List of Aviation Safety Publications

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Publication Categories and Series
Reference Title
ANs Airworthiness Notices
BASA publications relating to Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreements
CAA EASA Information Bulletins CAA EASA Information Bulletins
CAP 562 SAs CAP 562 (CAAIP) Supplementary Amendments
Emergency ADs Emergency Airworthiness Directives
Info Alerts UK CAA website new information content alerts
LACNs Long-term Airspace Coordination Notices
Progress Reports CAA Responses to AAIB Safety Recommendations
SACNs Short-term Airspace Coordination Notices
Safety Sense Leaflets Safety Sense Leaflets
SCI - SNs Safety Notices

Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
ANAC-UKCAA-FWA-July2021 ANAC (Brazil) Further Working Arrangement Current 19 July 2021
ASC6000 Application to become a regulated supplier Current December 2020
Balloon Notice 1/2007 Passenger Landing Position Guidance to Operators Current February 2007
CAA Paper 2004/04 Cabin Air Quality Current February 2004
CAA Paper 2004/05 Report on the Testing and Systematic Evaluation of the airEXODUS Aircraft Evacuation Model Current 15 April 2005
CAA Paper 2004/10 Flight Crew Reliance on Automation Current 22 December 2004
CAA Paper 2004/12 Final Report on the Follow-on Activities to the HOMP Trial Current October 2004
CAA Paper 2005/04 Aircrew Fatigue: A Review of Research Undertaken on Behalf of the UK Civil Aviation Authority Current 14 December 2007
CAA Paper 2005/06 Summary Report on Helicopter Ditching and Crashworthiness Research Current 16 December 2005
CAA Paper 2006/01 A Database to Record Human Experience of Evacuation in Aviation Accidents Current June 2008
CAA Paper 2006/03 Enhancing Offshore Helideck Lighting - Onshore Trials at Norwich Airport Current 1 November 2006
CAA Paper 2007/02 Visualisation of Offshore Gas Turbine Gas Plumes Current 29 October 2007
CAA Paper 2007/03 Helicopter Flight in Degraded Visual Conditions Current 21 September 2007
CAA Paper 2007/06 RNAV (GNSS) Non-Precision Approach – Flight Trials Analysis Report Current 21 September 2007
CAA Paper 2008/01 Specification for an Offshore Helideck Status Light System Current July 2008
CAA Paper 2008/02 Offshore Helideck Environmental Research Current May 2009
CAA Paper 2008/03 Helideck Design Considerations - Environmental Effects Current July 2009
CAA Paper 2008/05 HUMS Extension to Rotor Health Monitoring Current 23 March 2009
CAA Paper 2009/01 Cabin Crew Fire Training Current 23 April 2009
CAA Paper 2009/03 Business Jet Safety Research: A Statistical Review and Questionnaire Study of Safety Issues Current 2009
CAA Paper 2009/05 Aircraft Maintenance Incident Analysis Current July 2009
CAA Paper 2009/06 Hazard Analysis of the Use of GPS in Offshore Helicopter Operations Current February 2010
CAA Paper 2010/01 The SBAS Offshore Approach Procedure (SOAP) Current 28 May 2010
CAA Paper 2011/01 Intelligent Management of Helicopter Vibration Health Monitoring Data Current 31 May 2012
CAA Paper 2011/03 CAA 'Significant Seven' Task Force Reports Current March 2011
CAA Paper 2012/01 The Application of Advanced Anomaly Detection to Tail Rotor HUMS Data Current 1 March 2013
CAA Paper 2012/03 Specification for an Offshore Helideck Lighting System Current 9 July 2012
CAA Paper 2013/03 Reliability of Damage Detection in Advanced Composite Aircraft Structures Current January 2013
CAP 168 Licensing of Aerodromes Current 14 January 2022
CAP 2248 Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Current 14 September 2021
CAP 403 Flying Displays and Special Events: Safety and Administrative Requirements and Guidance (Edition 18) Current 9 February 2022
CAP 413 Radiotelephony Manual
Review Comment: Effective date 21 January 2021
Current 26 November 2020
