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Publication Categories and Series
Reference Title
Airspace Forms Airspace Forms
ATOL Bonds ATOL Bonds
Conference Booking forms Conferences
Forms Aerodrome Standards Forms
Forms Air Traffic Services Forms
Forms Aircraft Mortgage Forms
Forms Aircraft Registration Forms
Forms Airworthiness Forms
Forms AOC Application Forms
Forms ATOL Forms
Forms Aviation Security Forms
Forms C of A and Permit Forms
Forms Dangerous Goods Forms
Forms Engineer Licensing Forms
Forms Flight Crew Licensing Forms
Forms Flight Operations Forms
Forms Flight Operations, Training & Simulator Forms
Forms General Applicability
Forms General Aviation Forms
Forms Human Resources Forms
Forms Medical
Forms Navigational Approval Forms
Forms Occurrence Reporting Forms
Forms Organisation Approval Forms
Forms Personnel Licensing Examination Application Forms
Forms Radio Licensing

Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
ASC6000 Application to become a regulated supplier Current December 2020
ASC6001 Application to become a Regulated Agent Current December 2020
ASC6011 Aviation Security - Application for Recognition of Competence Current March 2020
ASC6012 Application to become a DfT Certificated Instructor Current November 2021
ATOL Policy and Regulations 2010/06 ATOL Guidance on completing the application form for a new small business. Current December 2012
ATOL Policy and Regulations 2010/07 ATOL Guidance on completing the application form for a new standard. Current December 2012
CA04 Aircraft Ownership Trustee Grid Current 18 August 2015
CA07 Reserve a UK Registration Mark for 6 Months Current November 2023
CA08 IRCA Information Service Order Form Current February 2020
CA1094 Airprox Report Form Current April 2021
CA1330 Entry of Priority Notice Current November 2023
CA1577 Entry of Aircraft Mortgage Current November 2023
CA1577C Discharge of Registered Mortgage Current 7 May 2021
CA1760 Change in Particulars Current November 2023
CA2 Application for Credit Card/Debit Card Payment Authorisation Form for Aircraft Registration Section. Current November 2023
CA350 Search of the UK Register of Aircraft Mortages Current November 2023
CA60 CAP 1220 Appendix B, Part A: E Conditions Declaration Current November 2023
CA71 Notice of change of details on a UK Registered Aircraft Form Current 1 July 2019
CAA5000 Integrated Course Completion Certificate Current 15 November 2018
CAA5003 Evidence of UK Examination and Test for Grant of Flight RadioTelephony Operator’s Licence Current June 2021
CAA5004 Theoretical Knowledge (TK) Course Completion Certificate Current 30 April 2021
CAA5005 Multi-Crew Pilot’s Licence (MPL) Course Completion Certificate Current 16 November 2018
CAA5008 Modular Course Completion Certificate Current 9 April 2021
CAA5009 Course completion certificate for en-route instrument rating (EIR) Current 20 June 2022
CAA5010 Certificate of Training or Experience for Grant of Flight Radiotelephony Operator’s Licence Current 1 December 2017
CAA5011 IR Course Completion Certificate - Aeroplane/Helicopter/Airship Instrument Rating in a Part-FCL Pilot’s Current 1 January 2021
CAA5012 Certificate of English Language Assessment Current 1 December 2017
CAA5013 Hours Confirmation for the issue of an ATPL Current 16 November 2022
CAA5014 Breakdown of Military Hours to be used for the issue of a Flight Crew Licence & or rating. Current May 2023
CAA5016 Course Completion Certificate - For the verification of compliant training for students of UK Part-FCL Light Aircraft Pilot Licences and UK Part-FCL Private Pilot Licences Current June 2023
CAA5017 Night Rating Course Completion Certificate Current January 2023
CAA5018 Instructor Training Course Completion Certificate Current 20 June 2022
CAA5019 Instrument Meteorological Conditions Rating/Instrument Rating (Restricted) Course Completion Certificate Current April 2023
CAA5020 Aerobatic/ Sailplane Towing/ Banner Towing/ Mountain/ Flight Test Rating Course Completion Certificate Current 9 March 2023
CAAForm151 CAA Form 151 Current December 2020
CAP 452 Aeronautical Radio Station Operator’s Guide Current 30 September 2016
CAP1528 Guidance for Part 147 Instructors Current September 2020
CAP1529 Aircraft Maintenance Type Practical Training within a UK Part 147 Organisation Current September 2019
