List of Safety Critical Information Publications

This category includes Emergency Airworthiness Directives and Mandatory Permit Directives. UK EADs can also be found in CAP 747. Non-UK CAA Emergency ADs (EADs) will be available for download from the CAA website for a period of two months from the publication date and then they will be removed. They will still be available from the originating National Aviation Authority.


Publication Categories and Series
Reference Title
Emergency ADs Emergency Airworthiness Directives
Forms Occurrence Reporting Forms
MPDs Mandatory Permit Directives
SCI - SDs Safety Directives
UK Airworthiness Directives UK Airworthiness Directives

Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
ANAC EAD 2019-11-08 Stabilizers - Control Surface Mass-balance Weights and Attachments - Inspection / Replacement
Review Comment: Supersedes ANAC AD No. 2019-11-06 -Amdt 39-1450
Current 14 November 2019
EASA EAD 2021-0057-E G 115E and G 115EG Aeroplanes: Flight Controls – Control Surface Hinge Bracket Attachment Bolts – Inspection Current 1 March 2021
EASA EAD 2021-0036-E DASSAULT AVIATION: Falcon 7X aeroplanes - Oxygen – Crew Oxygen Mask Stowage Boxes – Inspection Current 25 January 2021
EASA EAD 2021-0043-E CEAPR - DR400 aeroplanes: Air Conditioning – Cabin Heater and Carburettor Heater Ducts – Operational Restriction / Inspection Current 2 February 2021
EASA EAD 2021-0055-E E4 and E4P engines: Engine – Oil Pump – Replacement Current 25 February 2021
Emergency MPD 2011-001-E Magni M24C gyroplanes: Flight Controls - Rudder Pedal Mounting Block – Replacement Current 4 March 2011
Emergency MPD 2011-002-E Dyn'Aero MCR-01, MCR-01 Club and MCR-01 ULC: Aluminium Fittings - Inspection Current 19 April 2011
Emergency MPD 2011-003-E Rotax 912 and 914 engines: Replacement of Flywheel Hub Washer Part No. 944072 Current 10 May 2011
Emergency MPD 2011-004-E Thruster T600: Propeller flange to crankshaft attachment screw replacement Current 20 May 2011
Emergency MPD 2011-006-E Rotorsport UK MT-03, MTOSport and Calidus gyroplanes: Rotor Blade – Life Limit: Supersedes MPD 2010-008 R1 Current 12 July 2011
Emergency MPD 2011-009-E R1 Rotax 912 and 914 Series engines: Crankshaft Inspection Current 18 January 2012
Emergency MPD 2012-001-E Rotax 912 and 914 Series engines: Engine - Oil pump and attachment bolts -Inspection Current 20 February 2012
Emergency MPD 2012-002-E Rotax 912UL and 912ULS Series engines: Fuel Pump - Pressure side fuel hose replacement Current 6 June 2012
Emergency MPD 2012-004-E Yeoman Light Aircraft Company Limited : Dynamic WT9-UK : Fuel Cock Lever Inspection / Repair Current 24 October 2012
Emergency MPD 2012-005-E P&M Aviation Ltd : Pegasus Quik, Quik GT 450, QuikR and Quik GTR : Sail Reinforcement Degradation - Additional Test Current 21 November 2012
Emergency MPD 2013-002-E North American Aviation : Inspection of Flight Control System Current 30 April 2013
Emergency MPD 2013-005-E: Martin Baker Ejection Seats: Inspection of Ejection Seat Drogue Shackle Connection: Supersedes 2011-008-E Current 26 November 2013
Emergency MPD 2014-001-E SkyRanger, SkyRanger Swift and SkyRanger Nynja: Inspection for Material Type – Control Cable Shackles and Elevator Joiner Current 17 January 2014
Emergency MPD 2016-003-E P&M Aviation Ltd Pegasus Quik: Wing - Top Rigging Clevis Pin – Split Ring Replacement Current 22 June 2016
Emergency MPD 2016-004-E Ikarus C42: Fuselage – Main Fuselage Tube – Inspection for Cracking Current 28 June 2016
Emergency MPD 2016-005-E Westland Gazelle AH.Mk 1, HT.Mk 2 and HT.Mk 3 helicopters: Landing Gear – Rear Cross-Tube – Inspection / Replacement Current 15 July 2016
Emergency MPD 2016-006-E Ikarus C42: Propeller – Forward Hub – Inspection for Cracking Current 15 July 2016
Emergency MPD 2016-007-E Aerotechnik EV-97 Eurostar: Fuselage – Rear Fuselage Bulkhead – Inspection for Cracking Current 15 July 2016
