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This ATOL holder is approved by the CAA as an Accredited Body. Both it and its members are able to sell ATOL protected holidays. The following information shows both the Accredited Body and its members.

Company Details

Company Name:Hays Travel Ltd
ATOL Number:5534
Address:9 - 11 Vine Place
Tyne And Wear

Telephone:0191 510 5151
Web Sites:

Trading Names: Cruise and Stay
Cruise and Stay Worldwide
Perfect Weddings Abroad

Trade enquirers may need to know additional information about the licence

Members of Hays Travel Ltd (Atol No.: 5534)

Company Name
John Charles H
1st Class Travel Limited
Abadier M
Abdul B
Adams, C
Adenuja A
Admiral Travel UK Ltd
Ahmed S
Airsure Holidays Ltd
Alembick K and D
Alexander H
Alexander K
Alexander L
Alger, P
Allridge S
Allseasons Travel (Callow) Ltd
Anderson Dewhirst Limited
Anderson S
Angelova, D
Anytime Travel Group Ltd
Armitage S
Ashley W
Ashton M
Atkin, J T
Atkinson E
Atkinson K
Baillie M
Bajer M
Baker, C
Bakker A
Baldwin C
Baldwin P A
Bancroft L
Bard S
Bargota R K
Barker S, Doherty J
Bassa S
Bates J
Baxter Travel
Beckford A
Bell D
Bell K
Benbow E
Best For Travel
Big Green Mountain Ltd
Bird W
Bliss Travel (Bawtry) Ltd
Blue Skies Travel
Bolechowska A I
Boot J
Bradley C
Bradshaw J
Brant Travel
Brennan M
Brennan S
Bridgeman-Moncrieffe K, Bridgeman-Moncrieffe T
Brooke A
Brown A
Brown C
Browne V
Bubb K
Buckell P
Bueloha E
Bulmer K
Bunn J
Burnside Travel
Burton, L J F
C Anderson
Carey, N
Carne S
Castell K
Castle R
Chambers S
Chan K L
Chant T
Charania A
Charles, L
Chopra S
Churchyard R
Chuter G
Citrus Travel
City Sun Travel
Clarke L
Cole J O
Conexo Solutions Ltd
Cook S
Cook S
Corner J
Cost Vacations Travel Services Ltd
Cottam S
Coulson J
Coulson, J
Covell A
Coyne C
Crabtree L
Craig Bingham
Crook, S L
Cummings D
Currin T
Curry S
D & M Travel Ltd
Daniell S
Davies A
Davis, J
Day C
Day H
De Avila, R
Dennett S
Derbyshire W
Designer Travel
Destinations Travel (Nottingham) Ltd
Diane Urquhart
Dickinson Cole A
Dickinson P
Dimitroff V
Dixon J A
Docherty, L
Doherty K
Don, E
Dorotheas The Travel Shop
Douglas K
Dowd N
Dowell N
Drake J
Dream Of Ltd
Dream Weddings and Honeymoons Limited
D'Souza L
Duffen S
Dummigan, S
Duncox Travel Ltd
Durkin T
Durrant, H
East Durham College
East Riding Colege
Eastgate Travel Limited
Edgeley L
Edmond A
Elizabeth Rick & Clive Thompson
Emmanuel J
England K
Everitt, S
Experience It Now Travel
Explorer Travel
Fenwick N A
Finch T
Fincham C
Fisher H
Flairclough J
Fleming I
Forbes N
Ford, R
Foulds B
Francis S
Friedemann M
Frosdick N
Frost P
Gannon D M
Gardener L
Gaydon R
Geekie J
Get Travelling Ltd
Gibson N
Gilmour I
Global Vacations
Goldthorpe K S K
Goodlife Travel
Gordon T
Gordon, R
Gosling P M
Graham P
Grayling D
Green E
Green M, Chaplin L
Griffin H
Guildford M
Gurung K
Halloran T
Halloway J
Hancock F
Hankins C
Hanlon G
Harris L
Harrison S
Harvey C
Harvey P
Hedgley L
Heduan S
Helen Stones
Hello Sunshine
Hill J
Hoare S
Hobson J
Holiday Getaway Ltd
Holidays Please
Horabin G
Hoult B
Hunter S
Ian Trevor Burns
Iddon L
Independence Travel
Iski Holidays Ltd
Island F
J N Bakers Ltd
J Newman
Jackson H
Jackson, R
Jacobs Travel Limited
Jagnow N
James T
James T
James T
Jamieson, C
Jariwalla H
Jesani V
Jigsaw Travel
Jilings S
JLM Travel
JNI Leisure Travel Ltd
Johnston H
Jones J
Jones P
Joseph S
Joyner C
Just Fly Business Ltd
Just Journey Ltd
K Ipek
Karayilan I
Kaur N
Kazaana S
Kelly E
Kelly E
Kelly N
Kenley F
Keyte N
Kibbler, G
Kicinski J
Kimmins, A L
King L
King M
Kitchen L
Knight R
Knights C S
Kondratova G
L Fitzgerald
Ladebz A
Ladley M and A
LAH Travel
Lamatamang H
Lamb J
Lambert S
Lander E
Laughlin A
Laverty S
Lehal S
Lewis A & Lewis L S
Lisa Drake
Littlechild C
Locke M
Lockhart-Smith A
Lombard Travel (Stourport) Ltd
Long, H
Lyle W
Macardie M
Macey J
Mackay S
Maguire S
Mallari J
Manning T
Marciniak P
Mason, S
Mattock N
Maw J
Mcatear N
McCallum L
McColclough E
McCrum, V
McCue, S
McCulley, S
McDermott M
McDonnell-Rogers J
McHale, S J
McIntosh D
McKerry D
McRobb N
Mears R
Melia S
Melia T
