPL) Course Completion Certificate Current 16 November 2018
CAA5008 Modular Course Completion Certificate Current 9 April 2021
CAA5009 Course completion certificate for en-route instrument rating (EIR) Current 20 June 2022
CAA5010 Certificate of Training or Experience for Grant of Flight Radiotelephony Operator’s Licence Current 1 December 2017
CAA5011 IR Course Completion Certificate - Aeroplane/Helicopter/Airship Instrument Rating in a Part-FCL Pilot’s Current 1 December 2017
CAA5012 Certificate of English Language Assessment Current 1 December 2017
CAA5013 Hours Confirmation for the issue of an ATPL Current 1 February 2021
CAA5014 Breakdown of Military Hours to be used for the issue of a Flight Crew Licence & or rating. Current June 2022
CAA5018 Instructor Training Course Completion Certificate Current 20 June 2022
DAP1918 Notification of Outdoor Laser, Searchlight, Firework, Helium-Filled Toy Balloon or Sky Lantern event. Current December 2021
DAP1919 Captive Unmanned Gas Balloons - Application for Permission to Fly Current December 2021
DAP1920D Request for Airspace Coordination and Notification - Air Displays Current March 2019
DAP1920F Request for Airspace Coordination and Notification - Flypasts Current March 2019
FCS1500 Payment Authorisation for extraneous payments Current December 2017
FCS1520 Report of an Alleged Breach of Air Navigation Legislation Current 1 January 2016
Flying Displays Flying Displays, Special Events and/or Unusual Aerial Activity Notification Current January 2020
MIPtemplate EASA AMC M.A.302(e) Aircraft Maintenance Programme Template Current 30 November 2015
On-Line Form - SRG1105 Application for initial issue of a UK Part-FCL PPL(A), PPL(H), LAPL(A), LAPL(H) and or an FRTOL (SRG1105) Current 11 February 2022
SRG1013B Application for Approval to Conduct On the Job Training (OJT) within a Foreign Organisation Approval Current October 2017
SRG1104B Balloon - Application for UK Part-BFCL Pilot Licence - Conversion of an Existing National Balloon Licence issued by the United Kingdom Current 14 April 2021
SRG1105A Aeroplane - Application for the Issue of a National Private Pilot Licence for Aeroplanes (PPL(A)) Current 19 April 2022
SRG1105H Helicopter - Application for the Issue of a National Private Pilot Licence for Helictopers (PPL(H)) Current 19 April 2022
SRG1117 Application for copy or replacement documents - licences and/or certificates Current 24 August 2021
SRG1125 Application for the Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) or (Restricted) Instrument Rating (IR(R)) Current 8 April 2022
SRG1132A Instructor Form 1: Microlight Application Current March 2022
SRG1132B Instructor Form 1: SLMG Application Current March 2022
SRG1136 F1 Authorisation Test / Check Schedules - Airships Current May 2022
SRG1198B Balloon - UK Part-BFCL pilot licence application based on conversion of an existing Part-FCL licence issued by the United Kingdom Current 14 April 2021
SRG1303B Application for fitness assessment for a flying display role Current June 2021
SRG1303T Flying Display Risk Assessment Form Current 18 March 2019
SRG1305 Flying Display Director Post-Display Feedback Form Current 8 April 2022
SRG1306 CAP 632 Aircraft Type Rating Exemption Application Form Current 14 September 2018
SRG1307 Model Aircraft Exemptions - Application - Over 20 kg Current November 2019
SRG1313 Application for Grant or Renewal of Parachuting Permission Current March 2020
SRG1317 Training Check Form (Balloons) Current April 2007
SRG1319 Application for the Inclusion of an Aircraft Type in the Aircraft Rating of a Pilot's Licence (Balloons) Current 14 February 2008
SRG1320 Application for Exemption or Permission for Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) In UK Airspace Current June 2018
SRG1322 Application for the Recognised Assessment Entity status (Small Unmanned Aircraft) Current 16 October 2020
SRG1323 Application for Safety Standards Acknowledgement and Consent (SSAC) Approval Current March 2022
SRG1326 Application for Flying Display Director Accreditation Current 23 January 2018
SRG1327 Pilots Certified Declaration for Submission to the Flying Display Director Current November 2020
SRG1328 UK Display Authorisation (DA) Exemption Application Current 7 April 2021
SRG1329 UK Display Authorisation Exemption evaluation form Current April 2021
SRG1330 Airborne Flying Display Director Checklist Current May 2019
SRG1331 Application for or variation of a National Approved Training Organisation (Gyroplanes) Approval Current November 2019
SRG1332 Application for Pilot Recognition for Operational Up-skilling and Development (PROUD) Endorsement Current April 2020
SRG1718 Application for Same Day and Special Delivery Services Current March 2022
SRG1759 CAA Form 123 Standard Change/Standard Repair (SC/SR) embodiment record for Annex 2 aircraft Current December 2020
SRG1760 Principal Place of Business (key facts form) Current 19 April 2017
SRG1762 Application for Approval of a Minimum Equipment List for Part NCC and/or Part SPO operators Current March 2022
SRG1764 Compliance Report and Recommendation for the issue of an Export Certificate of Airworthiness Current March 2021
SRG1832 Operations Manual - Notice of Proposed Amendment Current 31 August 2021
SRG1840 Application for an Alternative Means of Compliance (AltMOC) Current October 2018
SRG1846 Steep Approach Approval Compliance Statement and Checklist Current April 2019
SRG1847 Isolated Aerodrome Approval Compliance Statement and Checklist. Current April 2019
SRG2132 Examiner Report for SPL/LAPL(S) Skill Test Current 24 August 2016
SRG2144 Application for approval of or amendment to a training programme for a declared training organisation Current 17 August 2018
SRG2145 Declaration for declared training organisations and change to declaration Current 27 May 2021
SRG2146 Declaration for Commercial Balloon Operator and Change to Declaration under EASA Regulation (EU) 2018/395 Current June 2020
SRG2159 Application for the issue, renewal, revalidation or variation of an instructor certificate Current May 2022
SRG3108 Application for the issue, renewal or revalidation of a rating Current 17 November 2021
SRGxxx titl Current November 2020

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