IN-2015/119: NATS VOR Replacement Programme

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Title:NATS VOR Replacement Programme
Description:The NATS has historically operated 46 Doppler VHF Omni Range (DVOR) navigation beacons across the UK to provide an en-route navigation service as either stand alone beacons or co-located with Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) beacons. The age of these facilities means that either replacement or withdrawal has become necessary. In line with the ECAC-wide Navigation Strategy and following the extension of the mandate for the carriage of RNAV equipment to all levels in controlled airspace, the CAA has approved in principle a reduction in the VOR infrastructure from 46 to 19 sites. Equipment at the retained sites will gradually be replaced and each replacement will result in the facility being unavailable for use for approximately three months with any co-located DME also being unavailable during this period.
Status:Cancelled on 3 January 2017
Review Comment:None
Date:21 December 2015
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