List of Airworthiness Forms

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Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
AD1011 Declaration of RVSM Capability Current 11 May 2004
AD200COMR Application for the annual survey of a civilian owned military registered aircraft Current 20 July 2000
AD202NR Renewal of a National C of A Current 17 March 2010
AD202P Application & recommendation for re-validation of a Permit to Fly (BCAR A8-20) Current 25 July 2006
AD281 Application for Special Survey Current 7 April 2006
AD70 Application for Approval of, or Modification to, Equipment in Accordance with BCAR Chapters A4-8, A4-10, B4-8 OR B4-10 Current
CAA Form 2 ELA Part M Subpart G M.A.901(g) Airworthiness Review Recommendation Current 8 June 2009
EASA Form 21 UK EASA Form 21 UK - Application for the issue of an EASA Permit to Fly Current October 2008
EASA Permit to Fly - Flight Release Certificate EASA Permit to Fly - Flight Release Certificate Current 23 March 2007
FCS1500 Payment Authorisation for extraneous payments Current December 2017
MIPtemplate EASA AMC M.A.302(e) Aircraft Maintenance Programme Template Current 30 November 2015
On-Line Form - Aircraft Noise Certificates Aircraft Noise Certificates Current 20 December 2013
On-Line Form - C of A (Export) Certificate of Airworthiness (Export) Current 20 November 2013
On-Line Form - C of A (Issue) Certificate of Airworthiness (Issue) Current 23 May 2013
On-Line Form - EASA Temporary Permit to Fly Issue of an EASA Temporary Permit to Fly and / or non design related flight conditions Current 19 November 2013
On-Line Form - Part 145 Part 145 Approval Current 12 April 2013
On-Line Form - Part M Subpart F Part M Subpart F Approval Current 4 September 2013
On-Line Form - Part M Subpart G Part M Subpart G Approvals Current 4 September 2013
On-Line Form - Remove a site or rating Application form to remove a site or rating from an organisation or person Current 4 October 2013
SRG1718 Application for Same Day and Special Delivery Services Current 30 March 2019
SRG1722 Notification of the Completion of an Airworthiness Review on Military RegisteredCivil Owned Aircraft (MRCOA) Current 7 July 2010
SRG1724 Operators Maintenance Programme Compliance Check List Current February 2017
SRG1726 Application for a Non-EASA Modification Current 8 January 2014
SRG1732 Application for Authorisation to Issue Permit Maintenance Release and Permit Flight Release Certificate - BCAR Section A Chapter A3-7 Current 23 July 2020
SRG1741 Application for BCAR Approval (Initial/Change) in accordance with the Air Navigation Order and Sub-Section A8 of British Civil Airworthiness Requirements Current 4 May 2018
SRG1742 Application for the approval, renewal or variation in respect of Approval of Welders Current September 2020
SRG1746 Application/Recommendation for the Issue of a National Airworthiness Review Certificate in accordance with BCAR A3/B3-1 Current 15 July 2013
SRG1749 Application for a Brazilian RBAC 145 Maintenance Organisation Approval Current March 2016
SRG1753 Application for Approval of a Maintenance Programme Current 21 December 2016
SRG1756 Application for Approval of a Maintenance Task to be Performed by an Authorised Pilot under EASA Part 145.A.30(j)4 Current 30 March 2017
SRG1757 Electronic Conspicuity - Declaration of Capability and Conformance Current August 2016
SRG1759 CAA Form 123 Standard Change/Standard Repair (SC/SR) embodiment record for Annex 2 aircraft Current March 2017
SRG1760 Principal Place of Business (key facts form) Current 19 April 2017
SRG1761 Application to add or remove, temporary or permanent Line Stations. Current July 2019
SRG1764 Compliance Report and Recommendation for the issue of an Export Certificate of Airworthiness Current 5 April 2020
SRG1765 Application for the issue of or a change to a UK Design Organisation Approval. Current January 2019
SRG1766 Application for Approval or Notification of the Indirect Approval, of a Maintenance Programme. Current February 2019
SRG1769 UK CAA - Details Of Nominated Staff By An Organisation In Respect Of Part CAMO/CAO Approval Current May 2020
SRG1777 Part-CAO Change Notification Form Current October 2020
SRG1840 Application for an Alternative Means of Compliance (AltMOC) Current October 2018

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