SRG1104: Application for UK Part-FCL Conversion from an Existing UK Flight Crew Licence (SRG1104)

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Title:Application for UK Part-FCL Conversion from an Existing UK Flight Crew Licence (SRG1104)
Description:If you are applying only to convert your UK or JAR Licence to an EASA Part FCL licence issued by the UKCAA, please complete the licence conversion online form.

Submission instructions

The following document can be submitted via email to alternatively a hard copy can be submitted via post to the following address:
Shared Service Centre
Civil Aviation Authority
Aviation House
Gatwick Airport South

Full list of FCL Forms

Please note that all supporting evidence and documents must be certified by the Head of Training or a UK Examiner whether it is scanned or sent to us by post, fax or email

If you are applying for another service, such as the grant of a type rating and do not currently hold an EASA Part FCL, that will trigger a conversion to an EASA Part FCL licence.

In this instance please complete form SRG1104 (below) in addition to the relevant application form applicable to the licensing transaction you are applying for.

Applications to convert a balloon licence should be submitted using form SRG1104B.

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Date:6 May 2021

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