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Publication Categories and Series
Reference Title
Safeguarding of Aerodromes
Active Balloon Notices Balloon Notices for Balloon AOC Holders
ANs Airworthiness Notices
CAP1535 The Skyway Code
Clued Up Clued Up Magazine
Emergency ADs Emergency Airworthiness Directives
FODCOMs (GA) Flight Operations Division Communications for General Aviation Operators and Balloon AOC Holders
Forms General Aviation Forms
LACNs Long-term Airspace Coordination Notices
SACNs Short-term Airspace Coordination Notices
Safety Sense Leaflets Safety Sense Leaflets
SCI - SNs Safety Notices
TrainingCom TrainingCom
UAV Unmanned Aircraft

Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
AIRCOM 2009/18 Maintenance of the Light Aircraft Maintenance Programme (LAMP) - CAP 766 and CAP 767 Current 23 November 2009
CA07 Reserve a UK Registration Mark for 6 Months Current July 2019
CA1 Registration of Aircraft or Change of Ownership Current July 2019
CA1330 Entry of Priority Notice Current July 2019
CA1577 Entry of Aircraft Mortgage Current 1 July 2019
CA1577C Discharge of Registered Mortgage Current 1 July 2019
CA1760 Change in Particulars Current July 2019
CA2 Application for Credit Card/Debit Card Payment Authorisation Form for Aircraft Registration Section. Current July 2019
CA350 Search of the UK Register of Aircraft Mortages Current July 2019
CAA Paper 2007/03 Helicopter Flight in Degraded Visual Conditions Current 21 September 2007
CAA Paper 2007/06 RNAV (GNSS) Non-Precision Approach – Flight Trials Analysis Report Current 21 September 2007
CAA Paper 2009/02 The Aerodynamics of Gyroplanes Current August 2010
CAA Paper 2009/03 Business Jet Safety Research: A Statistical Review and Questionnaire Study of Safety Issues Current 2009
CAA5000 Integrated Course Completion Certificate Current 15 November 2018
CAA5001 Report Form for Multi-Crew Cooperation Instructor Test Current 3 July 2017
CAA5002 Flight Instructor Course Pre-Entry Flight Test Evidence Current 1 December 2017
CAA5003 Evidence of UK Examination and Test for Grant of Flight RadioTelephony Operator’s Licence Current 1 December 2017
CAA5004 Theoretical Knowledge (TK) Course Completion Certificate Current 1 December 2017
CAA5005 Multi-Crew Pilot’s Licence (MPL) Course Completion Certificate Current 16 November 2018
CAA5006 Instructor Course Completion Certificate Current 1 December 2017
CAA5007 Instructor Extension Course Completion Certificate Current 1 December 2017
CAA5008 Modular Course Completion Certificate Current 1 December 2017
CAA5009 Course completion certificate for en-route instrument rating (EIR) Current 1 December 2017
CAA5010 Certificate of Training or Experience for Grant of Flight Radiotelephony Operator’s Licence Current 1 December 2017
CAA5011 IR Course Completion Certificate - Aeroplane/Helicopter/Airship Instrument Rating in a Part-FCL Pilot’s Current 1 December 2017
CAA5012 Certificate of English Language Assessment Current 1 December 2017
CAA5013 Hours Confirmation for the issue of an ATPL Current 1 December 2017
CAP 1837 Response to CAP 1776 Electronic Conspicuity - a call for evidence and future plans Current 15 August 2019
CAP 391 Engine Log Book (Piston engines installed in aircraft with an MTWA exceeding 2730 kg and turbine engines in all aircraft) Current April 2008
CAP 393 The Air Navigation Order 2016 and Regulations Current 21 March 2019
CAP 403 Flying Displays and Special Events: Safety and Administrative Requirements and Guidance (Edition 16) Current 28 January 2019
CAP 413 Radiotelephony Manual Current 27 May 2016
CAP 414 The Aerial Application Certificate Current 24 May 2006
CAP 426 Helicopter External Load Operations Current April 2006
CAP 452 Aeronautical Radio Station Operator’s Guide Current 30 September 2016
CAP 482 British Civil Airworthiness Requirements - Section S - Small Light Aeroplanes Current 19 December 2018
CAP 494 BCAR-31 Manned Free Balloons Current 12 May 2003
CAP 543 Time Limited Task, Additional Inspections and Component Change Record Current 31 January 2005
CAP 553 BCAR Section A - Airworthiness Procedures where the CAA has Primary Responsibility for Type Approval of the Product Current 15 December 2017
CAP 562 Civil Aircraft Airworthiness Information and Procedures (CAAIP) Current 15 December 2017
CAP 611 AOC - Operation of Balloons Current April 2012
CAP 632 Operation of 'Permit-to-Fly' ex-military aircraft on the UK register Current 2 May 2018
CAP 637 Visual Aids Handbook Current May 2007
CAP 643 BCAR Section T Current 9 May 2013
CAP 658 Model Aircraft: A Guide to Safe Flying Current June 2013
CAP 659 Amateur Built Aircraft: A Guide to Approval, Construction and Operation of Amateur Built Aircraft Current 21 November 2005
CAP 667 Review of General Aviation Fatal Accidents 1985-94 Current 1 March 1997
CAP 694 The UK Flight Planning Guide Current January 2013
CAP 699 Framework for the competence of rescue and fire fighting service (RFFS) personnel Current January 2017
CAP 722 Unmanned Aircraft System Operations in UK Airspace - Guidance & Policy Current 4 September 2019
CAP 722A Unmanned Aircraft System Operations in UK Airspace – Operating Safety Cases Current 23 July 2019
CAP 722B Unmanned Aircraft System Operations in UK Airspace – National Qualified Entity Current 23 July 2019
CAP 733 Permit to Fly Aircraft Current 28 June 2004
CAP 747 Mandatory Requirements for Airworthiness
Review Comment: Effective 21 July 2017
Current 21 July 2017
CAP 750 British Civil Airworthiness Requirements Section VLH - Very Light Helicopters Current November 2004
CAP 755 Recreational Aviation Activities Manual Current May 2008
CAP 758 Helicopter Manual for JAR-FCL Examinations Current March 2009
CAP 764 Policy and Guidelines on Wind Turbines Current February 2016
CAP 772 Wildlife Hazard Management at Aerodromes Current 20 October 2017
