List of CAA MMEL Policy Items

CAA MMEL Policy Items are under constant review as we transition towards EASA-approved MMELs. Many of these have already been withdrawn where it is considered that suitable policies exist in the JAA Administrative and Guidance Material, Section 4, Part 3, TGL26, or where the CAA Policy is now considered out-of-date. Where the operational applicability of a CAA MMEL Policy refers to JAR-OPS 1, this may now be applicable to EU-OPS.


Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
CAA MMEL Policy Items Index Current 26 November 2013
CAA MMEL Policy Items Guidance Information Current 3 November 2003
GEN-3 Passenger Convenience Items Current 3 November 2003
GEN-5 Clarification of MMEL Definitions Current 20 February 2004
GEN-6 Rectification Interval Extension Current 15 July 2009
GEN-7 CAA MMEL Items for Retention Current 26 November 2013
PI 25-2 Flight Crew Shoulder Harness Current 3 November 2003
PI 25-5 Portable Breathing Equipment (PBE) Current 31 December 2004
PI 33-3 Helicopter Emegency Egress Lighting System (HEELS) Current 6 December 2007
PI 35-1 Passenger Oxygen System Current 3 November 2003
PI 35-2 Portable Oxygen Dispensing Units Current 3 November 2003
PI 45-1 Vibration Health Monitoring Current 20 September 2007
PI 52-1 Emergency Exits, Emergency Evacuation Slides Current 31 December 2004

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