List of Flight Operations Division Communications (FODCOMs) for Aeroplane and Helicopter AOC holders.

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Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
FODCOM 04/08 Area Navigation (RNAV) - CAA Guidance Material Current 6 February 2008
FODCOM 09/10 Standard Instrument Departure (SID) and Standard Arrival (STAR) Climb and Descent Procedures and Phraseology Current 31 March 2010
FODCOM 15/09 Check Flights Carried Out by Operators Current 17 April 2009
FODCOM 20/09 Variable Maximum Take-Off Weight Current 10 June 2009
FODCOM 21/09 Reporting of Suspected Hard/Heavy Landings Current 17 July 2009
FODCOM 21/10 Passengers Carried on the Flight Deck Sometimes Called 'Pilots' Assistants' Current 16 July 2010
FODCOM 24/10 Cabin Crew Members Responsible for a Pair of Exits Current 16 September 2010
FODCOM 25/10 Oven Fires Current 16 September 2010
FODCOM 32/09 Boeing 737 Cabin Altitude Warning Horn Confusion Current 13 November 2009

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