CAP1530 Licensed Aircraft Engineers: On the Job Training (OJT) for first type ratings in any Category or sub Category Current September 2023
CAP2578 CAA Future of Flight Industry Update September 2023 Current 30 August 2023
CPG3001 Deed of Indemnity (Personal Overtrading) - Standard ATOL Holders (or franchise member licensed for more than 1,000 passengers) Current 21 June 2022
CPG3002 Deed of Indemnity (Personal Overtrading) Small Business ATOL Holders (or franchise members licensed for 1,000 passengers or fewer) Current June 2022
CPG3020 Annual Licence Holder's Report Current 30 April 2012
CPG3021 Quarterly Licence Holder's Report Current 30 April 2012
CPG3022 Monthly Licence Holder's Report Current 30 April 2012
CPG3051 Air Travel Trust - Standard Bond Form Current 8 June 2023
CPG3052 Air Travel Trust - Joint Bond Form Current 8 June 2023
CPG3151 Priority Schedule (Standard Bonds) Current 10 February 2020
CPG3152 Priority Schedule (Joint Bonds) Current 10 February 2020
CPG3200 Application for a Foreign Registered Aircraft Permit - Ad-hoc or Charter Operations Current September 2020
CPG3200A Application to amend an existing Foreign Registered Aircraft Permit Current July 2019
CPG3201 Application for a Foreign Registered Aircraft Permit - Scheduled or Series Charter Operations Current September 2020
CPG3202 Application for a Foreign Registered Aircraft Permit - Aerial Work Operations Current 16 September 2020
CPG3203 United Kingdom Third Country Operator Certificate (Full) Current 16 September 2020
DAP1918 Notification of Outdoor Laser, Searchlight, Firework, Helium-Filled Toy Balloon or Sky Lantern event. Current December 2021
DAP1919 Captive Unmanned Gas Balloons - Application for Permission to Fly Current December 2021
DAP1920D Request for Airspace Coordination and Notification - Air Displays Current February 2023
DAP1920F Request for Airspace Coordination and Notification - Flypasts Current March 2019
DAP1922 Airspace Design/Portal Account Creation Request Form Current April 2019
DAP1924 Crane Notification (Annex A to CAP1096) Current August 2020
FCS1500 Payment Authorisation for extraneous payments Current December 2017
FCS1500A Payment Authorisation Form (Airline Licensing) Current August 2015
FCS1501 Certificate of Turnover Declaration and Notification of Purchase Order Number or Reference Number Current 21 February 2023
FCS1520 Report of an Alleged Breach of Air Navigation Legislation Current 1 January 2016
FCS1521 Use of UK Airspace Report Current 23 November 2016
On-line form Application for Initial Issue, Amendment or Renewal of an Engineer Licence Current January 2015
On-Line Form - C of A (Export) Certificate of Airworthiness (Export) Current 20 November 2013
On-Line Form - Temporary Permit to Fly Issue of a Temporary Permit to Fly and / or non design related flight conditions Current 15 November 2021
SRG1005 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's Licence Grant or Extension Application (AD300) Current October 2008
SRG1007 Type Rating Record of Experience (AD301) Current October 2008
SRG1012 Approval of Type Training for a BCAR Section L Type Rating - Application Current 23 December 2005
SRG1013 Application for Direct Course Approval to Conduct Theoretical knowledge or Practical Training in Accordance with the Requirements of Part-66 Appendix III 1.(b)(i) Current November 2023
SRG1013B Application for Approval to Conduct On the Job Training (OJT) within a Foreign Organisation Approval Current November 2023
SRG1014 Application for Initial/Amendment/Renewal of Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML) Current November 2022
SRG1019 Application for Initial Approval, Change to Approval or Remote Site Approval Under UK Regulation (EU) No. 1321/2014 Annex IV Part-147 Current November 2023
SRG1021 MTOA Compliance Checklist Current November 2023
SRG1027 UK Application for the Grant of an FAA A&P Support Letter for a Ground Engineer UK Licence Holders Only Current 12 May 2010
SRG1028 Accreditation of a Technical Qualification Current January 2011
SRG1029 Recommendation attachment for BCAR and Part-66 applications Current January 2023
SRG1100 Temporary Licence Certificate Current May 2023
SRG1100D Temporary Licence Certificate for FRTOL Examiner Privileges Current April 2023