Emergency MPD 2016-008-E P&M Aviation Ltd: Wing – Luff Line Attachment Webbing – Inspection Current 3 October 2016
Emergency MPD 2016-011-E All Microlights where P&M Aviation Ltd is the Type Approval Holder: Clevis Pin / Split Ring Installations – Inspection / Replacement Current 23 November 2016
Emergency MPD 2017-002-E Westland Scout AH1, Westland Wasp HAS1 and Westland Wasp MK1B: Rotors Flight Control - Main Rotor Gearbox Controls - Inspection and Lubrication of Trunnion Bearings between Overhauls Current 20 February 2017
Emergency MPD 2017-003-E All Microlights where P&M Aviation Ltd are the Type Approval Holder: Hang Bolt plus Lanyard - Inspection / Replacement Current 21 February 2017
Emergency MPD 2017-004-E All Microlights where P&M Aviation Ltd are the Type Approval Holder: Rigging Cables with Roll Swaged End Terminals – Inspection / Replacement Current 15 May 2017
Emergency MPD 2017-005-E Rotax 912 iS and 912 iS Sport engines Ignition: Ignition Housing Sealing Plugs - Inspection Current 9 August 2017
Emergency MPD 2018-005-E Rolls-Royce Avon Mk 20 and 100 series Engines, All serial numbers, All applicable Front Compressor Casing Part Numbers: Front Compressor Casing- Inspection Current 7 June 2018
Emergency MPD 2018-009-E Rotorsport UK Calidus: Front Fork Top Steering Plate Replacement Current 17 October 2018
Emergency MPD 2019-001-E Rotax 915 iS A and Rotax 914 UL engines, all serial numbers: Exchange of exhaust valves Current 11 January 2019
Emergency MPD 2019-006-E Rotax 912 i and 915 i A (Series) engines: Engine fuel and Control - Fuel Pump Assembly - Replacement
Review Comment: This MPD Supersedes Emergency MPD 2019-004-E
Current 17 October 2019
Emergency MPD-2013-003-E Correction Rotax 912UL, 912ULS and 914UL series engines: Cylinder Head Inspection/Replacement Current 30 July 2013
FAA EAD 2021-05-51 Pratt&Whitney PW4070, 4080 and 4090: Engine - 1st-Stage Low-Pressure Compressor Blades - Inspection Current 23 February 2021
Factor F01/2010 Accident to Aerospatiale/Westland SA 341G Gazelle, YU-HEW, at Harrogate, North Yorkshire on 26 January 2008 Current 13 January 2010
MPD 1997-001 R3 Rotorway Executive 90 helicopters: Mandatory Requirements for UK Approval Current 28 April 2014
MPD 1997-003 R2 Rotorway Executive and Rotorway Executive (Modified) helicopters: Mandatory Requirements for UK Approval Current 28 April 2014
MPD 2002-009 R3 Yakovlev Yak-50: Airframe Life Limitation Current 18 March 2014
MPD 2003-010 R1 Rotorway Executive 162F helicopters: Mandatory Requirements for UK Approval Current 28 April 2014
MPD 2011-007 Rotorsport UK MT-03, MTOSport and Calidus gyroplanes: Rotor Head Assembly Main Bearing Bolt – Replacement Current 25 November 2011
MPD 2011-010 Nanchang CJ-6A: Tailplane Forward Spar - Inspection Current 16 December 2011
MPD 2012-003 CT2K and CTSW Aircraft : Fuel System - Engine Fuel Feed Current 4 October 2012
MPD 2013-004 Harvard All Variants: Wing Spar Corrosion Inspection Current 9 September 2013
MPD 2014-002 Aerotechnik EV-97, EV-97A, EV-97 Eurostar SL and EV-97 teamEurostar UK: Wing / Fuselage Fairings – Inspection for Rivet Damage Current 30 January 2014
MPD 2014-003: Supersedes MPDs 1997-005&1997-006 Rotorway Executive helicopters: Engine Cam Gear Life/Replacement Current 28 April 2014
MPD 2015-001 Aerotechnik EV-97, 97A Eurostar, EV-97 Eurostar SL, EV-97 teamEurostar UK and EV-97 Eurostar SL Microlight: Wing Flaps –Correct Engagement of the Actuator Pins - Inspection Current 23 June 2015
MPD 2015-002 Kidde Graviner Automatic Fire Extinguishers: Inspection of Frangible Plug on Automatic Fire Extinguisher Current 13 October 2015
MPD 2016-001 R1 Rolls-Royce Avon, Viper, Orpheus,Nene, Derwent, DH Goblin, Ghost,Motorlet M701,Ivchenko AI-25: Engine Fuel System- Ageing Effects Current 20 February 2017
MPD 2016-009 P&M Aviation Quik GTR, QuikR: Wing – Hang Bolt Installation– Inspection and Modification Current 22 November 2016