CAP 426 Helicopter External Load Operations Current January 2021
CAP 437 Standards for offshore helicopter landing areas Current 30 July 2021
CAP 452 Aeronautical Radio Station Operator’s Guide Current 30 September 2016
CAP 543 Time Limited Task, Additional Inspections and Component Change Record Current 31 January 2005
CAP 553 BCAR Section A - Airworthiness Procedures where the CAA has Primary Responsibility for Type Approval of the Product Current 15 December 2017
CAP 554 BCAR Section B - Airworthiness Procedures where the CAA does not have Primary Responsibility for Type Approval of the Product Current 21 October 2014
CAP 562 Civil Aircraft Airworthiness Information and Procedures (CAAIP) Current 23 January 2020
CAP 562 SA 70-80 CAP 562 Supplementary Amendments – Leaflet 70-80 Current 22 April 2022
CAP 641 Review of Helicopter Offshore Safety & Survival Current 1 February 1995
CAP 659 Amateur Built Aircraft: A Guide to Approval, Construction and Operation of Amateur Built Aircraft Current 21 November 2005
CAP 667 Review of General Aviation Fatal Accidents 1985-94 Current 1 March 1997
CAP 676 Guidelines for the Design and Presentation of Emergency and Abnormal Checklist Current August 2006
CAP 681 Global Fatal Accident Review Current 1 March 1998
CAP 694 The UK Flight Planning Guide Current January 2013
CAP 699 Framework for the competence of rescue and fire fighting service (RFFS) personnel Current January 2017
CAP 704 ACCESS - Aircraft Call Sign Confusion Evaluation Safety Study Current April 2000
CAP 722 Unmanned Aircraft System Operations in UK Airspace - Guidance Current 5 November 2020
CAP 722C UAS Airspace Restrictions Guidance and Policy Current 10 December 2020
CAP 722D Unmanned Aircraft System Operations in UK Airspace: Master Glossary and Abbreviations Current 16 October 2020
CAP 722E Rotary Wing Swarm Operations (Visual Line of Sight) Requirements, Guidance and Policy Current 25 August 2020
CAP 722F CAP 722F- Model Aircraft Operations Policy and Guidance Current 18 August 2021
CAP 731 Approval, Operational Serviceability and Readout of Flight Data Recorder Systems and Cockpit Voice Recorders Current 25 March 2011
CAP 736 Operation of Directed Light, Fireworks, Toy Balloons and Sky Lanterns within UK Airspace Current February 2011
CAP 738 Safeguarding of Aerodromes Current 29 October 2020
CAP 739 Flight Data Monitoring Current June 2013
CAP 747 Mandatory Requirements for Airworthiness Current 25 June 2021
CAP 750 British Civil Airworthiness Requirements Section VLH - Very Light Helicopters Current November 2004
CAP 753 Helicopter Vibration Health Monitoring Current 8 March 2018
CAP 755 Recreational Aviation Activities Manual Current May 2008
CAP 756 Portable Electronic Device Generated Electro-magnetic Fields on Board a Large Transport Aeroplane Current 30 November 2005
CAP 761 Operation of IFF/SSR Interrogators in the UK: Planning Principles and Procedures Current 3 January 2019
CAP 764 Policy and Guidelines on Wind Turbines Current February 2016
CAP 772 Wildlife Hazard Management at Aerodromes Current 20 October 2017
CAP 773 Flying RNAV (GNSS) Non-Precision Approaches in Private and General Aviation Aircraft Current 23 December 2014
CAP 777 ATC Surveillance Minimum Altitude Charts in UK Airspace Policy and Design Criteria
Review Comment: Update to information on Responsibility, and references to 'sponsor' in Appendix E
Current 21 September 2018
CAP 779 Regulation of Aeronautical Information Management Services Current 6 July 2020
CAP 780 Aviation Safety Review 2008 Current 11 November 2008
CAP 785 Approval Requirements for Instrument Flight Procedures for use in UK Airspace Current 17 May 2022
CAP 793 Safe Operating Practices at Unlicensed Aerodromes Current 1 July 2010
CAP 795 Safety Management Systems - Guidance to Organisations Current 2 February 2015
CAP 800 UK Safety Performance Volume I Current January 2011
