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CAA Paper 2004/04 Cabin Air Quality Current February 2004
CAA Paper 2004/05 Report on the Testing and Systematic Evaluation of the airEXODUS Aircraft Evacuation Model Current 15 April 2005
CAA Paper 2005/03 A Benefit Analysis for Aircraft 16G Dynamic Seats Configured without Enhancements to Head Injury Criteria Current October 2005
CAA Paper 2005/04 Aircrew Fatigue: A Review of Research Undertaken on Behalf of the UK Civil Aviation Authority Current 14 December 2007
CAA Paper 2005/06 Summary Report on Helicopter Ditching and Crashworthiness Research Current 16 December 2005
CAA Paper 2006/03 Enhancing Offshore Helideck Lighting - Onshore Trials at Norwich Airport Current 1 November 2006
CAA Paper 2006/04 Part 1 Minimum Colour Vision Requirements for Flight Crew: The Use of Colour Signals and the Assessment of Colour Vision Requirements in Aviation Current 14 August 2006
CAA Paper 2006/04 Part 2 Minimum Colour Vision requirements for Professional Flight Crew: Task Analysis Current 14 August 2006
CAA Paper 2007/02 Visualisation of Offshore Gas Turbine Gas Plumes Current 29 October 2007
CAA Paper 2007/03 Helicopter Flight in Degraded Visual Conditions Current 21 September 2007
CAA Paper 2007/06 RNAV (GNSS) Non-Precision Approach – Flight Trials Analysis Report Current 21 September 2007
CAA Paper 2008/01 Specification for an Offshore Helideck Status Light System Current July 2008
CAA Paper 2008/02 Offshore Helideck Environmental Research Current May 2009
CAA Paper 2008/03 Helideck Design Considerations - Environmental Effects Current July 2009
CAA Paper 2008/05 HUMS Extension to Rotor Health Monitoring Current 23 March 2009
CAA Paper 2009/01 Cabin Crew Fire Training Current 23 April 2009
CAA Paper 2009/02 The Aerodynamics of Gyroplanes Current August 2010
CAA Paper 2009/03 Business Jet Safety Research: A Statistical Review and Questionnaire Study of Safety Issues Current 2009
CAA Paper 2009/04 Minimum Colour Vision Requirements for Professional Flight Crew. Recommendations for new colour vision standards. Current 29 May 2009
CAA Paper 2009/05 Aircraft Maintenance Incident Analysis Current July 2009
CAA Paper 2009/06 Hazard Analysis of the Use of GPS in Offshore Helicopter Operations Current February 2010
CAA Paper 2010/01 The SBAS Offshore Approach Procedure (SOAP) Current 28 May 2010
CAA Paper 2011/01 Intelligent Management of Helicopter Vibration Health Monitoring Data Current 31 May 2012
CAA Paper 2011/03 CAA 'Significant Seven' Task Force Reports Current March 2011
CAA Paper 2012/01 The Application of Advanced Anomaly Detection to Tail Rotor HUMS Data Current 1 March 2013
CAA Paper 2012/03 Specification for an Offshore Helideck Lighting System Current 9 July 2012
CAA Paper 2013/03 Reliability of Damage Detection in Advanced Composite Aircraft Structures Current January 2013
CAP 1835 Novel Operation in a Specific Trial Area (NOSTrA) Approach Current 30 August 2019
CAP 1864 Onshore Helicopter Review Report Current 29 November 2019
CAP 1868 A Unified Approach to the Introduction of UAS Traffic Management Current 3 December 2019
CAP 1877 Safety Review of Offshore Public Transport Helicopter Operations in Support of the Exploitation of Oil and Gas Current 23 January 2020
CAP 676 Guidelines for the Design and Presentation of Emergency and Abnormal Checklist Current August 2006
CAP 708 Guidance on the Design, Presentation and Use of Electronic Checklists Current 15 March 2005
CAP 722 Unmanned Aircraft System Operations in UK Airspace - Guidance & Policy Current 4 September 2019
CAP 756 Portable Electronic Device Generated Electro-magnetic Fields on Board a Large Transport Aeroplane Current 30 November 2005
CAP 780 Aviation Safety Review 2008 Current 11 November 2008
CAP 796 Flying on Business – a Study of the UK Business Air Travel Market Current November 2011
CAP1034 Development of a Technical Standard for Emergency Breathing Systems Current May 2013
CAP1036 Global Fatal Accident Review 2002 to 2011 Current June 2013
CAP1060 CAA Airport Operating Expenditure Benchmarking Report 2012 Current June 2013
CAP1076 In Focus Global risk picture Current June 2013
CAP1077 Specification for an Offshore Helideck Lighting System Current September 2013
CAP1164 Aircraft noise, sleep disturbance and health effects
Review Comment: The work reported herein was carried out under a Letter of Agreement placed on 4 April 2013 by the Department for Transport. Any views expressed are not necessarily those of the Secretary of State for Transport.