MPD 2016-010 Westland Gazelle AH.Mk 1, HT.Mk 2 and HT.Mk 3 helicopters: Main Rotor – Main Rotor Hub Torsion Bars – Inspection Current 5 October 2016
MPD 2017-001 Rotax 912UL, 912ULS, 914UL: Engine Cylinder Head – Inspection/Replacement, Engine Re-identification Current 8 February 2017
MPD 2018-001 Rotax 912 and 914 Engines: Reciprocating Engine – Valve Push Rod Assembly – Inspection / Replacement Current 15 February 2018
MPD 2018-003 Ex-Military Aircraft fitted with Aircraft Assisted Escape Systems: Pyrotechnic Component Life Limitations Current 13 April 2018
MPD 2018-004 Rolls-Royce Avon Mk 1 and 100 Series Engines: Engine Stage 1 - 4 Compressor Blades and Discs - Inspection
Review Comment: This MPD supersedes MPD 2016-002 dated 7 October 2016
Current 24 May 2018
MPD 2018-006 EV-97 teamEurostar UK and EV-97 Eurostar SL Microlight: Amendment of Inspection Requirements and Replacement of Critical Structural Items Current 8 June 2018
MPD 2018-007 Bristol Aeroplane Company: Engine Exhaust Valves-Removal From Service Current 3 August 2018
MPD 2018-008 Vedenyev M-14P, Ivchenko AI-14, Zhuzhou HS-6: Engine Fuel System- Inspection and Draining Current 14 September 2018
MPD 2019-002 lvchenko AI-14, Vedeneyev M-14 P and Zhuzhou HS-6 engines: Engine Life Limit
Review Comment: This MPD supersedes MPD 1998-001R2 dated 31 January 2002
Current 25 January 2019
MPD 2019-003 Various: Amendment of National Permit to Fly Conditions – Requirement for Aircraft to be Maintained in Accordance with a Maintenance Programme Approved by the UK CAA Current 25 February 2019
MPD 2019-005 All aircraft operating on a UK Permit to Fly fitted with a Ballistic Parachute Recovery System (BPRS) : Placarding Requirements for Aircraft fitted with a Ballistic Parachute Recovery System (BPRS) Current 10 April 2019
MPD 2020-001 Ex-Military Westland Gazelle Helicopters: Tail Rotor Blades – Life Limit / Re-identification Current 23 January 2020
MPD 2020-002 R1 Merlin Engine, Packard Merlin Engine: Camshaft Bracket, Retaining Studs Current 21 May 2020
MPD 2020-003 Rolls-Royce Derwent Engines: Engine Calendar Life Limits Current 21 July 2020
MPD 2020-004 CORRECTION Vickers Supermarine Spitfire and Seafire aeroplanes: Cracking of Main Landing Gear Chassis Pintles - CORRECTION
Review Comment: This MPD supersedes MPD 1995-089 R1 dated 18 January 2001
Current 19 October 2020
MPD 2020-005 Vickers Supermarine Spitfire and Seafire aeroplanes: Main Landing Gear Support Eye bolts
Review Comment: This MPD supersedes MPD 1999-007 dated 9 April 1999
Current 28 September 2020
MPD 2020-006 Vickers Supermarine Spitfire and Seafire aeroplanes: Main Landing Gear Pintle Mount Studs Inspection
Review Comment: This MPD supersedes MPD 1999-009 dated 8 July 1999
Current 28 September 2020
ORS4 No.1474 Installation of a Temporary Separation Barrier between the Flight Deck and Cabin Area of Aircraft used for Commercial Air Transport or Public Transport during the COVID-19 Pandemic Current 23 March 2021
ORS4 No.1479 (UK) Standardised European Rules of the Air - Exceptions to the Minimum Height Requirements Current 31 March 2021
Proposed UK AD 1977 Piper PA-28 and PA-32: Wings – Lower Main Wing Spar Caps – Inspection Current 12 March 2021
SD-2014/003 Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) Operations at Night in Accordance with a HEMS Approval Current 15 October 2014
SD-2020/001 State Helicopter Flight Recorder Requirements Current 20 February 2020
SD-2020/003 Offshore Helicopter Helideck Operations Current 17 December 2020
SD-2021/001 Boeing 737-8 “MAX” and Boeing 737-9 “MAX” Return to Service Requirements Current 27 January 2021
SD-2021/002 Limitation of Operations of Boeing 777 Aeroplanes Following Serious Incident of Engine Failure on 20 February 2021 Current 22 February 2021
SN-2019/001 Risk of Controlled Flight into Terrain During 3D BARO-VNAV and 2D Approaches (Altimeter Settings) Current 6 March 2019
