ORS4 No.1519: Dangerous Goods: Covid-19 Antibody Test Kits Carried in an Aircraft as Mail

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Reference:ORS4 No.1519
Title:Dangerous Goods: Covid-19 Antibody Test Kits Carried in an Aircraft as Mail
Description:This Exemption permits the carriage by air of the dangerous goods in the form of human blood samples classified as UN 3373, Biological Substance, Category B, n.o.s., together with used or unused retractable lancets classified as UN 3291 Clinical Waste, Unspecified, n.o.s in mail carried by the Royal Mail Group Plc and consigned within the United Kingdom or between the United Kingdom and Guernsey or Jersey for the purpose of antibody Covid-19 testing, subject to specified conditions. Note: Operators transporting the dangerous goods which are the subject of this exemption are required to hold a Dangerous Goods Approval and advise the CAA if making use of this exemption.
Review Comment:None
Date:30 November 2021
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