List of INs 2015

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Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
IN-2015/040 Regional Office Mail Deliveries
Review Comment: Superseded by IN-2015/046
Current 29 May 2015
IN-2015/049 Safety Assessment of National Aircraft (SANA) by the UK CAA Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA) Team Current 30 June 2015
IN-2015/054 CAAi Safety Management Systems Overview for Managers Course Current 15 July 2015
IN-2015/055 CAAi Basic Introduction to Safety Management Systems Course Current 23 July 2015
IN-2015/056 CAAi Advanced Safety Management Evaluating for Effectiveness Course Current 22 July 2015
IN-2015/057 CAAi Accountable Manager Aerodromes Course Current 24 July 2015
IN-2015/069 CAAi Audit Techniques Training Course Current 13 August 2015
IN-2015/070 CAAi AOC Accountable Manager Course at Manchester Current 13 August 2015
IN-2015/071 CAAi Flight Operations Inspector Theory Course Current 30 September 2015
IN-2015/072 CAAi Flight Simulation Training Device Qualifications and Operation Course Current 14 August 2015
IN-2015/073 CAAi Risk Monitoring and Safety Performance Course Current 14 August 2015
IN-2015/074 CAAi Advanced Fatigue Risk Management Systems FRMS Course Current 14 August 2015
IN-2015/075 CAAi Aviation Enterprise Risk Management Course Current 14 August 2015
IN-2015/076 CAAi Aviation Business Risk and Resilience Management Course Current 14 August 2015
IN-2015/091 CAAi Audit Techniques Training course Current 30 September 2015
IN-2015/098 Extension of CAA Equipment Approval LA301075 for Handheld 8.33 kHz Channel Spaced VHF Radios – for use by Operators of EASA Balloons, Dirigibles/Non-rigid Airships and Gliders Current 23 October 2015
IN-2015/106 CAAi Basic Introduction to Safety Management Systems Course Current 13 November 2015
IN-2015/110 Passengers Carried On The Flight Deck Sometimes Called ‘Pilots’ Assistants’ Current 23 November 2015

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