IN-2015/118: Halon 1211 – Fire Extinguishing Agent – Removal from Use at Aerodromes

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Title:Halon 1211 – Fire Extinguishing Agent – Removal from Use at Aerodromes
Description:Halons are ozone-depleting substances listed as controlled substances in Group III of Annex I to Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1005/2009. Their production in EU Member States has been banned since 1994, in line with the requirements of the Montreal Protocol. Their use, however, continues to be permitted for certain ‘critical uses’ including use on Airport Rescue and Firefighting Service (RFFS) vehicles, and to protect aircraft in hangars and maintenance areas.

The purpose of this Information Notice (IN) is to remind aerodrome operators that the above ‘critical use’ permission ends on 31 December 2016 after which the Halon must not be used.

Status:Cancelled on 3 January 2017
Review Comment:None
Date:18 December 2015
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