CAP 773 Flying RNAV (GNSS) Non-Precision Approaches in Private and General Aviation Aircraft Current 23 December 2014
CAP 774 UK Flight Information Services Current 25 May 2017
CAP 777 ATC Surveillance Minimum Altitude Charts in UK Airspace Policy and Design Criteria
Review Comment: Update to information on Responsibility, and references to 'sponsor' in Appendix E
Current 21 September 2018
CAP 778 Policy and Guidance for the Design and Operation of Departure Procedures in UK Airspace Current 1 November 2012
CAP 793 Safe Operating Practices at Unlicensed Aerodromes Current 1 July 2010
CAP 797 Flight Information Service Officer Manual Current 26 May 2017
CAP032 UK Aeronautical Information Publication Current
CAP1004 CAP 1004 - SES Market Conditions for Terminal Air Navigation Services in the UK Current February 2013
CAP1018 Guidance on Consumer Enforcement
Review Comment: Reviewed and amended to make reference to the changes to consumer enforcement bought about by the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and to clarify the CAA’s Public Sector Equalities Duty.
Current 22 March 2016
CAP1032 Aerodrome Flight Information Service Officer Licensing Current 14 September 2017
CAP1038 CAA Check Flight Handbook Current 10 January 2017
CAP1047 Civil Air Displays - A Guide for Pilots Current July 2013
CAP1048 Guidance for applicant: Conduct of reviews of decisions or proposals made by the CAA Safety and Airspace Regulation Group Current July 2014
CAP1049 Guidance for applicant: Review of conduct of test or exam Current July 2014
CAP1066 In Focus - Flying with gadgets - The Do's and Don'ts of using mobile phones and electronic devices on board aircraft Current 1 April 2014
CAP1069 Preventing Runway Incursions at Small Aerodromes Current July 2013
CAP1074 Safety and Airspace Regulation Enforcement Guidance
Review Comment: Safety and Airspace Regulation Enforcement Guidance
Current May 2015
CAP1123 CAA response to the GA Red Tape Challenge Current 6 November 2013
CAP1127GP Light aircraft pilot’s licence (LAPL) Medical certificate: A quick guide for GPs Current November 2013
CAP1127P Light aircraft pilot’s licence (LAPL) Medical certificate: A quick guide for Pilots Current November 2013
CAP1164 Aircraft noise, sleep disturbance and health effects
Review Comment: The work reported herein was carried out under a Letter of Agreement placed on 4 April 2013 by the Department for Transport. Any views expressed are not necessarily those of the Secretary of State for Transport.
Current June 2014
CAP1184 The transformation to performance-based regulation Current June 2014
CAP1186 Level Busts - Information for Pilots and Controllers Current 1 May 2014
CAP1192 General Aviation Unit update Current August 2019
CAP1202 Droneaware Current December 2016
CAP1209 Human Factors: Action Plan
Review Comment: This action plan is a supplement to CAP 1159 Strategy for Human Factors in Civil Aviation.
Current January 2016
CAP1216 The PPL Review Current 26 September 2014
CAP1220 Operation of experimental aircraft under E conditions Current 12 November 2015
CAP1234 Economic Licensing Enforcement Guidance Current 12 May 2015
CAP1235 Guidance on the Application of the CAA’s Competition Powers Current 12 May 2015
CAP1249 FAS Deployment Facilitation Fund Current 21 January 2015
CAP1271 The GA ANO Review: Thematic public consultation Current 26 March 2015
CAP1281 Stakeholder Consultation Responses to our Economic, Competition and Consumer Enforcement Guidance Current 12 May 2015
CAP1283 GA Annual Report 2015 Current 27 March 2015
CAP1284 Public consultation: UK Private Pilot Licence and National Private Pilot Licence Medical Requirements Current 29 May 2015
CAP1298 Alternative Means of Compliance 1 FCL.210; FCL.215 Syllabus of Theoretical Knowledge and Flight Training for the PPL(A) Current 29 May 2015
CAP1299 Alternative Means of Compliance 1 FCL.115; FCL.120 Syllabus of Theoretical Knowledge and Flight Training for the LAPL(A) Current 29 May 2015
CAP1300 Use of navigation aids Alternative Means of Compliance (AltMoC) 1 FCL.210.H Syllabus of Flight Training for the PPL(H) Permitting GNSS as an alternative to VOR/ NDB at Ex 25c Current 29 May 2015
CAP1316 CAA Safety Policy Current 9 October 2018
CAP1321 A quick guide to EASA Part-NCC changes Current 13 August 2015
CAP1330 Charity Flight Guidance
Review Comment: Edition 2 updates and clarifies guidance
Current 23 May 2017
CAP1335 General Aviation ANO Review Final public consultation Current 24 September 2015
CAP1337 General Aviation no gold plating consultation: CAA response Current 4 December 2015
CAP1340 Syllabus of theoretical knowledge for the PPL(H) - Alternative Means of Compliance 1 FCL210; FCL215 Current 13 October 2015
CAP1341 Syllabus of theoretical knowledge for the LAPL(H) - Alternative Means of Compliance 1 FCL115; FCL120 Current 13 October 2015
CAP1350 The whole point is the whole picture Current 27 October 2015
CAP1353 E Conditions Final Consultation Comment Response Document Current 12 November 2015
CAP1358 Regulation of the ground handling services market Current 24 February 2016
CAP1361 Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) operators holding a valid CAA permission Current 6 September 2019
CAP1369 Camera Mounts Guide Current 27 January 2016
CAP1371 UK Civil Air Display Review Current 26 January 2016
CAP1373 CAA statutory charges 2016/17 consultation document Current 1 February 2016
CAP1373b CAA statutory charges 2016/17 consultation document: Proposed air display and low flying permission charges Current 1 February 2016
CAP1378 Airspace Design Guidance: Noise Mitigation Considerations when Designing PBN Departure and Arrival Procedures
Review Comment: Refines some diagrams to ensure clarity: option 1b and Annex B Figure B3 have been updated.
