List of Official Record Series 4 issued in response to COVID-19

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Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
CAP1946 Exemption Guidance for ORS4 No. 1416 Current 13 August 2020
CAP1953 Exemption Guidance for ORS4 No. 1418 (formerly No. 1417) Current 28 August 2020
ORS4 No.1469 Holders of Part-FCL Instructor and/or Examiner privileges issued by EASA Member States to Former UK Part-FCL Instructors and/or Examiners after 31 December 2020 Current 26 February 2021
ORS4 No.1470 Holders of Part-FCL Flight Instructor Examiner privileges issued by EASA Member States to Former UK Part-FCL Flight Instructor Examiners after 31 December 2020 Current 1 March 2021
ORS4 No.1472 COVID-19 Outbreak: Requirement to Carry the Original Airworthiness Review Certificate Attached to the Certificate of Airworthiness Onboard the Aircraft During all Flights Current 18 March 2021
ORS4 No.1473 COVID 19 Outbreak: Requirements of the Airworthiness Review and the Completion of the Physical Survey Utilising Part-145 Licensed Engineers Current 18 March 2021
ORS4 No.1474 Installation of a Temporary Separation Barrier between the Flight Deck and Cabin Area of Aircraft used for Commercial Air Transport or Public Transport during the COVID-19 Pandemic Current 23 March 2021
ORS4 No.1475 Covid-19 - Balloon and Sailplane Pilots - Requirement to Hold a UK Part-BFCL/Part-SFCL Pilot Licence when Operating Part-21 Balloons and Sailplanes Current 24 March 2021
ORS4 No.1481 COVID-19 - Suspension of the Requirement to don Protective Breathing Equipment by Cabin Crew During Annual Recurrent Training Current 31 March 2021
ORS4 No.1482 COVID-19 Outbreak: Renewal of Gyroplane Class Ratings endorsed in United Kingdom Flight Crew Licences Current 9 April 2021
ORS4 No.1483 Covid-19 – Balloon Pilots – Extension of Validity Period for UK Commercial Pilot’s Licence (Balloons) Ratings Current 14 April 2021
ORS4 No.1484 COVID-19 – Alternative Revalidation Requirements for Single Engine Piston (SEP) and Touring Motor Glider (TMG) Class Ratings Endorsed in UK Part-FCL Pilot Licences Current 19 April 2021
ORS4 No.1485 COVID-19: Revalidation of Class Ratings Endorsed on a United Kingdom Flight Crew Licence Issued in Accordance with the Air Navigation Order 2016 Current 19 April 2021
ORS4 No.1488 Covid-19 – Recovery: Extension of Validity Periods of Theoretical Knowledge Examinations and Training for the Issue of Licences and Type Ratings Current 21 April 2021
ORS4 No.1491 Dangerous Goods- Covid-19 Antibody Test Kits Carried in an Aircraft as Mail Current 27 May 2021

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