CAP 586: Improving Passenger Survivability in Aircraft Fires: A Review

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Reference:CAP 586
Title:Improving Passenger Survivability in Aircraft Fires: A Review
Description:CAP 586 was published in 1991 and summarises fire safety research with a particular focus on the Manchester accident of 1985. Since publication, extensive studies have taken place particularly in the area of improved cabin thermal insulation to reduce the threat of burnthrough to the cabin from external fuel fires. FAA have published new rules as a result of the research and a similar position is expected to be taken in Europe. Since 1991 cabin watersprays have also been extensively researched and demonstrated to be effective in improving occupant survivability, although with an unfavourable cost-benefit position.
Status:Withdrawn on 12 January 2021
Review Comment:None
Date:1 April 1991
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