CAP1472: Consumer attitudes to journey disruption - A qualitative research report

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Title:Consumer attitudes to journey disruption - A qualitative research report
Description:In the CAA’s Strategic Plan for 2016-2021, we committed to thinking creatively about how existing capacity can be planned and operated to meet stakeholders' expectations, and what the CAA can do to ensure this issue is addressed to further the interests of consumers. We therefore commissioned an initial, exploratory piece of qualitative research to help us:

  • Understand the attitudes of consumers at London/South East airports towards day-to-day journey disruption that results from runway congestion and capacity constraints rather than significant disruptive events, as well as the effectiveness of operational planning; and

  • Form a view of how consumers view the trade-offs between capacity, cost and service level and the extent to which resilience (or the lack of it) is an issue at London/South East airports.

Review Comment:None
Date:22 November 2016
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