SRG1102 Application to Renew a UK Private / Professional Flight Crew Licence Current 24 August 2016
SRG1104 Application for UK Part-FCL Conversion from an Existing UK Flight Crew Licence (SRG1104) Current 9 March 2022
SRG1105 Application for initial issue of a UK Part-FCL PPL(A), PPL(H), LAPL(A), LAPL(H) and or an FRTOL (SRG1105) Current 11 February 2022
SRG1105A Aeroplane - Application for the Issue of a National Private Pilot Licence for Aeroplanes (PPL(A)) Current 19 April 2022
SRG1105AS Airship - Application for Part-FCL Private Pilot Licence Current 25 October 2022
SRG1105B Balloon - Application for Part-FCL Balloon pilot Licence and Light Aircraft Pilot Licence Current 25 October 2022
SRG1105H Helicopter - Application for the Issue of a National Private Pilot Licence for Helictopers (PPL(H)) Current 19 April 2022
SRG1105S Sailplane - Application for Part-FCL Sailplane Pilot Licence and Light Aircraft Pilot Licence Current 25 October 2022
SRG1106 Application for Flight Radio Telephony Operator’s Licence - Renewal Current 4 July 2019
SRG1106G Application for Flight Radio Telephony Operator’s Licence - Glider Pilots Renewal Current November 2022
SRG1107 Course Completion Certificate for issue, revalidation, renewal or variation of a Single or Multi-Pilot Type/Class Rating or the renewal of an Instrument Rating Current April 2023
SRG1112 Certificate of Landing Completion Current October 2022
SRG1115 UK Balloon Private Pilots Licence/UK Balloon or UK Airship/Commercial Pilots Licence/UK Flight Radiotelephony Operator's Licence - Application Current March 2022
SRG1116 Self-Launching Motor Gliders - Application for Private Pilot's Licence (FCL102) Current 26 February 2002
SRG1117 Application for copy or replacement documents - licences and/or certificates Current 24 August 2021
SRG1118N Validation of Flight Crew Licences Issued by ICAO Contracting States - Issue and Renewal (FCL25) Current November 2022
SRG1125 Application for the Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) or (Restricted) Instrument Rating (IR(R)) Current 8 April 2022
SRG1126 Application for a Night Rating (Aeroplanes/Airships/Balloons/Helicopters) Current 31 August 2021
SRG1128 Examiner Authorisation Issue/Reissue/Variation – Application Current March 2022
SRG1132 Instructor Form 1: National Fixed Wing Application (FCL674) Current March 2022
SRG1132A Instructor Form 1: Microlight Application Current March 2022
SRG1132B Instructor Form 1: SLMG Application Current March 2022
SRG1133R Record of Supervised Solo Flights or Air Exercises for Removal of Supervisory Restriction from an Instructor Certificate in accordance with Part-FCL Current 20 April 2022
SRG1136 F1 Authorisation Test / Check Schedules - Airships Current May 2022
SRG1140 Application for Qualification as a Flight Instructor Course Instructor (Aeroplanes, Helicopters, Airships, Balloon and Sailplanes) Under EASA Aircrew Regulation Part-FCL .905.F(i) Current 16 April 2012
SRG1142 Application for Commerial Pilot’s Licence (Balloons) Current 6 April 2017
SRG1152 Application for Seamanship Examinations Current 30 March 2017
SRG1157 Examiners Report - For Single Pilot Aeroplanes (SPA) Skill Test for Issue of Class and Type Ratings and Proficency Checks for Revalidation and Renewal of Class, Type and Instrument Ratings, Revalidation by Experience of Class Ratings, excluding SP High Performance Complex Aeroplanes and Sea Class Ratings Current April 2023
SRG1157S Examiners Report - For Single Pilot Aeroplanes (SPA) Skill Test for Issue of Sea Class Ratings and Proficiency Checks for Revalidation and Renewal of Sea Class and Revalidation by Experience of Sea Class Ratings Current 24 August 2016
SRG1158 MPA Type Rating, Skill Test and Proficiency Check Schedule - Examiner's Record Current 6 August 2019
SRG1160 Application for Verification of a Licence or Exam Issued by the UK CAA Current June 2020
SRG1169 Examiner’s Record - FI(R)/FI/CRI/IRI/FIC Authorisation Test/Check Current August 2016
SRG1170 Registration form for DNXCT test manager (individual) Current July 2023
SRG1170a Registration form for DNXCT test manager (bulk) Current July 2023
SRG1172 Examiner Report for PPL(H)/LAPL(H) Skill Test Current 24 August 2016
