CAP1519: Offshore Helicopter Terrain Awareness Warning System Alert Envelopes

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Title:Offshore Helicopter Terrain Awareness Warning System Alert Envelopes
Description:CAP 1519 contains a standard for Class A Helicopter Terrain Awareness Warning Systems (HTAWS) suitable for helicopters engaged in offshore commercial air transport (CAT) operations in support of oil and gas exploitation. The standard comprises a set of alert envelopes that have been developed using flight data from normal operations from operators’ Flight Data Monitoring Programmes to prevent excessive alert rates, and flight data from accidents and incidents to maximise warning times. The standard has been produced in response to demand from the industry to support the voluntary modification of existing HTAWS, and in response to UK AAIB Safety Recommendations. Based on the improvements demonstrated using historical flight data, HTAWS meeting this standard are expected to provide a significant improvement in flight safety through the prevention of accidents. The research performed in support of this standard has been published in CAP 1538.

This edition has been updated to: clarify on page 10 that only offshore oil and gas installations should be removed from the offshore obstacle database; increase the allowed height loss for Mode 3A from 10% to 20% on page 12 following test experience reported by Honeywell/Sikorsky; and add a sentence to Mode 7 on page 15 to explicitly allow Mode 7 to be disabled during OEI operations.

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Date:28 September 2018
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