SN-2019/002 Protecting Final Reserve Fuel and The Minimum Fuel Declaration Current 13 March 2019
SN-2019/004 Use of the Fuel Pump Primer in an Emergency: Yak 50/52 Aeroplanes Current 17 June 2019
SN-2019/006 Components Strips Report Current 16 July 2019
SN-2019/007 Helicopter Operations Flight Planning and Safe Flight Execution Current 1 November 2019
SN-2019/008 Helicopter Operations - Guidance on Aerodrome Operating Minima for IFR Departures Current 4 November 2019
SN-2020/001 Small Unmanned Aircraft – Water Ingress Current 16 January 2020
SN-2020/002 Small Unmanned Aircraft – Overflight of Uninvolved People Current 16 January 2020
SN-2020/003 Carbon Monoxide Contamination Minimisation & Detection in General Aviation Aircraft Current 2 March 2020
SN-2020/005 Ageing Aircraft Component Reliability and Associated Acceptance of Replacement Parts Current 23 March 2020
SN-2020/006 Initial Unit Endorsement (UE) Assessment and Examination Validations, Conducted by an Assessor Authorised by the CAA Current 23 March 2020
SN-2020/010 Unmanned Aircraft – Responses to abnormal operations and in-flight failures Current 22 June 2020
SN-2020/011 Human Factors Considerations During Covid-19 Restart Activities Current 31 July 2020
SN-2020/012 Operational Measures to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 Virus Infection Current 14 July 2020
SN-2020/013 Returning Aircraft to Service from ‘Extended Parking’ Current 27 July 2020
SN-2020/014 The Effect On Aviation Mental Health From the Covid-19 Pandemic and Return to Re-defined ‘Normal’ Flight Operations Current 28 July 2020
SN-2020/015 Effective Change Management for Organisations During Covid-19 Current 20 August 2020
SN-2020/016 Requirement for Use of CAA-designated Examiners to Extend LAPL(H) Privileges Current 2 October 2020
SN-2020/017 Laser Attacks Current 22 October 2020
SN-2020/018 Avoidance of Loss of Control In-flight Pilot Awareness of Aircraft State, During Periods of Multiple System Malfunctions and Flight Control Issues Current 8 December 2020
SN-2020/019 COVID-19 - Flight Information Service Officers - Medicals Current 8 December 2020
SN-2021/001 Airborne Flying Display Directors – New Requirements Current 14 January 2021
SN-2021/002 General Considerations for Managing Distractions During Aviation Activities Current 15 January 2021
SN-2021/003 Fatigue Management – Guidance for AOC Holders During Covid-19 Changing Conditions Current 22 January 2021
SN-2021/004 Update to the introduction of UK Regulation No. 2018/1042 of 23 July 2018 and 2020/745 of 4 June 2020 amending Regulation No. 965/2012 as retained and amended in UK domestic law under the European Union Withdrawal Act (2018) (Flight Crew Support Programmes and Psychological Assessment and Policy to Cover Psychoactive Substances) Current 26 January 2021
SN-2021/005 Lockable Gascolator Drain Valves on General Aviation Aircraft Current 19 April 2021
SN-2021/006 Non-Part 21 General Aviation Aircraft Safety Harness Integrity Current 26 February 2021
SN-2021/007 Airworthiness of Aging Ex-Military Aircraft Current 5 March 2021
SN-2021/008 Fatigue Management - Guidance for Aerodrome Operators and Third-Party Operators During Covid-19 Changing Conditions Current 5 March 2021
SN-2021/009 General Aviation Roadmap Out of Lockdown – Resumption of Flying and Access to Instructional Flights Current 22 March 2021
SN-2021/010 COVID-19 – Flying Display Season 2021 Current 19 April 2021
Transport Candada EAD CF-2021-05-R2E Bell Textron Canada Limited (Bell) Model 505 Helicopters, Serial Numbers 65011 and subsequent: Rotors Flight Control – Collective Controls – Failure of Pilot Collective Stick and Grip Assembly Current 5 March 2021
UK AD G-2021-0001 Boeing 737-8 MAX and 737-9 MAX: Return to Service Current 27 January 2021
UK CAA Decision not to Adopt FAA AD 2020-26-16 Piper PA-28 and PA-32 aeroplanes Current 17 March 2021

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