SRG1175 Application for Initial Approval of a Type Rating Training Organisation and Variation to Type Rating Training Course Approvals (Aeroplanesand Helicopters) Under Article 168 of the Air Navigation Order 2016 (UK Annex II Aircraft only)
Review Comment: Applications under UK Part-ORA should be submitted on forms SRG2116 and SRG2118
Current November 2023
SRG1176 UK IMC Rating Skill Test - Examiner's Record Current February 2015
SRG1177 Examiners Record – FI/TRI/IRI/SFI/STI (H) Assessment of Competence Current April 2022
SRG1182 Application for Issue/Reissue/Variation of a Balloon/Airship Examiner Authorisation - Current 12 June 2020
SRG1183 Application for Initial issue of an ATPL (A) or (H) or CPL (A) or (H) or MPL (A) Pilot Licence Current 21 September 2023
SRG1190 Application for the Re-Grade of UK Issued Pilots Licences to Part-FCL, Private Pilot’s Licences, Light Aircraft Pilot Licences or National Private Pilot Licences Current October 2022
SRG1196 Application for Approval of Change to Approval to Conduct Instructor Refresher Seminars Under UK Aircrew Regulation Annex VII - Part-ORA Current November 2023
SRG1197 Flight Engineers Rating (aeroplane) - Application Current 24 August 2016
SRG1198B Balloon - UK Part-BFCL pilot licence application based on conversion of an existing Part-FCL licence issued by the United Kingdom Current 14 April 2021
SRG1199 Application for Record of English Language Assessment Current 31 August 2021
SRG1303T Flying Display Risk Assessment Form Current 18 March 2019
SRG1305 Flying Display Director Post-Display Feedback Form Current 8 April 2022
SRG1307 Model Aircraft Exemptions - Application - Over 20 kg Current November 2019
SRG1320 Application for Exemption or Permission for Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) In UK Airspace Current June 2018
SRG1322 Application for the Recognised Assessment Entity status (Small Unmanned Aircraft) Current November 2023
SRG1327 Pilots Certified Declaration for Submission to the Flying Display Director Current November 2022
SRG1328 UK Display Authorisation (DA) Exemption Application Current 7 April 2021
SRG1329 UK Display Authorisation Exemption evaluation form Current April 2021
SRG1331 Application for or variation of a National Approved Training Organisation (Gyroplanes) Approval Current November 2023
SRG1410 Notification of Exceeding the Limitations of an ATCO Rostering System Current February 2023
SRG1411A Application for the Issue of an Air Traffic Controller Licence Current February 2023
SRG1411B Application for the inclusion, renewal or cancellation of Unit Endorsements in an ATCO Licence Current March 2023
SRG1411D Notification of Completion of an Air Traffic Controller (ATCO) Unit Endorsement Assessment Current September 2023
SRG1411E Application for the Notification of a Change to Personal Details to an ATCO or FISO licence or Radio Operator Certificate of Competence. Current March 2023
SRG1411F Application for the reissue of a UK Regulation 2015/340 Air Traffic Controller Current February 2023
SRG1413 Application for Radio Operators Certificate of Competence Current October 2022
SRG1413A Application for Flying Display Director (FDD) Restricted Radio Operator’s Certificate of Competence Current April 2023
SRG1415 Application for the issue, revalidation or renewal of an ATC Assessor, OJTI or STDI licence endorsement Current June 2023
SRG1416 Record of Revalidation of an ATCO Unit Endorsement Current June 2023
SRG1418 Air Traffic Controller Training Current June 2023
SRG1420 Application for Approval as a Flight Inspection Organisation or Variation to an Existing Approval Current May 2023
SRG1421 Application for the Issue of a Student Air Traffic Controller License or the inclusion of Additional Ratings. Current July 2021
SRG1426 Air Traffic Controller Licence - Revalidation or Renewal of an English Language Proficiency Endorsement Current May 2023
SRG1427 Application for ATC Training Organisation Certification Current August 2022
SRG1428 Application for Air Navigation Service Provider Certification and/or Designation Current September 2022
SRG1429 Application for Approval to provide an Air Traffic Control Service Current December 2022
SRG1431 Application for Certification as an Air Traffic Control Officer Initial Training Organisation Current August 2022
