CAP 747: Mandatory Requirements for Airworthiness

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Reference:CAP 747
Title:Mandatory Requirements for Airworthiness
Description:CAP 747 provides a single source of mandatory information for continuing airworthiness as issued by the CAA. Airworthiness Directives for Annex II aircraft published in CAP 476 are included. Airworthiness Directives issued by EASA are available on the EASA website.

Issue 3, amdt 2017/01 21 July 2017 has been amended to: Update Section 1 Part 2, Products List; and Replace in entirety GR No 10.

In relation to GC No.6: Flight in UK Airspace of Certain Foreign Registered Aircraft not holding an ICAO compliant Certificate of Airworthiness (Section 2 Part 4):

Appendix 1: ORS4 No.909 containing General Exemption E3363 has been revoked and superseded by a new ORS4 No.1249 containing General Exemption E4602.  

Appendix 2 remains in force.

Appendix 3: ORS4 No.911 containing General Exemption E3365 has been revoked and superseded by a new ORS4 No.1265 containing General Exemption E4680.

Review Comment:Effective 21 July 2017
Version:Issue 3, amdt to 2017/01
Date:21 July 2017
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