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SCI - SNs Safety Notices

Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
SN-2012/003 Safety Requirements Applicable to the Carriage of Electric Mobility Aids Current 23 March 2012
SN-2014/003 Stall Recovery Technique Current 3 March 2014
SN-2015/005 Fuel Shutoff Valve – Mandatory Actions on Boeing Aircraft Current 22 October 2015
SN-2015/007 Use of Government/Military Aerodromes by Civil Aircraft Operators Current 30 November 2015
SN-2016/004 Dangerous Goods Training Requirements Applicable to Fixed Base Operator Personnel Current 21 April 2016
SN-2017/001 Department for Transport Security Advice to Air Operators Current 3 February 2022
SN-2017/002 Responsibilities of Operators, CAMOs,MOs Pilots of Ex-Military Aircraft with a CAA Permit to Fly Current 28 March 2017
SN-2017/004 Balloon Operations – Safety Matters Current 29 April 2021
SN-2018/001 Restricting the Operation of Ex-Military Jet Aircraft at Flying Displays Current 26 February 2018
SN-2018/002 Maintenance and Overhaul of Historic Piston Engines Current 27 February 2018
SN-2018/004 Emergency Parachutes in Ex-Military Jets Current 28 June 2021
SN-2018/006 Boeing A75 Series FAA Unapproved Parts Notification Current 17 September 2018
SN-2018/007 Safety Risk of Flying a Touring Motor Glider Without a TMG Class Rating Current 24 October 2018
SN-2019/001 Risk of Controlled Flight into Terrain During 3D BARO-VNAV and 2D Approaches (Altimeter Settings) Current 6 March 2019
SN-2019/002 Protecting Final Reserve Fuel and The Minimum Fuel Declaration Current 13 March 2019
SN-2019/004 Use of the Fuel Pump Primer in an Emergency: Yak 50/52 Aeroplanes Current 17 June 2019
SN-2019/006 Components Strips Report Current 7 June 2021
SN-2019/007 Helicopter Operations Flight Planning and Safe Flight Execution Current 1 November 2019
SN-2019/008 Helicopter Operations - Guidance on Aerodrome Operating Minima for IFR Departures Current 4 November 2019
SN-2020/003 Carbon Monoxide Contamination Minimisation & Detection in General Aviation Aircraft Current 30 April 2021
SN-2020/005 Ageing Aircraft Component Reliability and Associated Acceptance of Replacement Parts Current 23 March 2020
SN-2020/006 Initial Unit Endorsement (UE) Assessment and Examination Validations, Conducted by an Assessor Authorised by the CAA Current 23 March 2020
SN-2020/010 Unmanned Aircraft – Responses to abnormal operations and in-flight failures Current 22 June 2020
SN-2020/011 Human Factors Considerations During Covid-19 Restart Activities Current 31 July 2020
SN-2020/013 Returning Aircraft to Service from ‘Extended Parking’ Current 27 July 2020
SN-2020/014 The Effect On Aviation Mental Health From the Covid-19 Pandemic and Return to Re-defined ‘Normal’ Flight Operations Current 28 July 2020
SN-2020/015 Effective Change Management for Organisations During Covid-19 Current 20 August 2020
SN-2020/016 Requirement for Use of CAA-designated Examiners to Extend LAPL(H) Privileges Current 2 October 2020
SN-2020/017 Laser Attacks Current 22 October 2020
SN-2020/018 Avoidance of Loss of Control In-flight Pilot Awareness of Aircraft State, During Periods of Multiple System Malfunctions and Flight Control Issues Current 8 December 2020
SN-2021/002 General Considerations for Managing Distractions During Aviation Activities Current 15 January 2021
SN-2021/003 Fatigue Management – Guidance for AOC Holders During Covid-19 Changing Conditions Current 22 January 2021
SN-2021/005 Lockable Gascolator Drain Valves on General Aviation Aircraft Current 19 April 2021
SN-2021/006 Non-Part 21 General Aviation Aircraft Safety Harness Integrity Current 26 February 2021
SN-2021/007 Airworthiness of Aging Ex-Military Aircraft Current 5 March 2021
SN-2021/011 Awareness of Skill Fade and Suggested Mitigations Current 7 May 2021
SN-2021/012 Operational Resilience – Aviation industry recovery post COVID-19 Current 10 May 2021
SN-2021/013 Undercarriage Leg Support Bracket Avions Max Holst MH.1521 “Broussard” (All Marks) Current 10 June 2021
SN-2021/014 Pitot Blockage Events Current 12 June 2021
SN-2021/015 Engine Valve Springs - Rolls-Royce and Packard Merlin (All Marks) Current 8 July 2021
SN-2021/016 Rudder Lower Pintle Pivot Pin British Aircraft Corporation 167 Strikemaster and Jet Provost (All Marks) Current 9 September 2021
SN-2021/017 Potential Interference Risk to Radio Altimeters from 5G Mobile Technology Current 18 January 2022
SN-2022/001 Adjustable Seats in General Aviation Aircraft Current 17 February 2022
SN-2022/002 Global Navigation Satellite System Outage Leading to Navigation/Surveillance Degradation Current 31 March 2022
SN-2022/003 Identification of Critical Parts in Operators Maintenance Programmes Current 12 April 2022
SN-2022/004 North American P51 Mustang (All Marks) Undercarriage Leg Piivot Shafts Current 17 June 2022
SN-2022/005 Commercial, Organisational and Client Pressure in Flight Operations Current 18 July 2022

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