CAP 676: Guidelines for the Design and Presentation of Emergency and Abnormal Checklist

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Reference:CAP 676
Title:Guidelines for the Design and Presentation of Emergency and Abnormal Checklist
Description:This guidance material is intended to promote best practice for aircraft manufacturers, operators, pilots and their trainers in the design and use of emergency and abnormal checklists. It will assist the flight crew to manage and contain abnormal and emergency situations that adversely affect flight safety by providing guidance on human factors best practice throughout the design process. A CHecklist Audit Tool (CHAT) has been provided to enable all concerned to audit and improve both existing and new checklists and verify their usability.
Note: Parts of the CAP are out of date due to the coming into force of EASA Regulations. See IN-2014/113 for further details.

Review Comment:None
Version:Issue 3
Date:August 2006
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