SRG1435 ATSEP Competence Assessment and System/Equipment Rating Award (UK Regulation (EU) Reg 2017/373 SRG1435 Issue 1 September 2023 Current 1 September 2023
SRG1603 ATS Engineering Occurrence Report Current July 2012
SRG1604 Application for Monthly MOR Listings Current January 2023
SRG1605 Application for MOR Data Release for the maintenance or improvement of aviation safety Current January 2023
SRG1616 Model Aircraft Article 16 - Application Current November 2023
SRG1700 CAP1715 Competency assessment template Current September 2023
SRG1718 Application for Same Day and Special Delivery Services Current November 2023
SRG1724 Operators Maintenance Programme Compliance Check List Current October 2023
SRG1726NR Application for Certification Approval Current November 2023
SRG1727 Application for Administrative Validation Current November 2023
SRG1728B Flight Conditions for a Permit to Fly (CAA Form 18B) Current July 2021
SRG1741 Application for BCAR Approval (Initial/Change) in accordance with the Air Navigation Order and Sub-Section A8 of British Civil Airworthiness Requirements Current November 2023
SRG1742 Application for the approval, renewal or variation in respect of Approval of Welders Current June 2023
SRG1749 Application for a Brazilian RBAC 145 Maintenance Organisation Approval Current November 2023
SRG1750 Application for Same Day Service - Aircraft Registration Current November 2023
SRG1751 Application for Same Day Service - Flight Operations Current March 2023
SRG1758 Application for a High Risk Commercial Specialised Operations Authorisation Current January 2017
SRG1759 CAA Form 123 Standard Change/Standard Repair (SC/SR) embodiment record Current December 2020
SRG1762 Application for Approval of a Minimum Equipment List for Part NCC and/or Part SPO operators Current November 2023
SRG1764 Compliance Report and Recommendation for the issue of an Export Certificate of Airworthiness Current March 2021
SRG1765 Application for the issue of or a change to a UK Design Organisation Approval Current November 2023
SRG1766 Application for Approval or Notification of the Indirect Approval, of a Maintenance Programme. Current February 2019
SRG1767 Application for Approval of Flight Conditions (for a Permit to Fly) Current November 2023
SRG1770 Compliance Statement - Safety Management Manual Current December 2022
SRG1771 Compliance Statement - Compliance Monitoring Manual Current December 2022
SRG1772 TCCA Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO) application Current December 2020
SRG1773 Part CAMO Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition Compliance Checklist Current December 2022
SRG1774 UK REGULATION (EU) No 1321/2014 PART CAMO Current December 2022
SRG1777 Part-CAO Change Notification Form Current June 2022
SRG1779 Brazilian Maintenance Organisation (MO) application Current July 2021
SRG1782 UK Part-66 Type Rating List Current March 2023
SRG1783 Part-145 Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO) application Current June 2023
SRG1801 Air Operators Certificate and EASA Part-M, Subpart G Application Current 1 September 2020
SRG1804 Approval of Cabin Crew Initial Training Organisation - Application and Revalidation Form Current November 2023
SRG1814 Application for Extended Operations (ETOPS) Operational Approval Current 14 November 2023
SRG1819 Application: Initial Issue of Senior Examiner (SE) Certificate (Pilot/Flight Engineer) Current August 2016
SRG1820A Application for Assessment of Competence for the Revalidation or Renewal of a Senior Examiner Certificate Current August 2016
SRG1828 Application for Low Visibility Operations Approval Current November 2023
SRG1829 Application for EVS/HUDLS Operational Approval Current November 2023
SRG1830 Police Air Operator's Certificate Application Current 9 November 2009
SRG1832 Operations Manual - Notice of Proposed Amendment Current 31 August 2021
SRG1836 Part-CC (Cabin Crew) Report to the UK Civil Aviation Authority Current 19 July 2015
SRG1837 Notification by UK Operator of a code-share agreement Current 28 November 2016
SRG1838 Part-CC (Cabin Crew) Report to the UK Civil Aviation Authority Current July 2015
SRG1840 Application for an Alternative Means of Compliance (AltMOC) Current October 2018
SRG1841 Application for a Helicopter Offshore Operations Specific Approval (HOFO) Current November 2023
