List of Air Traffic Services Forms

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Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
CA1094 Airprox Report Form Current April 2021
CA939 Report on alleged infringements of air navigation legislation Current November 2016
DAP1922 Airspace Design/Portal Account Creation Request Form Current April 2019
FCS1500 Payment Authorisation for extraneous payments Current December 2017
FCS1520 Report of an Alleged Breach of Air Navigation Legislation Current 1 January 2016
SRG1117 Application for copy or replacement documents - licences and/or certificates Current 24 August 2021
SRG1410 Notification of Exceeding the Limitations of an ATCO Rostering System Current February 2022
SRG1411A Application for the Issue of an Air Traffic Controller Licence Current January 2022
SRG1411B Application for the inclusion, renewal or cancellation of Unit Endorsements in an ATCO Licence Current July 2021
SRG1411D Notification of Completion of an Air Traffic Controller (ATCO) Unit Endorsement Assessment Current July 2021
SRG1411E Application for the Notification of a Change to Personal Details to an ATCO or FISO licence or Radio Operator Certificate of Competence. Current July 2021
SRG1411F Application for the issue of a UK Air Traffic Controller (ATCO) Licence by holders of an EU Member State Licence issued in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2015/340 Current December 2020
SRG1413 Application for Radio Operators Certificate of Competence Current August 2017
SRG1414 Flight Information Service Officer licensing Current July 2021
SRG1415 Application for the issue, revalidation or renewal of an ATC Assessor, OJTI or STDI licence endorsement Current December 2021
SRG1416 Record of Revalidation of an ATCO Unit Endorsement Current July 2021
SRG1418 Air Traffic Controller Training Current August 2020
SRG1419 FISO Medical Declaration Pack Current October 2005
SRG1420 Application for Approval as a Flight Inspection Organisation or Variation to an Existing Approval Current August 2016
SRG1421 Application for the Issue of a Student Air Traffic Controller License or the inclusion of Additional Ratings. Current July 2021
SRG1426 Air Traffic Controller Licence - Revalidation or Renewal of an English Language Proficiency Endorsement Current June 2022
SRG1427 Application for ATC Training Organisation Certification Current August 2022
SRG1428 Application for Air Navigation Service Provider Certification and/or Designation Current 14 October 2020
SRG1429 Application for Approval to provide an Air Traffic Control Service Current June 2019
SRG1430 Notification of a Proposed Change by an Air Navigation Service Provider (Regulation UK (EU) 2017/373) or ATCO Training Organisation (Regulation UK (EU) 2015/340) Current February 2022
SRG1431 Application for Certification as an Air Traffic Control Officer Initial Training Organisation Current August 2022
SRG1434 SRG1434 EU/EEA ANSP application form Current 20 April 2022
SRG1603 ATS Engineering Occurrence Report Current July 2012
SRG1840 Application for an Alternative Means of Compliance (AltMOC) Current October 2018

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