Current 18 April 2016
CAP1379 Description of Today’s ATC Route Structure and Operational Techniques Current 31 March 2016
CAP1388 CAA statutory charges 2016/17 - air display and low flying permission charges - consultation response document Current 17 March 2016
CAP1391 Electronic conspicuity devices Current 11 April 2018
CAP1392 ASI ECWG Recommendation Paper: Electronic Conspicuity in Class G Airspace Current 23 March 2016
CAP1394 Commercial off the shelf flight data monitoring solution for business aviation Current 23 February 2016
CAP1395 Safety Standards Acknowledgement and Consent (SSAC) Current March 2016
CAP1396 Framework for the evaluation of aviation activities for payment based on Safety Standards and Consent Current March 2016
CAP1397 Comment response document: UK Private Pilot Licence and National Private Pilot Licence medical requirements Current 5 May 2016
CAP1400 UK civil air display review: final report
Review Comment: Updates to timeline for improved clarity
Current 26 May 2016
CAP1404 Airspace infringements: Review and remedial actions process Current 3 December 2018
CAP1407 CAA statutory charges 2016-17: Consultation on charges (excluding air display and low flying permission charges) CAA response document Current 17 May 2016
CAP1409 Access to the ground handling market at UK airports: a review of the CAA’s approach – Request for information Current 17 May 2016
CAP1414 General Aviation ANO Review - Final public consultation – Comment response document Current 25 May 2016
CAP1415 Quick Guide to Part-NCO Current 23 June 2016
CAP1417 The Second UK State Consultation on a Harmonised Transition Altitude of 18,000ft in the London and Scottish Flight Information Regions - Aviation Stakeholder Consultation Feedback Report Current 18 July 2016
CAP1419 Guidance for applicants on preparing applications for the approval of minor modifications to non-EASA aircraft Current 9 March 2017
CAP1434 UK Flight Information Services Current July 2016
CAP1454 Guidance for implementing Self-Declared Maintenance Programmes for use with ELA1 aircraft Current 21 March 2018
CAP1465 CAA response following consultation on proposals for a revised airspace change process Current 21 October 2016
CAP1477 CAA Statutory Charges 2017/18 consultation document Current 17 November 2016
CAP1496 ECCAIRS reporting portal UK user guidance Current 12 April 2018
CAP1501 8.33 kHz EU grant funding: Eligibility criteria Current May 2018
CAP1515 Operating Resilience of the UK's aviation infrastructure and the consumer interest Current 7 July 2017
CAP1533 UK CAA exemption request for the limited and temporary use of 25 kHz spacing Current 8 December 2017
CAP1535 The Skyway Code Current 12 June 2019
CAP1535P The Skyway Code Current 12 June 2019
CAP1535S The Skyway Code Current 12 June 2019
CAP1539 UK CAA Interpretation of Principal Place of Business Current 19 April 2017
CAP1570 Corrosion and Inspection of General Aviation Aircraft Current 14 July 2017
CAP1573 Technical information for Ground Stations - Conversion from 25 kHz to 8.33 kHz channel spacing Current 13 February 2018
CAP1589 Cost sharing flights - GA guide Current 2 August 2018
CAP1590 Cost sharing flights - guidance and information Current 2 August 2018
CAP1606 8.33 kHz voice channel spacing in the UK Current May 2019
CAP1615 Outcome of the CAA consultation on draft airspace design guidance Current 13 December 2017
CAP1616 Airspace Design: Guidance on the regulatory process for changing airspace design including community engagement requirements Current 30 November 2018
CAP1616a Airspace Design: Environmental requirements technical annex Current 13 December 2017
CAP1617 Airspace Design: CAA representative decision templates Current 18 February 2019
CAP1618 Airspace Design: Unusual aerial activities published in the UK AIP Current 13 December 2017
CAP1619 Airspace Design: guidelines on moderation of consultation responses Current 13 December 2017
CAP1628 CAA response to AAIB Recommendation 2017-003 Current 10 January 2018
CAP1636 CAA Response to AAIB Recommendation 2016-044 Current 15 February 2018
CAP1637 Guidance Criteria for Declared Training Organisations Current 25 March 2019
CAP1640 Ex-Military Aircraft: Design, restoration and continuing airworthiness approval Current 27 March 2018
CAP1644 Pre-Display Season Symposium Presentations 2018 Current 20 March 2018
CAP1689 Display season 18 mid-season update Current 13 July 2018
CAP1694 Human Factors in Air Displays: Transfer of Behaviours and Error Path Study Current 26 July 2018
CAP1696 CAA response to AAIB Recommendation 2015-044 Current 31 July 2018
CAP1697 CAA response to AAIB Recommendation 2016-041 Current 31 July 2018
CAP1698 CAA response to AAIB Recommendation 2017-006 Current 31 July 2018
CAP1699 CAA response to AAIB Recommendation 2017-007 Current 31 July 2018
CAP1700 Preventing Gipsy Major Engine Failures - Information Sheet Current 6 September 2018
