CAP1524: Information on aviation's environmental impact

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Title:Information on aviation's environmental impact
Description:The purpose of this document is to bring together environmental information and data published on the CAA website between 2011 and 2014.

This data was initially presented with the intention of providing a ‘one stop shop’ for publicly available information on the environmental impact of the UK’s civil aviation activity.

As the CAA no longer considers this the most effective way of providing the public with environmental information, this data is no longer published on the CAA’s environment web pages and exists here in archive form.

In addition to specific figures on the environmental impact of airports, airlines and other bodies, this document also contains some high level explanations of how aviation affects the environment. Additionally, it provides more detailed explanation of how to interpret the relevant metrics of environmental impact than can be found on the CAA’s environmental web pages. While this information represented the most up to date thinking at the time it was published on the CAA website, we cannot ensure its continued accuracy.

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Date:29 March 2017
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