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SCI - SNs Safety Notices

Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
CAA Paper 2004/05 Report on the Testing and Systematic Evaluation of the airEXODUS Aircraft Evacuation Model Current 15 April 2005
CAA Paper 2004/12 Final Report on the Follow-on Activities to the HOMP Trial Current October 2004
CAA Paper 2005/04 Aircrew Fatigue: A Review of Research Undertaken on Behalf of the UK Civil Aviation Authority Current 14 December 2007
CAA Paper 2005/06 Summary Report on Helicopter Ditching and Crashworthiness Research Current 16 December 2005
CAA Paper 2006/01 A Database to Record Human Experience of Evacuation in Aviation Accidents Current June 2008
CAA Paper 2006/03 Enhancing Offshore Helideck Lighting - Onshore Trials at Norwich Airport Current 1 November 2006
CAA Paper 2007/03 Helicopter Flight in Degraded Visual Conditions Current 21 September 2007
CAA Paper 2007/06 RNAV (GNSS) Non-Precision Approach – Flight Trials Analysis Report Current 21 September 2007
CAA Paper 2008/02 Offshore Helideck Environmental Research Current May 2009
CAA Paper 2009/01 Cabin Crew Fire Training Current 23 April 2009
CAA Paper 2009/05 Aircraft Maintenance Incident Analysis Current July 2009
CAA Paper 2011/03 CAA 'Significant Seven' Task Force Reports Current March 2011
CAA Paper 2012/03 Specification for an Offshore Helideck Lighting System Current 9 July 2012
CAA Paper 2013/02 Monitoring Matters - Guidance on the Development of Pilot Monitoring Skills Current April 2013
CAA Paper 2013/03 Reliability of Damage Detection in Advanced Composite Aircraft Structures Current January 2013
CAP 676 Guidelines for the Design and Presentation of Emergency and Abnormal Checklist Current August 2006
CAP 716 Aviation Maintenance Human Factors (EASA Part-145) Current 18 December 2003
CAP 718 Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance and Inspection Current 24 January 2002
CAP 719 Fundamental Human Factors Concepts Current 15 February 2002
CAP 720 Flight Crew Training: Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) and Line-Oriented Flight Training (LOFT) Current 1 August 2002
CAP 722 Unmanned Aircraft System Operations in UK Airspace - Guidance & Policy Current 4 September 2019
CAP 737 Flightcrew human factors handbook Current 16 December 2016
CAP 756 Portable Electronic Device Generated Electro-magnetic Fields on Board a Large Transport Aeroplane Current 30 November 2005
CAP 757 Occupational Health and Safety on-board Aircraft, Guidance on Good Practice Current 14 February 2012
CAP 762 The Effectiveness of Image Recorder Systems in Accident Investigations Current 10 November 2006
CAP 773 Flying RNAV (GNSS) Non-Precision Approaches in Private and General Aviation Aircraft Current 23 December 2014
CAP 795 Safety Management Systems - Guidance to Organisations Current 2 February 2015
CAP1036 Global Fatal Accident Review 2002 to 2011 Current June 2013
CAP1077 Specification for an Offshore Helideck Lighting System Current September 2013
CAP1144 ADELT Research Report Current 27 February 2014
CAP1209 Human Factors: Action Plan
Review Comment: This action plan is a supplement to CAP 1159 Strategy for Human Factors in Civil Aviation.
Current January 2016
CAP1316 CAA Safety Policy Current 9 October 2018
CAP1367 Aircraft Maintenance Incident Analysis Current 15 January 2016
CAP1375 Aviation English Research Project: An independent study Current 21 March 2017
CAP1377 ATM Automation: Guidance on Human-Technology Integration Current 1 March 2016
CAP1384 Investigating Reporting Culture Amongst Pilots: A Briefing Study Current 22 February 2016
CAP1581 Pilot Training Review Final Report: Recommendations and Conclusions Current 13 November 2017
CAP1581a Pilot Training Review Interim Report: Gap Analysis Current 13 November 2017
CAP1581b Pilot Training Review Interim Report: Literature Review Current 13 November 2017
CAP1581c Pilot Training Review Interim Report: Interview Study Current 13 November 2017
CAP1607 Practical Crew Resource Management (CRM) Standards: The Handy Guide Current 12 December 2017
CAP1694 Human Factors in Air Displays: Transfer of Behaviours and Error Path Study Current 26 July 2018
CAP1713 CAP1713 - Aircraft Noise and Health Effects Current 24 May 2019
CAP1717 CAA Human Factors Action Plan 2018-2020 Current 22 October 2018
CAP1841 Aircraft Noise and Health Effects: A six-month update (April 2019 – September 2019) Current 23 October 2019
CAP1868 A Unified Approach to the Introduction of UAS Traffic Management Current 3 December 2019
CAP1883 Aircraft Noise and Health Effects: A six-month update Current 31 March 2020
CAP1900 Social Licence to Operate: Concept Guide for New Technologies Current 6 March 2020
CAP382 Occurrence Reporting Scheme Current December 2016
FACTOR F3/2017 Accident to REIMS CESSNA F150M, G-BDZC, at Bourn Airfield, Cambridgeshire on 17 October 2016 Current 21 November 2017
IN-2016/030 CHIRP The Confidential Human Factors Incident Reporting Programme Current 18 March 2016
IN-2017/006 Part-147 Certificates of Recognition Issued by the Hellenic Aviation Training Academy (HATA) - EL.147.0007 Current 9 February 2017
ORS4 No.1114 Upper Torso Restraint for Crew Seats - Robinson R44 and R22 Helicopters Current 1 June 2015
ORS4 No.1233 Small Unmanned Aircraft - Emergency Services Operations Current 31 July 2017
ORS4 No.1398 Carriage of Alcohols, Not Otherwise Specified, Ethanol Solution and Isopropanol Carried in the Aircraft Cabin Current 24 June 2020
Paper 2006/06 Evaluation of and Possible Improvements to Current Methods for Protecting Hot-Air Balloon Passengers During Landing Current December 2011
SN-2012/005 Laser Attacks Current 13 April 2012
SN-2018/002 Maintenance and Overhaul of Historic Piston Engines Current 27 February 2018