IN-2016/043: Type Rating Instructor (Aeroplane) (TRI(A)) & Synthetic Flight Instructor (Aeroplane) (SFI(A)) Revalidation and Renewal

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Title:Type Rating Instructor (Aeroplane) (TRI(A)) & Synthetic Flight Instructor (Aeroplane) (SFI(A)) Revalidation and Renewal
Description:This Information Notice clarifies the requirements for the revalidation and renewal of SFI(A) certificates and TRI(A) certificates that include ‘aircraft’ privileges. It also includes information regarding SFI(A) privileges and conditions.
This Information Notice supersedes IN-2015/064.

Version 2 has been updated to include changes to Paragraph 2.2:
A TRI AoC in the FFS must include demonstration of skill relevant to instructing priviledges held. Therefore TRIs wishing to Renew or Revalidate TRI qualifications which include ‘TRI(A) FFS and LIFUS Instructor’, ‘TRI(A) A/C (T/os and ldgs only) and LIFUS Instructor’ or TRI(A) A/C and FFS should be assessed in a control seat in addition to the IOS during the AoC. A TRI(A) only Renewing or Revalidating in the FFS can be assessed solely in a control seat in the FFS. (FCL.935).

Status:Superseded on 9 June 2017
Review Comment:Superseded by IN-2017/022.
Date:23 May 2017
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