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Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
CAP1092 Strategic Plan Current 20 June 2014
CAP1161 Consumer Programme for 2014 - 2015 Current July 2014
CAP1163 Environment Programme 2014 - 2016 Current July 2014
CAP1164 Aircraft noise, sleep disturbance and health effects
Review Comment: The work reported herein was carried out under a Letter of Agreement placed on 4 April 2013 by the Department for Transport. Any views expressed are not necessarily those of the Secretary of State for Transport.
Current June 2014
CAP1180 State Safety Programme for the United Kingdom Current 25 July 2014
CAP1189 UK Government review of commercial spaceplane certification and operations
Review Comment: Technical Report - July 2014
Current 15 July 2014
CAP1198 UK Government review of commercial spaceplane certification and operations
Review Comment: Summary and Conclusions - July 2014
Current 15 July 2014
CAP1206 SDG Delivery Report 1 - July 2014 Current 15 July 2014
CAP1214 Consultation on the Future Structure of the CAA's Medical Department Current 16 October 2014
CAP1243 Offshore Helicopter Review Progress Report Current 28 January 2015
Review Comment: Includes addition to commanders discretion section following new rules
Current 10 October 2016
CAP1266 EASA Flight Time Limitations (FTL) - Guidance on acclimatisation Current 27 January 2015
CAP1267 EASA FTL Guidance ORO-FTL-110 Current 27 January 2015
CAP1268 EASA FTL Audit Checklist for Operators Current 27 January 2015
CAP1324 Guidance for ADR Applicants Current 19 October 2016
CAP1326 CAA Regulatory Enforcement Policy Current 29 October 2012
CAP1338 The future structure of the CAA’s Medical Department – Update consultation Current 29 September 2015
CAP1360 The CAA’s Strategic Plan 2016–2021 - Making Aviation Better: Our key strategies Current 15 April 2016
CAP1373 CAA statutory charges 2016/17 consultation document Current 1 February 2016
CAP1373b CAA statutory charges 2016/17 consultation document: Proposed air display and low flying permission charges Current 1 February 2016
CAP1401 Summary of the public consultation on the CAA’s Strategic Plan for 2016-2021: Making Aviation Better Current 27 April 2016
CAP1421 CAA Annual Report & Accounts 2015/16 Current 21 July 2016
CAP1518 CAA Statutory Charges 2017-18 – Consultation on Charges (CAA Response Document) Current 17 March 2017
CAP1552 Letter from the Secretary of State on CAA objectives Current 17 May 2017
CAP1557 Qualifying Regulatory Provisions that came into force during the reporting period 8 May 2015 – 8 June 2017 Current 3 July 2017
CAP1558 Non Qualifying Regulatory Provisions Summary Business Impact Target Reporting Period Covered: 8 May 2015 – 8th June 2017 Current 3 July 2017
CAP1560 CAA Annual Report & Accounts 2016/17 Current 18 July 2017