CAP1506: Survey of Noise Attitudes 2014: Aircraft Noise and Annoyance, Second Edition

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Title:Survey of Noise Attitudes 2014: Aircraft Noise and Annoyance, Second Edition
Description:The first edition of CAP1506 described the aims, sampling strategy, determination of noise exposure, analytical approach and the results of the SoNA 2014 study.

This second edition has been produced to address two issues identified in the noise modelling following publication in February 2017. The first concerned an underestimation of LASmax noise levels for several important aircraft types. It was also discovered that logarithmic averaging had been inadvertently used instead of arithmetic averaging when accounting for the runway modal split. Both of these issues are explained in this report, and any associated tables and figures have been changed. The overall conclusions of the SoNA 2014 study remain unchanged.

Supplementary reports and data has been published alongside this revised report:

  • CAP1506a The 2014 Survey of Noise Attitudes (SoNA) Technical Report (final report)
  • CAP1506b SoNA 2014 Data Files (xlsx format)
  • CAP1506c SoNA 2014: Aircraft Noise and Annoyance Peer Review
  • CAP1506d SoNa 2014 Technical Peer Review

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    Date:22 July 2021
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