CAP 999 Helicopter Search and Rescue (SAR) in the UK National Approval Guidance Current 10 March 2021
CAP1034 Development of a Technical Standard for Emergency Breathing Systems Current May 2013
CAP1036 Global Fatal Accident Review 2002 to 2011 Current June 2013
CAP1038 CAA Check Flight Handbook Current 10 January 2017
CAP1059 Safety Management Systems: Guidance for small, non complex organisations Current June 2013
CAP1066 In Focus - Flying with gadgets - The Do's and Don'ts of using mobile phones and electronic devices on board aircraft Current 1 April 2014
CAP1069 Preventing Runway Incursions at Small Aerodromes Current July 2013
CAP1077 Specification for an Offshore Helideck Lighting System Current September 2013
CAP1096 Guidance to crane users on the crane notification process and obstacle lighting and marking Current 30 April 2021
CAP1145 Civil Aviation Authority – Safety review of offshore public transport helicopter operations in support of the exploitation of oil and gas Current 20 February 2014
CAP1164 Aircraft noise, sleep disturbance and health effects
Review Comment: The work reported herein was carried out under a Letter of Agreement placed on 4 April 2013 by the Department for Transport. Any views expressed are not necessarily those of the Secretary of State for Transport.
Current June 2014
CAP1170QASF CAP1170 - Quality Assurance - Self Assessment Form Current 23 October 2018
CAP1170QAVR CAP1170 - Quality Assurance - External Quality Assurance form Current 23 October 2018
CAP1180 State Safety Programme for the United Kingdom Current 7 November 2018
CAP1186 Level Busts - Information for Pilots and Controllers Current 1 May 2014
CAP1215 Preliminary Safety Assessment Current 11 November 2014
CAP1236 Guidance regarding flight operations in the vicinity of volcanic ash
Review Comment: Updated to take account of a revision to the European and North Atlantic Volcanic Ash Contingency Plan
Current 23 February 2017
CAP1243 Offshore Helicopter Review Progress Report Current 28 January 2015
CAP1251 Air Traffic Controllers – Licensing Current 20 December 2018
CAP1264 Standards for helicopter landing areas at hospitals Current 9 August 2019
CAP1289 Fatigue Management for Crew Members Current 10 July 2015
CAP1316 CAA Safety Policy Current 9 October 2018
CAP1329 CAA Strategy for Bowtie Risk Models Current 18 May 2020
CAP1337 General Aviation no gold plating consultation: CAA response Current 4 December 2015
CAP1351 CAA Review of UK Civil Air Displays: progress report Current 28 October 2015
CAP1358 Regulation of the ground handling services market Current 24 February 2016
CAP1367 Aircraft Maintenance Incident Analysis Current 15 January 2016
CAP1371 UK Civil Air Display Review Current 26 January 2016
CAP1375 Aviation English Research Project: An independent study Current 21 March 2017
CAP1386 Safety review of offshore public transport helicopter operations in support of the exploitation of oil and gas: Progress report 2016 Current 23 September 2016
CAP1391 Electronic conspicuity devices Current 25 February 2021
CAP1392 ASI ECWG Recommendation Paper: Electronic Conspicuity in Class G Airspace Current 23 March 2016
CAP1394 Commercial off the shelf flight data monitoring solution for business aviation Current 23 February 2016
CAP1397 Comment response document: UK Private Pilot Licence and National Private Pilot Licence medical requirements Current 5 May 2016
CAP1400 UK civil air display review: final report
Review Comment: Updates to timeline for improved clarity
Current 26 May 2016
CAP1409 Access to the ground handling market at UK airports: a review of the CAA’s approach – Request for information Current 17 May 2016
CAP1412 Good aviation medical practice for aeromedical examiners and medical assessors Current 2 June 2016