CAP1701 Preventing Gipsy Major Engine Failures - Posters Current 6 September 2018
CAP1723 Non EASA fleet aircraft: Industry consultation on seat harness/belt lives Current 31 October 2018
CAP1724 Flying Display Standards Document Current 22 February 2019
CAP1727 Electronic Conspicuity: GA pilot survey Current 31 October 2018
CAP1740 Guidance on maintenance Programmes for Aircraft operating on a National Permit to Fly Current 6 February 2019
CAP1741 Declared Balloon Operators Guidance Current 19 March 2019
CAP1742 A31 Continuation Training Guidance Current 18 December 2018
CAP1749 Causal Factor Analysis of Airspace Infringements in the United Kingdom 1 January – 31 December 2017 Current 29 January 2019
CAP1754 CAA General Aviation Strategy 2018 - 23 Current 29 January 2019
CAP1763 Air Navigation Order 2018 and 2019 Amendments - Guidance for Small Unmanned Aircraft users Current 28 February 2019
CAP1774 In Focus Special: Handling a trim runaway Current 14 March 2019
CAP1789 The EU UAS Regulation Package – Outline Current 21 June 2019
CAP1800 Change proposals for Class E airspace ATS procedures: Consultation report Current 15 May 2019
CAP1802 CAA Response to AAIB Recommendations 2016-037/2016-038 Current 16 May 2019
CAP1824 CAP1824 - Display Season 2019 Mid-Season Update Current 24 July 2019
CAP382 Occurrence Reporting Scheme Current December 2016
Clued Up 2013/1 Clued Up - Spring / Summer 2013 Current 15 May 2013
Clued Up 2014/2 Clued Up - Autumn/Winter 2014 Current 16 December 2014
Clued Up 2015/1 Clued Up Spring/Summer 2015 Current 1 June 2015
Clued Up 2015/2 Clued Up Autumn/Winter 2015 Current 1 December 2015
Clued Up 2016/02 Clued Up Autumn/Winter 2016 Current 3 January 2017
Clued Up 2017/01 Clued Up Summer 2017 Current 1 June 2017
Clued Up 2018/01 Clued Up Summer 2018 Current 6 June 2018
Clued Up 2019/01 Unstable Approaches, a Clued Up special article Current 31 January 2019
Clued Up 2019/02 Clued Up Summer 2019 Current 1 July 2019
Dangerous Goods Poster Are your Spares Dangerous? Current November 2007
DAP1919 Captive Unmanned Gas Balloons - Application for Permission to Fly Current 17 December 2015
IN-2011/088 Review of Safety Information by Owners of non-EASA aircraft (commonly referred to as Annex 2) Current 17 August 2011
IN-2012/051 Notification of Changes in Type Support Provided by de Havilland Support Ltd Current 16 March 2012
IN-2013/155 Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of CHemicals (REACH) Current 1 October 2013
IN-2015/040 Regional Office Mail Deliveries
Review Comment: Superseded by IN-2015/046
Current 29 May 2015
IN-2015/097 Aerodrome Emergency Planning – Emergency Exercises Current 23 October 2015
IN-2015/098 Extension of CAA Equipment Approval LA301075 for Handheld 8.33 kHz Channel Spaced VHF Radios – for use by Operators of EASA Balloons, Dirigibles/Non-rigid Airships and Gliders Current 23 October 2015
IN-2016/003 Procedures for Examiners Holding Part-FCL Certificates Issued by Countries Other than the UK Current 8 January 2016
IN-2016/004 Designation of UK Examiners for Skill Tests for Initial Issue of Licences, Ratings and Certificates Current 8 January 2016
IN-2016/030 CHIRP The Confidential Human Factors Incident Reporting Programme Current 18 March 2016
IN-2016/034 Balloons: Congested Area take-off, Becalmed Landing and Open-air Assembly Permission and Exemption Current 5 April 2016
IN-2016/039 ORA.GEN.130 Changes to Organisations Current 19 April 2016
IN-2016/049 Part-FCL, Appendix 9 The Meaning of ‘Available’ in the Context of the Use of Flight Simulators and Other Training Devices for Pilot Licensing Purposes Current 3 June 2016
IN-2016/067 Changes to UK Meteorological Observing and Forecast Arrangements for Civil Aviation ICAO Annex 3 – Amendment 77 Current 25 July 2016
IN-2016/076 Conformance with Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) Restrictions Current 22 August 2016
IN-2016/082 The Future of the Instrument Meteorological Conditions Rating (IMC Rating) as the Instrument Rating (Restricted) (IR(R)) Current 13 September 2016
IN-2016/084 Avoidance of Incidents Related to Controlled Flight Into Terrain When Under Air Traffic Control Radar Control Current 20 September 2016
IN-2016/086 Notification of Amendment to the Requirements for the UK National Private Pilots Licence – NPPL(A) with a Microlight Aeroplane Class Rating Current 26 September 2016
IN-2016/098 Implementation of ICAO Doc 4444 (PANS ATM) Amendment 7 to – SID/STAR Phraseology Current 8 November 2016
IN-2017/006 Part-147 Certificates of Recognition Issued by the Hellenic Aviation Training Academy (HATA) - EL.147.0007 Current 9 February 2017
IN-2017/010 CAA Information Bulletin on EASA Developments – 21 January to 22 March 2017 Current 22 March 2017
IN-2017/014 UK CAA Interpretation of Principal Place of Business Current 20 April 2017
