CAP1032 SI 2021/01: Training for the use of a Flight Information Display

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Reference:CAP1032 SI 2021/01
Title:Training for the use of a Flight Information Display
Description:The purpose of this Supplementary Instruction (SI) is to provide guidance and information to providers of air traffic services and applicants for, and holders of, the aerodrome FISO Licence, on the training for the use of Flight Information Display (FID) systems in the provision of aerodrome flight information service (AFIS) into the Aerodrome Flight Information Service Officer (FISO) Licensing Manual (CAP 1032).

NOTE: The medical fitness criteria and system for certification for FISO’s are being reviewed, and any updates will take into account the additional tasks and responsibilities the use of the FID system requires.

Review Comment:None
Date:15 December 2021
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