CAP2161: CAP 2161 Survey of Noise Attitudes 2014: Aircraft Noise and Sleep Disturbance

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Title:CAP 2161 Survey of Noise Attitudes 2014: Aircraft Noise and Sleep Disturbance
Description:This report describes results within a research study to obtain new and updated evidence on attitudes to aviation noise around airports in England (SoNA 2014). The study was commissioned by the Department for Transport, and this report focuses on self-reported attitudes to sleep disturbance from aircraft noise, taken from responses to questions from within the larger SoNA 2014 study.

The main focus of the SoNA 2014 study was on annoyance responses and general attitudes to aircraft noise. However, there was also a subset of questions relating to self-reported sleep disturbance and night noise from aircraft. It is the responses to these questions that are described within this report. It should be noted that the SoNA 2014 study was not designed specifically with a view to analysing attitudes to aircraft noise at night, and therefore this is very much an exploratory examination, with the consequential limitations.

An independent peer review of the SoNA 2014 Aircraft Noise and Sleep Disturbance survey analysis and final report, commissioned by the DfT has been published alongside this report: SoNA 2014: Aircraft Noise and Sleep Disturbance Peer Review.

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Date:22 July 2021
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