CAP1337: General Aviation no gold plating consultation: CAA response

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Title:General Aviation no gold plating consultation: CAA response
Description:In September 2014 we published an open letter to the aviation community from Andrew Haines, our Chief Executive and Martin Robinson, Chief Executive of Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) reaffirming our commitment not to gold-plate European aviation regulations, and to act quickly and efficiently to remove gold-plating that already exists.

Andrew and Martin’s letter invited the GA community to identify where they perceived gold-plating had taken place through additional regulation or through the information and guidance published, detailing how we may have gold-plated and how the issue could be rectified.

All the responses have been assessed by us and AOPA and any possible solutions discussed. This document outlines areas we are working on.

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Date:4 December 2015
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