CAP1781: DVOR / DME / NDB Rationalisation: Guidance for the use of RNAV Substitution

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Title:DVOR / DME / NDB Rationalisation: Guidance for the use of RNAV Substitution
Description:The CAA Guidance for the Use of RNAV Substitution has been produced in support of a programme of airspace modernisation in the UK. The CAA’s Airspace Modernisation Strategy (CAP1711) was published on the 17th December 2018. NATS has embarked on proposals for significant airspace changes in the Scotland, the North of England and the South East (London Terminal Manoeuvring Area) of England, and aerodromes are developing complementary plans providing connectivity with the Network.

A key enabler to airspace modernisation in UK airspace is the ICAO concept of Performance-based Navigation (PBN) with attendant reliance on Area Navigation (RNAV) techniques. With RNAV, the reliance on satellite-based navigation positioning and a reduced dependency on conventional ground-based navigation aids such as DVOR, DME and NDB, has an impact on the numbers of such facilities that NATS requires to retain, for its future navigation infrastructure. CAA have approved the decommissioning of 27 en-route DVORs and the removal of all en-route NDBs. DME facilities will be optimised for geometry and coverage. The dependency of aerodrome procedures on en-route ground-based navigation aid facilities has evolved over time and the decommissioning of these facilities has implications on the support of terminal procedures.

Ahead of airports introducing permanent airspace changes utilising PBN, CAP 1781 offers a method of mitigation for continued use of conventional instrument flight procedures, in lieu of radiating navigation facilities.

CAP 1781b is a companion to the guidance outlined in CAP 1781 and contains an Example Safety Approach which may be considered in the application of RNAV Substitution.

Whereas CAP 1781 has been produced to provide guidance to the providers of ATM/ANS, the CAA plans to shortly publish CAP 1926 detailing the guidance to operators on the use of RNAV Substitution.

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Date:30 June 2021
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