SRG1843 Permission/Exemption request for Helicopter Operators Current November 2023
SRG1860 UK Aircraft Register Information Service Current November 2023
SRG1872 Application to operate under CAP 632 Current July 2020
SRG1873 Application for RNP AR Approval Current November 2023
SRG1874 RNP AR Compliance Checklist Current October 2020
SRG1914 Application for Approval of an Individual as an Instrument Flight procedure Designer Current 5 May 2023
SRG1915 Application for Approval of a Company as an Instrument Flight Procedure Design Organisation Current May 2023
SRG1917 Application for Approval of a PANS-OPS Designed Instrument Flight Procedure. Current May 2023
SRG2001 Application for Authorisation Granted to Persons at Aerodromes under Article 257 of the Air Navigation Order 2016 Current March 2023
SRG2002A Application for an Aerodrome Licence Current March 2023
SRG2002B Application for an Aerodrome Certificate Current May 2023
SRG2009 Application for Major Aerodrome Infrastructure Project Approval Current March 2023
SRG2010 Application for a Change to Aerodrome Licence Details Current March 2023
SRG2022 Modification Information Sheet for Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) Current November 2021
SRG2023 Application for Activities related to CHANGES to Flight Simulation Training Devices Current October 2022
SRG2113 Senior Examiners Seminar Current 10 September 2020
SRG2114 Application for UK Part-FCL Multi Crew Pilot licence (MPL) Current 2 September 2022
SRG2115 Application to Nominate Initial Personnel for Key Posts at an Approved Training Organisation or to change Key Personnel Under EASA Aircrew Regulation Annex V11 - Part ORA Current November 2023
SRG2116 Application for Initial Approval of Training Organisations and Change to Course Approvals Under EASA Aircrew Regulation Annex VII - Part-ORA (Aeroplanes and Helicopters) Current November 2023
SRG2116B Application for Change of site and/or change to training course approvals for Approved Training Organisations Current November 2023
SRG2119 Application for Initial Accreditation or Variation to Accreditation as an Assessor of Language Proficiency in English under UK Aircrew Regulation Part-FCL.055 and AMC1 FCL.055(n) Current November 2023
SRG2125 Application for the Approval of Examiner Standardisation Courses Under UK Aircrew Regulation Part-FCL.1015 Current November 2023
SRG2127 Examiner Report for LAPL(A) Skill Test Current 24 August 2016
SRG2128 Examiner Report for PPL(A) Skill Test Current 24 August 2016
SRG2129 Examiner Report - Failure of Test Current 24 August 2016
SRG2130 Examiner Report for CPL(A) Skill Test Current 24 August 2016
SRG2131 Examiner Report for Instrument Rating (A) Skill Test Current 24 August 2016
SRG2132 Examiner Report for SPL/LAPL(S) Skill Test Current 24 August 2016
SRG2133 Confirmation of Military Experience for Military Experience for Military Accreditation Scheme (MAS) Credits in Accordance with Article 10 of Commission Regulation (EU) 1178/2011 Current 24 August 2016
SRG2134 SRG2134 Application for the Validation (or Extension of Validation) of a Flight Crew Licence Issued by an ICAO Contracting State for Commercial Activities under UK (EU) Regulation 2020/723 Current 25 October 2022
SRG2135 Examiner Report for Instrument Rating (H) Skill Test Current 29 April 2021
SRG2136 Application for initial Approval or Change to Approval to Conduct Examiner Refresher Seminars under UK Aircrew Regulation Annex VII - Part-ORA Current November 2023
SRG2137 Application for Exemption under Article 71 of UK Reg (EU) No. 2018/1139 against Parts 66 or 147 of the UK Continuing Airworthiness Regulation, UK Aircrew Regulation, UK Air Traffic Controllers Regulation or under Article 266 of the Air Navigation Order Current 13 April 2023
SRG2138 Helicopter Skill Test and Proficiency Check for ATPL, Type Ratings and Proficiency Check for IR - Examiners Record Current April 2021
SRG2141 Declaration of a Flight Crew Licence Issued by an ICAO Contracting State for use in UK Airspace. Current April 2023
SRG2142 Application for the Verification of a Third Country ICAO Licence and/or TK examination results Current 31 August 2021
SRG2144 Application for approval of or amendment to a training programme for a declared training organisation Current November 2023