IN-2017/016 Third Country Licences holders Assessment of Knowledge Current 25 April 2017
IN-2017/021 Verification of Third Country ICAO Licences Current 14 July 2017
IN-2017/026 Implementation of Performance Based Navigation – Guidance for all Operators, Approved Training Organisations and Examiners Current 16 June 2017
IN-2017/029 Third Country Licences Issued In Accordance With ICAO Annex I and Their Use Within The United Kingdom Current 4 July 2019
IN-2017/030 Changes to Subscriptions, Alerts and Information Notices Current 21 July 2017
IN-2017/031 Aerodrome Rescue and FireFighting Service – Provision of Fire Extinguishing Agents Current 24 July 2017
IN-2017/032 De Havilland DH60 Moth, DH82a Tiger Moth and DH83 Fox Moth Aircraft Wing Spar Sets Produced by The Croydon Aircraft Company of New Zealand Current 27 July 2017
IN-2017/034 Implementation of Performance Based Navigation – Guidance for Pilots Current 18 August 2017
IN-2017/035 Changes to Subscriptions, Alerts and Information Notices Current 24 August 2017
ORS4 No. 809 Exemption under Article 14(4) Regulation (EC) 216/2008 from any requirement of Part M and Part 145 (Annex I and Annex II to Regulation (EC) 2042/2003) that would prevent the installation of new aircraft components supplied without an EASA Form 1 or equivalent, to any New Zealand Alpha Aviation Concept Ltd HR200 and R2000 Series of aircraft (TCDS EASA.IM.086) registered in the UK. Current 22 July 2010
ORS4 No.1067 Standardised European Rules of the Air – Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) Visibility and Distance from Cloud Minima Current 9 December 2014
ORS4 No.1125 Standardised European Rules of the Air – Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Special VFR Flight at Night Current 13 August 2015
ORS4 No.1126 Standardised European Rules of the Air – Compliance with Cruising Level Requirements Current 13 August 2015
ORS4 No.1127 Landing and Taking Off Near Open-Air Assemblies Current 13 August 2015
ORS4 No.1128 Emergency Services Helicopters - Landing and Taking Off Near Open-Air Assemblies Current 13 August 2015
ORS4 No.1174 Standardised European Rules of the Air – Exceptions to the Minimum Height Requirements Current 6 June 2016
ORS4 No.1185 Exemption to permit pilots with valid single engine aeroplane class ratings to fly the Colomban Current 25 August 2016
ORS4 No.1204 The Carriage of Munitions of War by Police Officers Current 10 November 2016
ORS4 No.1219 Continuing Airworthiness Requirements for Multi Turboprop Aeroplanes of 5700 kg MTOM and Below Current 3 April 2017
ORS4 No.1229 Permitting the Carriage Munitions of War and Exemption to Enable Armed Police On Board an Aircraft Current 29 June 2017
ORS4 No.1242 Maintenance of Microlight and SLMG Class Ratings Issued Prior to 1 February 2008 Current 28 September 2017
ORS4 No.1249 General Exemption for Foreign Registered Home-Built Aircraft and Certain Historic Aircraft Current 20 December 2017
ORS4 No.1250 Noise Exemption for Experimental Aircraft Current 10 January 2018
ORS4 No.1253 Launching of Self-Propelled Hang-Gliders with Wheels Current 8 March 2018
ORS4 No.1256 Airborne Collision Avoidance System Current 27 March 2018
ORS4 No.1257 Glider and SLMGs - Secondary Surveillance Radar Transponders in Temporary Reserved Area (Gliders) Current 28 March 2018
ORS4 No.1265 Exemption for Certain Irish Registered Aircraft not possessing ICAO Compliant Certificates of Airworthiness Current 12 April 2018
ORS4 No.1271 Use of National Permit to Fly Aircraft for Flight Instruction and Self-Fly Hire Current 12 June 2018
ORS4 No.1272 Requirement to Hold an Air Operators Certificate (Balloons) to Operate a UK Registered Balloon, with a Valid Certificate of Airworthiness Current 18 June 2018
ORS4 No.1274 Sharing of the Direct Costs of a Flight by up to Six People Current 1 August 2018
ORS4 No.1276 Flight by Type-Approved Gyroplanes, Operating on a National Permit to Fly, Over Assemblies of Persons and Congested Areas in Specified Circumstances Current 14 August 2018
ORS4 No.1278 Balloon Pilots - Flying Displays Current 5 September 2018
ORS4 No.1280 Use of Type Approved Microlights and Gyroplanes for Flight Training or Self-Fly Hire Current 18 September 2018
ORS4 No.1281 Aerotowing by Type Approved Microlight Aeroplanes Current 18 September 2018
ORS4 No.1283 Requirement for Holders of Part-FCL Private Pilot Licences and Light Aircraft Pilots Licences to hold a National Pilot Licence or an EASA Part-MED Medical Certificate when Operating EASA Aircraft in the UK Current 4 October 2018
ORS4 No.1292 Requirement to Hold a Part-FCL Pilot’s Licence to Operate a UK Registered Balloon, Sailplane or Powered Sailplane with an EASA Certificate of Airworthiness until 8 April 2020 Current 7 January 2019
ORS4 No.1294 Small Unmanned Aircraft - First Person View (FPV) Flying Current 7 March 2019
