List of Ground Handling Publications

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Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
CAP 382S Guide to Ground Safety Reporting Current 1 September 2013
CAP 393 Regulations made under powers in the Civil Aviation Act 1982 and the Air Navigation Order 2016 Current 12 February 2021
CAP 413 Radiotelephony Manual
Review Comment: Effective date 21 January 2021
Current 26 November 2020
CAP 483 Training in the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air Current November 2021
CAP 790 Requirement for an Airside Driving Permit (ADP) Scheme Current 29 February 2012
CAP1008 Ground Handling - Last Minute Changes (LMC) Guidance Document Current February 2014
CAP1009 Ground Handling - Gross Error Checks - Guidance Document Current February 2014
CAP1010 Self-monitoring checklist: ramp / aircraft loading activities - Guidance document Current February 2014
CAP1046 Appeal to the Civil Aviation Authority under Regulation 20 of the Airports (Groundhandling) Regulations 1997 made by Ryanair Limited against Gatwick Airport Limited - the CAA's decision and draft directions Current May 2013
CAP1046b CAP 1046b (supplemental): Appeal to the Civil Aviation Authority under Regulation 20 of the Airports (Groundhandling) Current 27 August 2013
CAP1162 Dangerous goods guidance Current 27 January 2020
CAP1233 Prioritisation Principles for the CAA’s Consumer Protection, Competition Law and Economic Regulation Work Current 12 May 2015
CAP1316 CAA Safety Policy Current 11 November 2022
CAP1358 Regulation of the ground handling services market Current 24 February 2016
CAP1373 CAA statutory charges 2016/17 consultation document Current 1 February 2016
CAP1409 Access to the ground handling market at UK airports: a review of the CAA’s approach – Request for information Current 17 May 2016
CAP1420 Operating resilience of the UK’s aviation infrastructure: A request for information Current 22 June 2016
CAP1425 H7 Consumer Challenge Forum (CCF) – draft Terms of Reference Current 1 July 2016
CAP1449 Decision on the Terms of Reference for the H7 Consumer Challenge Board (CCB) Current 20 September 2016
CAP1450 Responses to the CAA consultation on the Terms of Reference for the H7 Consumer Challenge Forum (CCF) Current 20 September 2015
CAP1477 CAA Statutory Charges 2017/18 consultation document Current 17 November 2016
CAP1484 CAA/HSE/HSENI Memorandum of Understanding guidance Current 9 March 2017
CAP1849 Cyber Security Critical Systems Scoping Guidance Current 19 August 2020
CAP1850 Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF) for Aviation Current 19 August 2020
CAP2015 UK ACC3 Scheme (inbound cargo) Guidance Current 9 March 2021
CAP2082MOU Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Between The Civil Aviation Authority, United Kingdom And Agência Nacional De Aviação Civil, Brazil For Promotion Of Civil Aviation Safety Current 23 December 2020
CAP2159 Criminal Records Check – Disqualifying Convictions Current 21 June 2021
CAP2240 UK Annual Safety Review 2019 Current 19 August 2021
CAP2247 UK Annual Safety Review 2020 Current 2 September 2021
CAP2386 Risk Based Oversight White Paper Current 27 October 2022
CAP2499 Signals and Trends related to Technology and Innovation in the Aviation Industry – Nov 22 Current 16 December 2022
CAP382 Occurrence Reporting Scheme Current July 2021
CAP642 Airside Safety Management Current 9 November 2018
ORS4 No.1229 Permitting the Carriage Munitions of War and Exemption to Enable Armed Police On Board an Aircraft Current 29 June 2017
ORS4 No.1230 The Carriage of Weapons of War and Munitions of War, Approving and Authorising Armed Police On Board an Aircraft Current 29 June 2017
ORS4 No.1525 Exemption to allow certain aircraft to use unleaded Avgas UL 91 Current 11 February 2022
ORS4 No.1546 Carriage of Methanol Solution (UN1992) on Commercial Air Transport or Public Transport Aircraft within the United Kingdom and between the UK and Guernsey or Jersey Current 10 May 2022
ORS4 No.1568 Approval, Permission and Exemption for the Carriage of Electroshock Weapons by Police Officers on Board an Aircraft Current 8 February 2023
ORS4 No.1569 General Exemption for carriage of Aerosols without a Subsidiary Hazard on Board an Aircraft Current 9 February 2023
ORS4 No.1580 Exemption From Classification Provisions of Mpox Virus Not Including Cultures of Mpox Current 30 June 2023
ORS9 - CAA Decision No. 01 Decision enabling EASA Acceptable Means of Compliance, Guidance Material and Certification Specifications adopted by EASA to continue to be valid in the United Kingdom from Exit Day onwards unless and until amended or withdrawn by the CAA Current 22 December 2020
ORS9 - CAA Decision No. 35 Decision amending Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material for UK Reg (EU) No 965/2012 Annex II Part-ARO and Annex IV Part-CAT Current 27 November 2023
SN-2012/003 Safety Requirements Applicable to the Carriage of Electric Mobility Aids Current 23 March 2012

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