SRG2145 Declaration for declared training organisations and change to declaration Current November 2023
SRG2146 Declaration for Commercial Balloon Operator and Change to Declaration under UK Regulation (EU) 2018/395 Current November 2023
SRG2153 Application for a CPL or IR Flight Test Booking Current August 2021
SRG2154 Examiner Report for extension of BPL to commercial privileges/add additional balloon group Current 22 November 2016
SRG2155 Examiners Report in Respect of Failure of Theoretical Examinations for PPL/BPL/SPL/LAPL Under EASA Aircrew Regulation Part-FCL.120 and Part-FCL.125 Current 28 September 2012
SRG2156 Application for the Notification of a Change to Personal Details, Including Change of Address, Change of Name and Change of Nationality Current May 2020
SRG2157 Application for Issue and Renewal of Additional Ratings in Accordance with Part-FCL (Aerobatics, Towing, Mountain and Flight Test ratings). Current 5 May 2023
SRG2159 Application for the issue, renewal, revalidation or variation of an instructor certificate Current May 2022
SRG2197 Examiner Report for CPL(H) Skill Test Current 24 June 2014
SRG2198 Application for Qualification Certificates or Recurrent Evaluation of a Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) under EASA Aircrew Regulation VII (Part-ORA) ORA.FSTD.200. Current March 2013
SRG2199 EXAMINERS REPORT (Aeroplane) for Class, Type, Instrument Ratings and ATPL Skills Test Current 29 April 2021
SRG2200 Application for a Large Rocket Permission Current June 2020
SRG2801 Dangerous Goods Training Approval Scheme: Application for Instructor Approval – Part 1 Technical Knowledge Current November 2023
SRG2802 Dangerous Goods Training Approval Scheme: Application for Instructor Approval – Part 2 Training Competence Current November 2023
SRG2803 Dangerous Goods Training Approval Scheme: Application for Approval of a Training Programme Current November 2023
SRG2804 Application to Carry Class 1 Dangerous Goods Current November 2023
SRG2805 Application to Carry Dangerous Goods (Other than Class 1) Current November 2023
SRG2807 Application for Approval to Transport Dangerous Goods by Air: Operators of UK Registered Aircraft Current November 2023
SRG2808 Cargo Dangerous Goods Occurrence Report Current November 2023
SRG2809 Passenger/Crew Dangerous Goods Occurrence Report Current November 2023
SRG2810 Dangerous Goods Training Approval Scheme: Application for Student Registration Numbers Current November 2023
SRG2812 Payment Details for Applications Related to Permissions, Approvals or Exemptions for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods and/or Munitions of War on Aircraft; and for Applications Related to the Training Approval Scheme Current 29 September 2014
SRG2813 Application for Approval/Permission to Transport Munitions of War by Air: Operators of UK Registered Aircraft Current November 2023
SRG2814 Application for Long-Term Permission to Transport Munitions of War by Air: Operators of Aircraft not Registered in the UK Current November 2023
SRG2815A CAA Form 4 (EASA-Ops) Management Personnel - Air Operator Certification Current 11 May 2021
SRG2816 Application to Overfly the UK with Dangerous Goods and/or Munitions of War Current November 2023
SRG3101 Application for an Observed Flight Test Current 14 September 2012
SRG3102 Application for an Examiner Authorisation, Type Rating/Synthetic Flight Examiner, Pilot(Aeroplane/Helicopter)and Flight Engineer Current 24 November 2016
SRG3104A Application for Assessment of Competence for the Revalidation, Renewal or Variation of either an SFE/TRE and CRE Certificate Current April 2014
SRG3104B Declaration for Re-Certification of a SFE/TRE or CRE (3rd Country Licence holders only) Certificate Current April 2014
SRG3105 CRE/IR SFE / TRE / TRE (H) / IR(H) / TRE/IR(H) Standardisation Course Report Current 13 November 2015
SRG3108 Application for the issue, renewal or revalidation of a rating Current 17 November 2021
SRG5998 UK Regulation (EU) No 376/2014 Compliance Checklist Current 21 February 2023
Standards Document 31 Organisations Conducting Approved Courses of Flight and Theoretical Knowledge Training Current 1 November 2023

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