ORS4 No.1295 Small Unmanned Aircraft with a Mass Greater than 7kg – Operations within Class D or E Airspace Outside of Flight Restriction Zones by SUA Operators Holding Permissions or Exemptions issued prior to 13 March 2019 Current 8 March 2019
ORS4 No.1296 Small Unmanned Aircraft – Control Line Model Aeroplane Flight Within Flight Restriction Zones Current 12 March 2019
ORS4 No.1297 Small Unmanned Aircraft – Commercial/Congested Area Operations involving the use of a Competent Observer Current 11 March 2019
ORS4 No.1298 Gliders and SLMGs – Secondary Surveillance Radar Transponders at and above FL 100 up to FL 195 in Designated Areas Current 25 March 2019
ORS4 No.1301 Exemption from the Requirement for Holders of FAA Pilot Licences who are Permanently Residing in the United Kingdom and Exercising Private Licence Privileges to Comply with the Conversion and Validation Requirements of Annex III to Regulation (EU) No. 1178/2011 as Amended Current 29 March 2019
ORS4 No.1303 The Requirement to Carry Automatic Direction-finding Equipment In Specified Circumstances Current 2 May 2019
ORS4 No.1305 Foreign Flight by Aircraft with Permits Issued by BMAA Current 30 April 2019
ORS4 No.1306 Noise Certificate for Single Seat Microlight Aeroplanes Current 29 May 2019
ORS4 No.1307 Balloon Pilots - Congested Area Take-Off, Becalmed Landing & Open-Air Assembly Current 21 June 2019
ORS4 No.1308 Management of Aeronautical Databases Current 9 July 2019
ORS4 No.1309 Use of Derogation provided for under Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1178/2011 as amended, Article 12, Paragraph 2a(3) allowing Member States to derogate from the provisions of Subpart B of Annex I (LAPL) Current 12 July 2019
ORS4 No.1310 UK Register of Civil Aircraft and UK Register of Aircraft Mortgages Current 18 July 2019
ORS4 No.1312 Standardised European Rules of the Air - Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) Visibility and Distance from Cloud Minima within Class D Airspace Current 5 September 2019
Paper 2006/06 Evaluation of and Possible Improvements to Current Methods for Protecting Hot-Air Balloon Passengers During Landing Current December 2011
RegReview Regulatory Review of General Aviation in UK Current 7 June 2006
SD-2017/002 Airbus Helicopters EC225LP and AS332L2 Limitations of Operations due to a Fatal Accident in Norway on 29 April 2016 and Return to Service Requirements Current 31 July 2017
SD-2018/001 Conditions Applying to the Operation of Aeroplanes and Helicopters registered in the United Kingdom whose Operator has a Principal Place of Business or is residing in a Third Country other than a European Union or an associated EASA Member State Current 28 February 2018
SN-2012/005 Laser Attacks Current 13 April 2012
SN-2014/003 Stall Recovery Technique Current 3 March 2014
SN-2014/005 Implications Of Reduced Radar And Procedural Air Traffic Control Provision On Aircraft Operations In Class G Airspace Current 1 May 2014
SN-2015/007 Use of Government/Military Aerodromes by Civil Aircraft Operators Current 30 November 2015
SN-2016/001 Private and Aerial Work Helicopter Operations – Guidance on Aerodrome Operating Minima for IFR Departures Current 1 April 2016
SN-2017/002 Responsibilities of Operators, CAMOs,MOs Pilots of Ex-Military Aircraft with a CAA Permit to Fly Current 28 March 2017
SN-2017/003 Helicopter Operations Flight Planning and Safe Flight Execution Current 5 April 2017
SN-2017/004 Balloon Operations – Safety Matters Current 24 May 2017
SN-2018/001 Restricting the Operation of Ex-Military Jet Aircraft at Flying Displays Current 26 February 2018
SN-2018/002 Maintenance and Overhaul of Historic Piston Engines Current 27 February 2018
SN-2018/003 FAA Flight Prohibition in the Use of Supplemental Helicopter Harnesses Current 27 March 2018
SN-2018/004 Emergency Parachutes in Ex-Military Jets Current 18 April 2018
SN-2018/006 Boeing A75 Series FAA Unapproved Parts Notification Current 17 September 2018
SN-2018/011 Small Unmanned Aircraft DJI Battery TB50 and TB55 In-Flight Power Failures Current 21 November 2018
SRG 1760 Principal Place of Business (key facts form) Current 19 April 2017
SRG1102 Application to Renew a UK Private / Professional Flight Crew Licence Current 24 August 2016
SRG1104 Application for EASA Part-FCL Pilot Licence - Conversion of an Existing National or JAR-FCL Licence issued by the United Kingdom Current 24 August 2016
SRG1105AS Airship - Application for Part-FCL Private Pilot Licence Current 24 August 2016
SRG1105B Balloon - Application for Part-FCL Balloon pilot Licence and Light Aircraft Pilot Licence Current 24 August 2016
SRG1105S Sailplane - Application for Part-FCL Sailplane Pilot Licence and Light Aircraft Pilot Licence Current 24 August 2016
SRG1106 Application for Flight Radio Telephony Operator’s Licence - Issue or Renewal Current 4 July 2019
SRG1106G Application for Flight Radio Telephony Operator’s Licence - Glider Pilots Renewal Current 11 September 2012