CAP1428 Impacts of space weather on aviation Current 27 October 2020
CAP1434 UK Flight Information Services Current July 2016
CAP1445 Consumer Panel annual report 2015-16 Current 19 December 2016
CAP1457 Safety Management Systems: Guidance for Aeromedical Centres (AeMC) Current 10 October 2016
CAP1477 CAA Statutory Charges 2017/18 consultation document Current 17 November 2016
CAP1496 New aviation reporting portal Current 22 January 2021
CAP1508 Getting the most out of the Accountable Manager Meeting Current 12 January 2017
CAP1519 Offshore Helicopter Terrain Awareness Warning System Alert Envelopes Current 28 September 2018
CAP1538 Class A Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS) for Offshore Helicopter Operations
Review Comment: Version 1.1 corrects minor typographical errors
Current 5 June 2017
CAP1548 EASA Part-SPO Declared Operators Current 11 August 2017
CAP1570 Corrosion and Inspection of General Aviation Aircraft Current 14 July 2017
CAP1581 Pilot Training Review Final Report: Recommendations and Conclusions Current 13 November 2017
CAP1581a Pilot Training Review Interim Report: Gap Analysis Current 13 November 2017
CAP1581b Pilot Training Review Interim Report: Literature Review Current 13 November 2017
CAP1581c Pilot Training Review Interim Report: Interview Study Current 13 November 2017
CAP1627 Drone Safety Risk: An assessment Current 9 January 2018
CAP1627BT Drone Safety Risk: Bowtie model Current 9 January 2018
CAP1640 Ex-Military Aircraft: Design, restoration and continuing airworthiness approval Current 22 January 2021
CAP1649CRD Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel Training & Competence Requirements response document
Review Comment: Comment response document has been published
Current 30 August 2019
CAP1714 Aviation Safety as the UK leaves EASA Current 26 January 2021
CAP1723 Non EASA fleet aircraft: Industry consultation on seat harness/belt lives Current 31 October 2018
CAP1724 Flying Display Standards Document Current 9 March 2022
CAP1747 Class A HTAWS Warning Annunciation Current 7 January 2019
CAP1749 Causal Factor Analysis of Airspace Infringements in the United Kingdom 1 January – 31 December 2017 Current 29 January 2019
CAP1753 CAA Cyber security oversight process for aviation Current 16 June 2021
CAP1754 CAA General Aviation Strategy 2018 - 23 Current 29 January 2019
CAP1760 Effective Problem Solving and Root Cause Identification Current 30 April 2019
CAP1774 In Focus Special: Handling a trim runaway Current 14 March 2019
CAP1780IPA Implementation Procedures for Airworthiness (USA / UK) in the event of a no deal withdrawal from the European Union Current 18 December 2020
CAP1780MIP Maintenance Implementation Procedures (USA / UK) in the event of a no deal withdrawal from the European Union Current 31 December 2020
CAP1780SAC Special Arrangement: Continuity of Aircraft Certification Projects Current 18 December 2020
CAP1780SAR Special Arrangement: Import-Export of Rolls Royce Products and Parts Current 18 December 2020
CAP1783FWA Further Working Arrangement between Transport Canada Civil Aviation and United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority on the Continuity of Validation Projects Current 17 December 2020
CAP1783TAM Technical Arrangement on Maintenance between the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority and Transport Canada Civil Aviation Current 17 December 2020
CAP1783TIP Technical Implementation Procedures for Airworthiness and Environmental Certification under the Working Arrangement (Canada-UK) Current 17 December 2020
CAP1783WAF Working Arrangement Between the Civil Aviation Directorate of Transpart of Canada and the Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom Current 17 December 2020
CAP1787WA Working Arrangement between The Civil Aviation Bureau of Japan (JCAB) and the UK CAA. Current December 2020