Current June 2014
CAP1261 Review of advice on SES Market Conditions for Terminal Air Navigation Services in the UK Current 27 February 2015
CAP1278 Aircraft noise and health effects: Recent findings Current 30 March 2016
CAP1279 Economic regulation of new runway capacity Current 26 March 2015
CAP1303 Consumer research for the UK aviation sector – final report Current 18 June 2015
CAP1304 CAA consumer research for the UK aviation sector - report of the qualitative stage Current 18 June 2015
CAP1375 Aviation English Research Project: An independent study Current 21 March 2017
CAP1384 Investigating Reporting Culture Amongst Pilots: A Briefing Study Current 22 February 2016
CAP1429 Analysis of European colour vision certification requirements for air traffic control officers Current 19 October 2016
CAP1503 Consumer tracker for the aviation sector, wave one Current 28 December 2016
CAP1504 Consumer tracker for the aviation sector, wave two Current 28 December 2016
CAP1546 Independent review of the Civil Aviation Authority's Air Display Enhanced Measures Current 3 May 2017
CAP1546a Independent review of the Civil Aviation Authority's Air Display Enhanced Measures: Appendix Current 3 May 2017
CAP1581 Pilot Training Review Final Report: Recommendations and Conclusions Current 13 November 2017
CAP1581a Pilot Training Review Interim Report: Gap Analysis Current 13 November 2017
CAP1581b Pilot Training Review Interim Report: Literature Review Current 13 November 2017
CAP1581c Pilot Training Review Interim Report: Interview Study Current 13 November 2017
CAP1588 Aircraft Noise and Annoyance: Recent findings Current 22 February 2018
CAP1622 Consumer tracker for the aviation sector, wave three Current 15 December 2017
CAP1623 Consumer tracker for the aviation sector, wave four Current 15 December 2017
CAP1669 Review of CAA policy on the training, qualification and licensing of Flight Information Service Officers Current 27 September 2018
CAP1709 Paid-for allocated seating in aviation: an update Current 26 October 2018
CAP1713 CAP1713 - Aircraft Noise and Health Effects Current 24 May 2019
CAP1717 CAA Human Factors Action Plan 2018-2020 Current 22 October 2018
CAP1745 A Review of Evidence: Passenger Exposure to Peanut and Tree Nut Allergens on Airlines Executive Summary Current 21 December 2018
CAP1746 Wave Six: UK Aviation Consumer Survey (full report) Current 21 December 2018
CAP1746B Wave Six: UK Aviation Consumer Survey (dashboard summary) Current 21 December 2018
CAP1747 Class A HTAWS Warning Annunciation Current 7 January 2019
CAP1748 Results from CAA Noise Impact Survey Current 19 March 2019
CAP1756 Pilot Fatigue Measurement Research Current 24 January 2019
CAP1801 Assessment of Change Safety Cases Current 13 December 2019
CAP1818 Aviation Futures Two-year progress report Current 16 October 2019
CAP1827A Sandbox Brief: Memorandum of Understanding Current 30 July 2019
CAP1831 Wave Seven: UK Aviation Consumer Survey (full report) Current 22 August 2019
CAP1831b Wave Seven: UK Aviation Consumer Survey (summary) Current 22 August 2019
CAP1841 Aircraft Noise and Health Effects: A six-month update (April 2019 – September 2019) Current 23 October 2019
Paper 2006/06 Evaluation of and Possible Improvements to Current Methods for Protecting Hot-Air Balloon Passengers During Landing Current December 2011