List of Emergency Airworthiness Directives

UK EADs can also be found in CAP 747. Non-UK Emergency ADs (EADs) will be available for download from the CAA website for a period of two months from the publication date and then they will be removed. They will still be available from the originating National Aviation Authority.


Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
EASA EAD 2018-0236-E Airbus Helicopters EC 175B: Landing Gear - Emergency Flotation Unit - Inspection / Replacement Current 2 November 2018
EASA EAD 2018-0252-E LEONARDO S.p.A. AW169 and AW189 Helicopter: Tail Rotor – Tail Rotor Flight Control System – Inspection Current 22 November 2018
EASA EAD 2018-0261-E Correction Leonardo S.p.A. AW169 and AW189 helicopters: Tail Rotor – Tail Rotor Servo Actuator – Inspection Current 3 December 2018
EASA EAD 2018-0265-E BRP-ROTAX GmbH & Co KG Rotax 914 and 915 Engines: Engine Exhaust Valve Replacement Current 7 December 2018
EASA EAD 2019-0055-E BRP-ROTAX GmbH & Co KG Rotax 912 and 915 engines: Engine fuel and Control - Fuel Pump Assembly - Inspection / Replacement
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Current 19 March 2019
EASA EAD 2019-0086-E Textron Aviation Inc. Model 525, 525A and 525B aeroplanes, all serial numbers: Flight Controls – Active Technology Load Alleviating System – Deactivation / Modification Current 19 April 2019
EASA EAD 2019-0087-E Airbus Helicopters EC135 and EC635: Rotors Flight Control – Main Rotor Actuator Single-Axis Actuators – Inspection / Replacement Current 24 April 2019
FAA EAD 2019-08-51 Cirrus Design Corporation SF50 Airplanes: Stall warning and protection system (SWPS) or Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP) System engaging when not appropriate Current 18 April 2019
Transport Canada EAD CF-2019-15-E Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Limited (BHTCL) Model 429: Tail Rotor System – Incorrect Assembly Current 26 April 2019
Transport Canada EAD CF-2019-16-E Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Limited (BHTCL) Model 429 Helicopters, Serial Numbers 57001 and Subsequent: Flight Control System – Yaw Trim Runaway Current 6 May 2019