CAP1789A The UAS Implementing Regulation; UK consolidated text Current 14 December 2021
CAP1789B The UAS Delegated Regulation: UK consolidated text Current 8 January 2021
CAP1798 A procedure to write a procedure: A guide developed by the airworthiness industry Current 7 May 2019
CAP1801 Assessment of change safety cases Current 16 June 2021
CAP1837 Response to CAP 1776 Electronic Conspicuity - a call for evidence and future plans Current 15 August 2019
CAP1845 Consultation: Bringing new light aircraft between 450-600kg under national regulation Current 18 October 2019
CAP1846 UK CAA’s first International Lithium Battery Workshop to explore ways to reduce the risk to safety: Post workshop report Current 10 September 2019
CAP1849 Cyber Security Critical Systems Scoping Guidance Current 19 August 2020
CAP1850 Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF) for Aviation Current 19 August 2020
CAP1861 Beyond Visual Line of Sight in Non-Segregated Airspace Current 8 October 2020
CAP1861 CAP 1861A - Detect and avoid ecosystem for BVLOS in non-segregated airspace Current 8 October 2020
CAP1864 Onshore Helicopter Review Report Current 29 November 2019
CAP1868 A Unified Approach to the Introduction of UAS Traffic Management Current 3 December 2019
CAP1900 Social Licence to Operate: Concept Guide for New Technologies Current 6 March 2020
CAP1911 UK safety regulation outside the EU Current 7 January 2021
CAP1918 Causal Factor Analysis of Airspace Infringements in the UK: 1 January–31 December 2018 Current 2 July 2020
CAP1920 Bringing new light aircraft between 450-600kg under national regulation: Consultation response Current 18 June 2020
CAP1927 Comment response document: Conducting paid-for initial pilot training in amateur-built UK National Permit to Fly Microlights Current 6 October 2020
CAP1928 Comment response document: Conducting paid-for initial pilot training in UK National Permit-to-Fly aeroplanes Current 6 October 2020
CAP1930 Testing Novel Technology in UK Airspace: A Guide for Innovators Current 28 May 2020
CAP1931 Safety Management Systems (SMS) for Innovators Current 28 May 2020
CAP1942 Loss of Control in the Circuit Current 2 July 2020
CAP1950 GA Safety: Landing Issues Current 7 August 2020
CAP1962 Airspace Infringement Working Group: Report from the Causal Factors Working Group 2019 Current 7 October 2020
CAP1970 CAA assessment of the criteria for call in by the Secretary of State of London Oxford Airport’s July 2020 airspace change proposal Current 29 September 2020
CAP1985 UK General Aviation opportunities after leaving EASA – a consultation Current 10 November 2020
CAP2009 UK-EU transition: Airworthiness flowcharts Current 4 April 2022
CAP2013 Air Navigation Order 2020 Amendment – Guidance for unmanned aircraft system users Current 17 December 2020
CAP2082FWA Further Working Arrangement Current 27 July 2021
CAP2093 CAA Impact Analysis – Changes to VMC Minima in UK Class D Airspace Current 17 March 2021
CAP2102WA Working Arrangement between the Icelandic Transport Authority and the Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom for the Promotion of Aviation Safety Current 10 February 2021
CAP2130 Regulatory sandbox guidance for the Future Flight Challenge Current 19 April 2021
CAP2146 UK General Aviation opportunities after leaving EASA: Consultation Response Document Current 19 April 2021
CAP2158 Onshore Helicopter Occurrence Reporting Current 14 July 2021
CAP2165 UK-EASA Technical Implementation Procedures Current 17 May 2021
CAP2166 UK EASA Technical Implementation Procedures (TIP) webinar presentation Current 21 May 2021
CAP2238 Detect and Avoid Challenge: Sandbox Announcement Current 17 August 2021
CAP2239 UK Annual Safety Review 2020: Pre-Release Current 19 July 2021
CAP2240 UK Annual Safety Review 2019 Current 19 August 2021