SRG1107 Course Completion Certificate - for Issue or Renewal of a Single or Multi-Pilot Type/Class or Instrument Rating Current January 2019
SRG1112 Certificate of Landing Completion Current 25 September 2015
SRG1115 UK Balloon Private Pilots Licence/UK Balloon or UK Airship/Commercial Pilots Licence/UK Flight Radiotelephony Operator's Licence - Application Current 7 April 2009
SRG1118N Validation of Flight Crew Licences Issued by ICAO Contracting States - Issue and Renewal (FCL25) Current 14 July 2017
SRG1119A Aeroplanes – Application for Issue of a Single or Multi-Pilot Class or Type Rating Including Powered Lift Aircraft Current July 2019
SRG1119B Aeroplanes – Application for Revalidation of a Single or Multi-Pilot Class or Type Rating Including Powered Lift Aircraft Current 9 November 2018
SRG1119C Aeroplanes – Application for Renewal of a Single or Multi-Pilot Class or Type Rating Including Powered Lift Aircraft Current 24 August 2016
SRG1119E Aeroplanes – Notification of Revalidation of a Single Engine Piston (SEP) and/or Touring Motor Glider (TMG) only by Experience in Accordance with Part-FCL Current 6 October 2016
SRG1126 Application for a Night Rating (Aeroplanes/Airships/Balloons/Helicopters) Current 2 June 2017
SRG1128 Examiner Authorisation Issue/Reissue/Variation – Application Current 23 May 2006
SRG1131 Application for Issue of an Instructor Certificate in Accordance with Part-FCL Current 24 August 2016
SRG1132A Instructor Form 1: Microlight Application Current 4 March 2011
SRG1132B Instructor Form 1: SLMG Application Current 4 March 2011
SRG1133 Application to Extend the Privileges of an Instructor Certificate in Accordance with Part-FCL Current 24 August 2016
SRG1133R Record of Supervised Solo Flights or Air Exercises for Removal of Supervisory Restriction from an Instructor Certificate in accordance with Part-FCL Current 24 August 2016
SRG1136 Application to Change the Competent Authority for Issue of Pilot’s Licence or Associated Ratings or Certificate to the United Kingdomfrom another EASA Member State Current 24 August 2016
SRG1142 Application for Commerial Pilot’s Licence (Balloons) Current 6 April 2017
SRG1157 Examiners Report - For Single Pilot Aeroplanes (SPA) Skill Test for Issue of Class and Type Ratings and Proficency Checks for Revalidation and Renewal of Class, Type and Instrument Ratings, Revalidation by Experience of Class Ratings, excluding SP High Performance Complex Aeroplanes and Sea Class Ratings Current 29 March 2019
SRG1157S Examiners Report - For Single Pilot Aeroplanes (SPA) Skill Test for Issue of Sea Class Ratings and Proficiency Checks for Revalidation and Renewal of Sea Class and Revalidation by Experience of Sea Class Ratings Current 24 August 2016
SRG1160 Application for Verification of a Licence Issued by the UK CAA Current June 2019
SRG1161 Aeroplane/Helicopter/Airship - Application for Inclusion of an Instrument Rating in a Part-FCL Pilots Licence Current 24 August 2016
SRG1169 Examiner’s Record - FI(R)/FI/CRI/IRI/FIC Authorisation Test/Check Current August 2016
SRG1172 Examiner Report for PPL(H)/LAPL(H) Skill Test Current 24 August 2016
SRG1173 Helicopter – Application for the Issue/Revalidation/Renewal for a Single and Multi Pilot Type Rating Current 24 August 2016
SRG1173G Guidance and Submission Instructions for Issue, Revalidation and Renewal of a Single or Multi-Pilot Type Rating for Helicopters Current 23 October 2012
SRG1175 Application for Initial Approval of a Type Rating Training Organisation and Variation to Type Rating Training Course Approvals (Aeroplanesand Helicopters) Under Article 77(a) of the Air Navigation Order 2009 (EASA Annex II Aircraft only)
Review Comment: Applications under EASA Part-ORA should be submitted on forms SRG2116 and SRG2118
Current 24 August 2016
SRG1177 Examiners Record - Helicopter Instructor Test/Check Schedules Current August 2016
SRG1182 Application for Issue/Reissue/Variation of a Balloon/Airship Examiner Authorisation - Current 15 February 2006
SRG1183A AEROPLANES -Application for Part-FCL Professional Licence/Instrument Rating/UK Flight Radiotelephony Operators Licence Current 24 August 2016
SRG1183H HELICOPTERS - Application for Part-FCL Professional Licence/Instrument Rating/UK Flight Radiotelephony Operator’s Licence Current 24 August 2016
SRG1190 Application for the Re-Grade of UK Issued Pilots Licences to Part-FCL, Private Pilot’s Licences, Light Aircraft Pilot Licences or National Private Pilot Licences Current 24 August 2016
SRG1199 Application for Record of English Language Assessment Current 13 August 2015
SRG1303B Application for fitness assessment for a flying display role Current June 2019
SRG1303T Flying Display Risk Assessment Form Current 18 March 2019
SRG1305 Flying Display Director Post-Display Feedback Form Current 1 March 2019
SRG1320 Application for Exemption or Permission for Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) In UK Airspace Current June 2018
