List of INs 2017

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Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
IN-2017/006 Part-147 Certificates of Recognition Issued by the Hellenic Aviation Training Academy (HATA) - EL.147.0007 Current 9 February 2017
IN-2017/010 CAA Information Bulletin on EASA Developments – 21 January to 22 March 2017 Current 22 March 2017
IN-2017/011 Part-145 - Occasional and Temporary Line Stations Current 27 March 2017
IN-2017/014 UK CAA Interpretation of Principal Place of Business Current 20 April 2017
IN-2017/015 Part 145 – Maintenance Staff Employment Status Current 31 October 2018
IN-2017/016 Third Country Licences holders Assessment of Knowledge Current 25 April 2017
IN-2017/018 Small Unmanned Aircraft - National Qualified Entities Current 5 May 2017
IN-2017/019 Guidance to Aerodromes, ANSP and Data Originators on Future Provision of Aeronautical Information Current 11 May 2017
IN-2017/021 Verification of Third Country ICAO Licences Current 14 July 2017
IN-2017/022 Type Rating Instructor (Aeroplane) (TRI(A)) & Synthetic Flight Instructor (Aeroplane) (SFI(A)) Revalidation and Renewal Current 9 June 2017
IN-2017/023 Requirements for Providing Recorded Surveillance Data by ANSPs to the CAA or the AAIB as Required in CAP 670 SUR10 Current 12 June 2017
IN-2017/026 Implementation of Performance Based Navigation – Guidance for all Operators, Approved Training Organisations and Examiners Current 16 June 2017
IN-2017/027 Compliance Monitoring – Certificated Aerodromes Current 29 June 2017
IN-2017/029 Third Country Licences Issued In Accordance With ICAO Annex I and Their Use Within The United Kingdom Current 14 July 2017
IN-2017/030 Changes to Subscriptions, Alerts and Information Notices Current 21 July 2017
IN-2017/031 Aerodrome Rescue and FireFighting Service – Provision of Fire Extinguishing Agents Current 24 July 2017
IN-2017/032 De Havilland DH60 Moth, DH82a Tiger Moth and DH83 Fox Moth Aircraft Wing Spar Sets Produced by The Croydon Aircraft Company of New Zealand Current 27 July 2017
IN-2017/033 Part 145 – Lost Capability Current 2 August 2017
IN-2017/034 Implementation of Performance Based Navigation – Guidance for Pilots Current 18 August 2017
IN-2017/035 Changes to Subscriptions, Alerts and Information Notices Current 24 August 2017