CAP2247 UK Annual Safety Review 2020 Current 2 September 2021
CAP2270 Consultation: UK Cost Shared Flights Current 1 December 2021
CAP2272 Key Considerations for Airspace Integration within an Urban Air Mobility Landscape Current 19 October 2021
CAP2296 CAA Response to 2021 Government Consultation on the Future of Transport Regulatory Review: Future of Flight Current 25 November 2021
CAP2319 eVSLG meeting minutes November 2021 Current 31 January 2022
CAP2342 Airspace Infringement Working Group: Report from the Causal Factors Working Group 2020 Current 14 April 2022
CAP382 Occurrence Reporting Scheme Current July 2021
Dangerous Goods Poster Are your Spares Dangerous? Current November 2007
DAP1919 Captive Unmanned Gas Balloons - Application for Permission to Fly Current December 2021
Factor F10/2009 Accident to Hawker Hurricane MK XII (IIB), G-HURR, at Near Shoreham Airport, Sussex on 15 September 2007 Current 9 April 2010
FACTOR F2/2017 Accident to WESTLAND WASP HAS1, G-KAXT, at Bishopstone, Salisbury, Wiltshire on 23 September 2016 Current 25 August 2017
Factor F41/2006 Accident to Piper PA38-112 TOMAHAWK, G-BYLE, near Biggin Hill Airport on 22 October 2005 Current 10 November 2006
Factor F49/2006 Accident to Bell 206B, G-WLLY, 3NM NE of Coupar Angus, Perthshire on 21 December 2005 Current 12 December 2006
FACTOR F5/2018 Accident to Hawker Hunter T7, G-BXFI, near Shoreham Airport, West Sussex, on 22 August 2015 Current 8 August 2018
G-2022-0007 STC Twenty One Limited VIP Cabin Interior: Doors – Emergency Exit – Functional Check Current 12 April 2022
G-2022-0008 Jetstream 3200: Time Limits / Maintenance Checks – Airworthiness Limitations – Amendment / Implementation Current 12 April 2022
G-2022-0009 Survitec Lifejackets Type 102 Mk 3, 102 Mk 4 and 105 Mk 1: Equipment / Furnishings – Lifejackets – Inspection Current 21 April 2022
G-2022-0011 Ipeco Type 3A063 flight crew seats: Equipment / Furnishings – Pilot & Co-Pilot Seats – Inspection / Modification
Review Comment: This AD supersedes EASA AD 2018-0262 dated 06 December 2018
Current 9 June 2022
IN-2015/066 CAAi Airthworthiness Course Current 12 August 2015
IN-2016/030 CHIRP The Confidential Human Factors Incident Reporting Programme Current 8 February 2021
IN-2016/068 Changes to EASA 'Grandfathered' Equipment, Parts and Appliances: Revised Regulatory Status Current 27 July 2016
IN-2016/084 Avoidance of Incidents Related to Controlled Flight Into Terrain When Under Air Traffic Control Radar Control Current 20 September 2016
IN-2017/031 Aerodrome Rescue and FireFighting Service – Provision of Fire Extinguishing Agents Current 24 July 2017
IN-2017/032 De Havilland DH60 Moth, DH82a Tiger Moth and DH83 Fox Moth Aircraft Wing Spar Sets Produced by The Croydon Aircraft Company of New Zealand Current 27 July 2017
ORS4 No.1205 The Carriage of Electroshock Weapons by Police Officers On Board an Aircraft Current 11 November 2016
ORS4 No.1206 Carriage of Aerosols without a Subsidiary Risk On Board an Aircraft Current 16 November 2016
ORS4 No.1229 Permitting the Carriage Munitions of War and Exemption to Enable Armed Police On Board an Aircraft Current 29 June 2017
ORS4 No.1230 The Carriage of Weapons of War and Munitions of War, Approving and Authorising Armed Police On Board an Aircraft Current 29 June 2017
ORS4 No.1343 Standardised European Rules of the Air – Issuing VFR and SVFR Air Traffic Control Clearances to Helicopter Operations Conducted by Police, Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) and Search And Rescue (SAR) Operators. Current 13 February 2020
ORS4 No.1344 Standardised European Rules of the Air – Issuing VFR and SVFR Air Traffic Control Clearances to Helicopter Operations Conducted in Support of the Maintenance of the National Infrastructure. Current 13 February 2020