Miles Away
Miley R
Mills J
Milsom P
Moffat, L
Mohammed A
Mohungoo A A
Money S
Moore I
Morelli G
Morlese K
Morris S
Mumeuoglu Y
Murray S
Murray T
Mussa M
My Kinda Travel
Nair A K
Napier L
Nash M
Nashm M
Neil Adam Henderson
Nelson B
Neyton Partnership
Nicholls L, Mackenzie H
Nignell A
Noble S
Not Just Travel
Oates, L
O'Grady N
Oliver, C
O'Neil C
Online Travel Group Ltd
Onslow-Cole J
Oppulent Ltd
O'Reilly C
O'Rourke, J
Oxborrow D
Papiya P and Roy A
Parekh-Uella B
Parker K
Parsley R J
Passports 2 Go
Patel R
Paudel G
Pebbles Travel Ltd
Pentelow, S
Perfect Weddings & Honeymoons Ltd
Perkins M
Perryman S A
Phillips J S
Pirie N
Plimbley M
Ponteland Travel Bureau Ltd
Porter W
Powell K
Powell, Y
Preferred Travel Solutions
Prentice J
Price J
Price, C
Purple Holidays Ltd
R & B Travel
Ramjdan C
Rankine L
Reach Travel
Read, S V
Really Great Cruises Ltd
Reay L
Redding J
Reed C
Regan L
Regency Travel
Reilly-Bronti W
Rhydderch D
Rickwood M
Robinson-Lecky P
Rockley J
Roe G
Roland T
Rood B, Linney T
Rose M
Roy A
Russell L
Ruthven L
Sadit I
Sajedi A
Salisbury P
Salne A
Sandhu K
Sara Spillard And Sara Allen
Sarcevic A
Sayers P
Scholes E
Scobie, C
Scott K
Scott Murray
Seaman P
Seaside Travel
Shah J
Shaid M A
Shaw D
Shayler, J
Sheth A
Shipman I
Shivacumaran S
Shona Thorne
Shrestha B
Shrimpton N
Shukla H
Sinhal K
Sisodia S
Skinner L
Slater K
Smit E
Smith L
Smith N
Smith, C P
Smith, P
South Elmsall Travel Ltd
Spencer S
Squires J
Stallwood, A K
Stear C
Stewart A, Butcher G
Stewart, G
Strain, R
Summers E
Sumpter J
Sutherland D
Swain J
Swinbourne, J
Take The Family Limited
Tarrant J
Taylor D
Taylor J
Taylor K, Lipton S
Thalib F
The Putney Travel Company Ltd
The Quin Laker Group
The Ship Shop (U.K.) Ltd
The Sussex Travel Company Ltd
The Travel Centre
The Travel Lounge
Thomas P
Thorne B
Thornton, R
Tiely K
Tillsley E
Timmins K
Tina's Travel Deals Ltd
Towbridge L
Tracy Mason Travel
Tranquility Travel
Travel & More
Travel Buzz
Travel Empire
Travel Essence
Travel Service Direct
Travel Tailor
Travel Your World Ltd
Travellers World
Trueman A
Trueman B
Ultimate Destinations
Unwind Worldwide Ltd
V G Travel
Vanzie T, Vanzie C
Vettori B
VIP Leisure Travel Ltd
Vismeg G A
Viva Tours and Travel Ltd
Walker D
Walker F
Walker, J
Walsh J
Waples M
Ward S
Wardle, C
Warne S
Waseem K
Watts S
Waugh N
Webb J
Welch N
White D
White, A
Whittington L
Whyte K
Wiencis A
Wilcockson V
Wilkings J
Williams D
Williams N
Wilson C
Wilson K
Wiseman T
Witt A
Wonderling Travel
Woods J
Woods K
Woolgar C
Woollam P
Worcester College of Technology
Wright J
Wynn E
Your World
Yu J
Zadlo S
Zmuidience L

Advice for booking online

The website address(es) shown above have been provided to the CAA by the travel firm that holds the ATOL.

If you are aware of a different website relating to this company or business showing flight inclusive holidays then please contact us.

If you are thinking of booking a flight or flight inclusive holiday on any website then you should look for the ATOL protected logo and ATOL number. The name of the business that is operating the website should be available on that website. Before booking use the ‘check an ATOL’ facility to check by name or ATOL Number to confirm the business holds an ATOL.

If you are aware of any website advertising a flight or flight inclusive holiday but cannot find an ATOL number then please contact us.

Checking you are ATOL protected

Some holiday and travel arrangements purchased from these websites may not be ATOL protected, since travel firms may also sell travel arrangements that are not protected by the scheme.

If you are covered by the ATOL scheme, when you buy an ATOL protected air holiday or flights, you should receive an ATOL Certificate from the travel firm confirming all the arrangements you have booked, the price and your protection under the ATOL scheme. This will either be handed to you or immediately e-mailed or sent in the post.

If you are unsure whether you are covered, you should check with the firm before you book.

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