SRG1321 Application for Operation of an Unmanned Aircraft (UA) over 20kg in UK Airpsace Current 25 August 2016
SRG1322 Application for National Qualified Entity Status (Small Unmanned Aircraft) Current 31 August 2016
SRG1323 Application for Safety Standards Acknowledgement and Consent (SSAC) Approval Current March 2016
SRG1326 Application for Flying Display Director Accreditation Current 23 January 2018
SRG1328 UK Flying Display Questionaire Current February 2019
SRG1329 UK Flying Display Validation Form Current February 2019
SRG1330 Airborne Flying Display Director Checklist Current May 2019
SRG1413 Application for Radio Operators Certificate of Competence Current August 2017
SRG1718 Application for Same Day and Special Delivery Services Current 30 March 2019
SRG1757 Electronic Conspicuity - Declaration of Capability and Conformance Current August 2016
SRG1762 Application for Approval of a Minimum Equipment List for Part NCC and/or Part SPO operators Current 30 March 2019
SRG1764 Compliance Report and Recommendation for the issue of an Export Certificate of Airworthiness Current 5 April 2018
SRG1819 Application: Initial Issue of Senior Examiner (SE) Certificate (Pilot/Flight Engineer) Current August 2016
SRG1820A Application for Assessment of Competence for the Revalidation or Renewal of a Senior Examiner Certificate Current August 2016
SRG1820B Application for the Re-issue of a Senior Examiner Certificate. Current 25 August 2016
SRG1846 Steep Approach Approval Compliance Statement and Checklist Current April 2019
SRG1847 Isolated Aerodrome Approval Compliance Statement and Checklist. Current April 2019
SRG2106 Application and Report Form for Authorisation as a Mulit-Crew Co-operation Instructor (A/H) underEASA Aircrew Regulation Part-FCL.905 and Part-FCL.940.MCCI Current 27 April 2012
SRG2114 Application for EASA Part-FCL Multi Crew Pilot licence Current 25 August 2016
SRG2125 Application for the Approval of Examiner Standardisation Courses Under EASA Aircrew Regulation Part-FCL.1015 Current August 2016
SRG2127 Examiner Report for LAPL(A) Skill Test Current 24 August 2016
SRG2128 Examiner Report for PPL(A) Skill Test Current 24 August 2016
SRG2129 Examiner Report - Failure of Test Current 24 August 2016
SRG2130 Examiner Report for CPL(A) Skill Test Current 24 August 2016
SRG2131 Examiner Report for Instrument Rating (A) Skill Test Current 24 August 2016
SRG2132 Examiner Report for SPL/LAPL(S) Skill Test Current 24 August 2016
SRG2134 Application for the Validation (or Extension of Validation) of a Flight Crew Licence Issued by an ICAO Contracting State for Commercial Activities under Annex III of the EASA Aircrew Regulation Current 14 July 2017
SRG2135 Examiner Report for Instrument Rating (H) Skill Test Current 24 August 2016
SRG2136 Application for initial Approval or Change to Approval to Conduct Examiner Refresher Seminars under EASA Aircrew Regulation Annex VII - Part-ORA Current 28 March 2018
SRG2137 Application for Exemption Under Article 14 (4) of Regulation (EC) 216/2008 against the Parts 66 or 147 of The EASA Continuing Airworthiness Regulation; The EASAAircrew Regulation or the Air Traffic Controllers’ Regulation Current 24 August 2016
SRG2138 Helicopter Skill Test and Proficiency Check for ATPL, Type Ratings and Proficiency Check for IR - Examiners Record Current March 2019
SRG2146 Declaration for Commercial Balloon Operator and Change to Declaration under EASA Regulation (EU) 2018/395 Current August 2019
SRG2155 Examiners Report in Respect of Failure of Theoretical Examinations for PPL/BPL/SPL/LAPL Under EASA Aircrew Regulation Part-FCL.120 and Part-FCL.125 Current 28 September 2012
SRG2156 Application for the Notification of a Change to Personal Details, Including Change of Address, Change of Name andChange of Nationality Current 17 September 2012
SRG2157 Application for Issue and Renewal of Additional Ratings in Accordance with Part-FCL (not including class, type rating or night rating) Current 1 October 2012
SRG2197 Examiner Report for CPL(H) Skill Test Current 24 June 2014
SRG2199 EXAMINERS REPORT (Aeroplane) for Class, Type, Instrument Ratings and ATPL Skills Test Current 14 September 2012
SRG3101 Application for an Observed Flight Test Current 14 September 2012
Standards Document 03(H) Notes for the Guidance of Applicants taking the CPL Skill Test (Helicopters) Current 15 March 2019
Standards Document 11 Provision and Conduct of Ground Examinations for the Private Pilot Licence Aeroplanes & Helicopters
Review Comment: This is the newly updated version of the document withdrawn on 11/07/2016
Current 16 November 2017
Standards Document 19(H) Notes for the Guidance of Applicants taking the PPL Skill Test (Helicopters) Current 15 March 2019
Standards Document 44 Gyroplane Licensing Current 1 July 2019
StratReview Strategic Review of General Aviation in UK Current 1 July 2006