ORS4 No.1397 Balloon Pilots - Congested Area Take-Off, Becalmed Landing & Open-Air Assembly Permission and Exemption Current 18 June 2020
ORS4 No.1406 Sharing of the Direct Costs of a Flight by up to Six People Current 17 July 2020
ORS4 No.1422 Flight by Type-Approved Gyroplanes, Operating on a National Permit to Fly, Over Assemblies of Persons and Congested Areas in Specified Circumstances Current 21 August 2020
ORS4 No.1423 Standardised European Rules of the Air – Compliance with Cruising Level Requirements Current 3 September 2020
ORS4 No.1427 Balloon Pilots – Flying Displays Current 25 September 2020
ORS4 No.1450 Flight Data Recorders and Cockpit Voice Recorders – Helicopters Current 21 December 2020
ORS4 No.1457 Permission for Aircraft Holding an EASA Permit to Fly to be Flown in the Airspace of the United Kingdom Current 23 December 2020
ORS4 No.1477 (UK) Standardised European Rules of the Air - Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Special VFR Flight at Night Current 31 March 2021
ORS4 No.1492 Landing and Taking Off Near Open-Air Assemblies Current 27 May 2021
ORS4 No.1493 Emergency Services Helicopters - Landing and Taking Off Near Open-Air Assemblies Current 27 May 2021
ORS4 No.1496 (UK) Standardised European Rules of the Air - Exceptions to the Minimum Height Requirements Current 28 June 2021
ORS4 No.1503 Air Navigation Order 2016 - Carriage of Airborne Collision Avoidance System by Historic or ex-Military Aeroplanes
Review Comment: Notification resent as description incorrectly referenced Annex ll aircraft - there is no change to ORS4 No.1503 issued on 31/08/2021
Current 31 August 2021
ORS4 No.1514 Police and SAR Helicopters Flying for Public Transport at Night –Take-off or Landing Area Current 27 October 2021
ORS4 No.1517 Upper Torso Restraint for Crew Seats - Robinson R44 and R22 Helicopters Current 17 November 2021
ORS4 No.1519 Dangerous Goods: Covid-19 Antibody Test Kits Carried in an Aircraft as Mail Current 30 November 2021
ORS4 No.1522 Airworthiness Certification of Aircraft Carrying Out Search and Rescue Operations Current 21 December 2021
ORS4 No.1523 General Approval for Leasing Agreements Entered into by a UK Air Carrier Current 31 December 2021
ORS4 No.1525 Exemption to allow certain aircraft to use unleaded Avgas UL 91 Current 11 February 2022
ORS4 No.1526 Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA) – Operations in Accordance with a Police Air Operator’s Certificate Current 18 February 2022
ORS4 No.1527 Standardised European Rules of the Air – Search and Rescue Operations in Accordance with an Air Operator’s Certificate Current 21 February 2022
ORS4 No.1528 Standardised European Rules of the Air – Operations in Accordance with a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service Specific Approval Current 21 February 2022
ORS4 No.1538 Use of EASA Form 1 issued by Maintenance Organisations located outside of the UK, other than in Switzerland
Review Comment: Corrected to amend a typographical error in paragraph 12d
Current 4 April 2022
ORS4 No.1539 Use of EASA Form 1 issued by Maintenance Organisations located in Switzerland Current 31 March 2022
ORS4 No.1545 UK Standardised European Rules of the Air – VFR Flights Within the Manchester Low Level Route Current 9 May 2022
ORS4 No.1546 Carriage of Methanol Solution (UN1992) on Commercial Air Transport or Public Transport Aircraft within the United Kingdom and between the UK and Guernsey or Jersey Current 10 May 2022
ORS4 No.1548 Overflight of Congested Area Conditions on UK National Permits to Fly Current 10 June 2022
ORS9 - CAA Decision No 1 Decision enabling EASA Acceptable Means of Compliance, Guidance Material and Certification Specifications adopted by EASA to continue to be valid in the United Kingdom from Exit Day onwards unless and until amended or withdrawn by the CAA Current 22 December 2020
