IN-2016/020: NOTAM Policy Procedural Changes

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Title:NOTAM Policy Procedural Changes
Description:The purpose of this Information Notice is to raise awareness of procedural changes to NOTAM Policy. It replaces an early Information Notice (IN-2015/102) and contains minor operational changes.
The policy introduces procedural changes with the objective of increasing efficiency in the way NOTAM are managed and reducing the duration they remain in the NOTAM system. NOTAM with permanent information will be incorporated into an appropriate place holder within the UK AIP, by the next available AIRAC date.
Transition from AIS to AIM within the UK in accordance with the ICAO Roadmap, has resulted in the CAA and MOD agreeing to develop a joint and integrated approach. Accordingly under the joint and integrated approach, Military series messages (aeronautical warnings) to pilots will be discontinued and issued as Civil NOTAM.

Status:Cancelled on 14 March 2017
Review Comment:None
Date:23 February 2016
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