List of Aviation Statistics Publications

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Publication Categories and Series
Reference Title
UK Airline Statistics
UK Airport Statistics
UK Punctuality Statistics

Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
2006-01 January 2006 Airline Statistics Current 24 April 2006
CAA Paper 2006/01 A Database to Record Human Experience of Evacuation in Aviation Accidents Current June 2008
CAA Paper 2008/05 HUMS Extension to Rotor Health Monitoring Current 23 March 2009
CAA Paper 2009/03 Business Jet Safety Research: A Statistical Review and Questionnaire Study of Safety Issues Current 2009
CAA Paper 2009/05 Aircraft Maintenance Incident Analysis Current July 2009
CAA Paper 2011/03 CAA 'Significant Seven' Task Force Reports Current March 2011
CAP 681 Global Fatal Accident Review Current 1 March 1998
CAP 775 Air Services at UK Regional Airports: An Update on Developments Current 15 November 2007
CAP 780 Aviation Safety Review 2008 Current 11 November 2008
CAP 796 Flying on Business – a Study of the UK Business Air Travel Market Current November 2011
CAP 800 UK Safety Performance Volume I Current January 2011
CAP1036 Global Fatal Accident Review 2002 to 2011 Current June 2013
CAP1143 The Civil Aviation Authority’s policy for carrying out its information duties under the Civil Aviation Act 2012 Current 16 January 2014
CAP1148 CAP 1037 - Better information about UK aviation: summary of consultation responses Current 16 January 2014
CAP1303 Consumer research for the UK aviation sector – final report Current 18 June 2015
CAP1304 CAA consumer research for the UK aviation sector - report of the qualitative stage Current 18 June 2015
CAP1455 London helicopter crossing statistics Current 3 November 2023
CAP1456 Graphical summary of London helicopter crossing statistics Current 3 November 2023
CAP2239 UK Annual Safety Review 2020: Pre-Release Current 19 July 2021
CAP2399 Aviation Safety Review Current 5 October 2022
CAP2499 Signals and Trends related to Technology and Innovation in the Aviation Industry – Nov 22 Current 16 December 2022
CAP2537 UK CAA Certification of eVTOL Aircraft Current 13 July 2023
CAP2538 Considerations for Aerodromes and Vertiports planning to operate Vertical Take-off and Landing Aircraft (VTOL) Current 13 July 2023
CAP2539 Guide to Applying the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) Consumer Principles to the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry Current 13 July 2023
CAP2590 Annual Safety Review 2022 Current 15 September 2023

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