CAP 772: Wildlife Hazard Management at Aerodromes

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Reference:CAP 772
Title:Wildlife Hazard Management at Aerodromes
Description:Birdstrikes are a cause of damage to aircraft and have the potential to cause an accident. The risk of a birdstrike can however be minimised through the application of appropriate and effective bird control measures adopted by aerodrome operators, working in conjunction with other organisations and specialists.

The principal changes in this revision address changes to bird/wildlife strike occurrence reporting procedures due to Regulation (EU) 376/2014. Further details concerning the reporting of occurrences can be found at

Other significant changes concern: aerodrome habitat and land management, both on and in its surroundings in order to reduce the attractiveness of the area to birds/wildlife; and use of lasers for bird control.

CAP 772 provides guidance to assist aerodrome operators in establishing and maintaining an effective Bird Control Management Plan (BCMP), including the measures necessary to assess the birdstrike risk at the aerodrome, and the identification of appropriate action to minimise that risk.
The management of the risk of birdstrikes defined in an aerodrome BCMP should be an integral part of that aerodrome’s safety management culture and its Safety Management System (SMS).

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Date:20 October 2017
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