ORS9 - CAA Decision No 3 Decision enabling an approved maintenance organisation located outside the UK to perform the release to service of an aircraft registered in the UK, after Exit day Current 22 December 2020
ORS9 - CAA Decision No 4 Decision enabling acceptance of an Alternative Method of Compliance to Airworthiness Directives approved by the FAA of the United States of America (USA), for UK registered aircraft Current 14 January 2021
ORS9 - CAA Decision No 6 Decision amending Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM) for UK Reg (EU) 2017/373 Annex I Part-Definitions and Annex IV Part-ATS regarding air traffic controllers’ rostering system(s) Current 2 September 2021
ORS9 - CAA Decision No 7 Decision amending Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM) for UK Reg (EU) 2017/373 Annex IV Part-ATS regarding the problematic use of psychoactive substances Current 2 September 2021
ORS9 - CAA Decision No 9 Decision amending Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM) for UK Reg (EU) No. 923/2012, Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA), to amend AMC and GM relating to SERA.6001(a)(3),(4),(5),(6) and (7) Current 18 October 2021
ORS9 - CAA Decision No. 10 Decision introducing Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM) for UK Reg (EU) No 923/2012 Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA) regarding Section 6 Airspace Classification and Section 14 Voice Communication Procedures Current 13 January 2022
ORS9 - CAA Decision No. 11 Decision introducing Guidance Material (GM) for UK Reg (EU) No 923/2012 Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA) regarding Section 11 Interference, Emergency Contingencies and Interception Current 5 May 2022
PAD 1996 BAe ATP: Oxygen – Crew Oxygen Masks – Overhaul
Review Comment: Comment Period Closed 20 May 2022
Current 22 April 2022
PAD 1997 BAe ATP: Indicating / Recording Systems – Flight Data Recording System – Check
Review Comment: Comment Period Closed 23 May 2022
Current 25 April 2022
Paper 2006/06 Evaluation of and Possible Improvements to Current Methods for Protecting Hot-Air Balloon Passengers During Landing Current December 2011
Report 2012/01 Flight Data Monitoring Based Precursors Project: Part 1 - Runway Excursions Current December 2012
SARG Policy Policy for ATS Provision Within Controlled Airspace by Units not Notified as the Controlling Authority Current 19 June 2020
SD-2014/003 Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) Operations at Night in Accordance with a HEMS Approval Current 15 October 2014
SN-2012/003 Safety Requirements Applicable to the Carriage of Electric Mobility Aids Current 23 March 2012
SN-2015/007 Use of Government/Military Aerodromes by Civil Aircraft Operators Current 30 November 2015
SN-2016/004 Dangerous Goods Training Requirements Applicable to Fixed Base Operator Personnel Current 21 April 2016
SN-2017/002 Responsibilities of Operators, CAMOs,MOs Pilots of Ex-Military Aircraft with a CAA Permit to Fly Current 28 March 2017
SN-2017/004 Balloon Operations – Safety Matters Current 29 April 2021
SN-2018/002 Maintenance and Overhaul of Historic Piston Engines Current 27 February 2018
SN-2018/004 Emergency Parachutes in Ex-Military Jets Current 28 June 2021
SN-2018/006 Boeing A75 Series FAA Unapproved Parts Notification Current 17 September 2018
SRG1319 Application for the Inclusion of an Aircraft Type in the Aircraft Rating of a Pilot's Licence (Balloons) Current 14 February 2008
SRG1603 ATS Engineering Occurrence Report Current July 2012
SRG1604 Application for Monthly MOR Listings Current 1 December 2015
SRG1605 Application for MOR Data Release for the maintenance or improvement of aviation safety Current 22 October 2021
SRG1718 Application for Same Day and Special Delivery Services Current March 2022

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